AUTHOR NOTE: I really hope everyone enjoys this story! If I'm wrong with anything about Justice League, I apologize.

Timeline- Phantom Planet never happened in Danny Phantom. So this happens after D-Stabilized.

Summary: Danny's parents find out that he is Phantom, and don't accept him. Broken hearted, Danny goes into the Ghost Zone to run away. He then gets sucked into a portal and lands in The Justice League Headquarters. Can they help Danny? Does Danny even want to go back?

-CWA (Clockwork's Apprentice).

(p.s. I do not own nor claim Danny Phantom, I do not own nor claim Justice League.)

Chapter 1- Betrayal

Danny sat on his bed looking at his sister as she bandaged him up. Sam helping Jazz by handing her the required tools. Tucker sat beside Danny, looking at stuff on his beloved PDA. His current injury, a bad second-degree burn on his left shoulder, caused by an ecto-gun. Shot by none other than his parents.

"Danny," Jazz said as she finished rubbing the ointment on his shoulder and started to wrap the bandages around his shoulder, "I think it's time you told them."

"I can't Jazz. Remember, they want to rip Danny Phantom apart, 'molecule-by-molecule.'"

"Danny, they will accept you." Jazz said lovingly. She just finished wrapping his shoulder. She stood up and looked at her brother.

"She's right dude," Tucker said, still looking at his PDA, but paying attention to the conversation.

"Danny, they're your parents. I'm sure they will accept you." Sam said as she too stood up. Danny looked at his sister, then Sam, then Tucker.

"Maybe you're right," Danny sighed. "I'll tell them."

Jazz smiled at her little brother, "I'll be there with you every step of the way, don't worry little brother."

Tucker smiled, as did Sam. "Well," Sam said as she headed towards the door, "I better get going. Good luck Danny."

Tucker got up from his place next to Danny, "Me too. Good luck dude."

Tucker and Sam left the house, leaving a worried Danny and smiling Jazz in the room.

"Come on, no time like the present." Jazz said. Danny sighed; he picked up his shirt from the floor and put it back on. Wincing slightly when he had to move his shoulder.

Danny followed his sister down to the living room.

"Mom, Dad! We need to talk!" Danny yelled to his parents as he sat on the couch. Jazz sat next to him. His parents came up from their lab and sat across from their children.

"Is it about ghosts!" Jack Fenton asked eagerly. Maddie smiled at her husband and then looked at Danny and Jazz. She frowned at her son's worried look.

"Sweetie," she said motherly, "what's wrong?"

Danny sighed, "well Dad, you're partly right."

Jack looked confused, "I am? I AM!" Jack smiled.

Jazz shook her head at her father and patted Danny's back, "Don't worry Danny. They'll understand."

Danny smiled sadly at his sister.

"Mom, dad, I'm Danny Phantom." He looked up at his parents.
Maddie excepted that he wanted to talk about something, or rather, someone else. Sam. She didn't except this. Jack looked confused, then laughed.

"You cant be Danny Phantom!" Jack said, "He's a ghost! I, Jack Fenton, would know if my own son's a ghost!"

Maddie just looked thoughtful, "He's right Danny. You can't be Phantom. You're not a ghost. Or dead."

Maddie then smiled at her son.

Danny sighed, "But I am. Or rather, I'm half dead. I'm Danny Phantom."

Danny stood up and said, "I'm going ghost!"

Two white/blue rings with a very bright glow formed around Danny's waist. One went up his body while the other went down. When the rings disappeared, instead of starring at Danny Fenton, Jack and Maddie were starring at Danny Phantom.

No, Maddie thought horrified. Jack had similar thoughts. They both whipped out their ecto-guns.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO DANNY?!" The two Fenton parents yelled as the aimed for Danny's head. Danny started to look ashamed. Jazz looked shocked and a bit guilty. Shit. Danny thought.

"Mom! Dad! Don't shoot! It's Danny!" Jazz begged as she stood in front of her little brother. Danny turned invisible and flew into the Fenton Lab to hide. Even in there, he could here his big sister yelling at his paren-no, at Maddie and Jack. After that, I don't think they think of me as their son. So I refuse to call them mom and dad. Danny thought sadly.

"HE ISNT MY SON!" Maddie yelled. She yelled so loud, that even down in the lab, he could hear her, "HE'S A GHOST! AND NOW HE DISAPPEARED! QUICK JACK TO THE RV! WE HAVE A GHOST TO CATCH!"

He leaned against the cold, metal wall and slowly slid down. He brought his knees to his chest and cried. One of his worst fears, his parents rejecting him, just came true. He would've gone to Sam's or Tucker's. But his parents would most likely look there first, and he didn't want them to get hurt. So he stayed in the lab.

Danny turned towards the direction of the door when he heard it opened. Jazz ran into the lab and hugged her little brother tightly,

"Danny. I'm so sorry! This is all my fault! I just was so sure that mom and dad would accept you. I'm so sorry!"

Jazz and Danny hugged and cried.
"You're parents," Danny said and Jazz looked at him, confused, "They said I wasn't their son. So, they don't deserve to be called my mom and dad. But, you are still my loving, overprotective, big sister."

Danny smiled. Jazz smiled, but then it faltered, "Danny you gotta go to the Ghost Zone. Maybe one of your ghost friends can help you. It's not safe here."

Danny smiled and said his goodbyes to his sister, "Tell Sam and Tuck that I said goodbye and that I'll miss them."

Danny opened the Ghost Portal and flew in.