Chapter 2- Unexpected Landing

Danny flew into the ghost zone. I should go to Clockwork's. He might help me.

Danny thought sadly. Suddenly, he was shot. He turned around to see Skulker, missiles surrounding him and aimed for Danny.

"Skulker! I don't have time for this!" Danny yelled angrily.

"Oh. I think you do, whelp." Skulker smirked and shot the missiles at Danny. Danny dodged easily; he was used to Skulker's antics.

Danny shot an ecto-blast at Skulker. You picked the wrong time to mess with me Skulker. Danny shot an ice blast at Skulker, freezing him. That should do it. Danny thought happily as he flew away towards Clockwork's tower.

"No. I am sorry, but I can't reset time again." Clockwork said as he sadly looked at Danny.

"Why the hell not!" Danny screamed, his anger reaching its breaking point.

"All will be revealed in time. You need to be patient."

"I understand." Danny spat. He looked at Clockwork, anger still in his eyes, and then he turned and flew out.

Clockwork sighed, "It will be better this way."

Danny flew away from Clockwork's. Tears falling from his eyes. He used his fist to wipe away the tears. I just want everything to be right again. And- WHAT THE HELL!

Danny stopped flying. He froze in shock. In front of him was a portal. But it wasn't like normal portals. It was yellow. And it started sucking in everything around it. It seemed more like a tear then a normal portal. Danny tried to fly away. But even with his strength and speed, he couldn't get away. The portal sucked him in.

He landed on something hard and metal. He could've sworn that he saw some woman in a swimsuit, just before he blacked out.

AUTHOR NOTE: Sorry I was going to upload it all today, but I had a dentist appointment. I hate dentists. They are evil. And I got braces (they still hurt). On a brighter note, it will leave me more time to work on the story, since I cant exactly do anything else with my teeth in so much pain (a good thing though- I got the braces in turquoise, I like turquoise.)