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Chapter 7- The Truth, the WHOLE truth

Danny panted slightly as he looked at the newly-half-way destroyed cafeteria. Tables were turned, and everything was burned. It was an absolute mess. The Leaguers stood by the doorway with everyone else as they tried to fight off the specter. He was mechanical-like and had a flaming green mohawk. No one could hit it, and the only things that could even touch it was Wonder Woman's lasso and Hawk Woman's mace. The rest of the Leaguers looked desperate and disappointed that they couldn't do a thing.

"SKULKER! How did you get here?!" Danny yelled as charged an ecto-blast.

"WHELP!" 'Skulker yelled to Danny, then a smirk crossed his face. "I will have your pelt on my wall! And I wouldn't do that if I were you. As for how, my prey and I were trapped inside that ice prison of yours when that strange portal appeared and sucked us in. I landed in space and quickly was able to find you."

Flash and Green Arrow looked disgusted when Skulker mentioned Danny's pelt.

That's just gross. Flash thought.

Danny's half-ectoplasm blood ran cold, he stopped the ecto-blast, "Prey?"

Skulker's smirk got bigger. He pressed a button on his arm, a cage materialized next to him. In the cage was a 12-year-old girl. She had white hair pulled into a low ponytail. She wore a black HAZMAT suit, that was crop top with a white stylized D with a black P, it had bits of white on it too. She also had black HAZMAT pants that had two white stripes, with white/silver boots, and white/silver gloves that disappeared into her long-sleeved top.

"DANNY!" The girl yelled. Everyone watching could tell that she and Danny were related. They had the same eyes, hair, and wore similar clothing.

"Hawk woman! Wonder woman! Come with me to free the girl." Batman said as they both went to the cage. Batman could hack any and all the technical locks and Wonder Woman and Hawk Woman were the only two people able to touch the cage and the girl, since it was obviously ghost tech.

Superman, and everyone else, turned back to Danny. He was floating there. Shocked and frozen. His hair turned to flames and he looked up, revealing blood red eyes. Everyone watching them gasped, three of the workers fainted.

That look is just plain scary, Flash thought.

Batman, Wonder Woman, and Hawk Woman had just released the girl. She had been watching Danny, she turned to her saviors, "Please, I don't know who you are, but you have to save him."

Batman raised an eyebrow at her strange plea.

"Child," Wonder woman said, "What do you mean?"

The girl pointed at Danny.

"Hecta." Wonder Woman swore. Hawk woman and Batman were still a bit shocked. Danny's hair was turned to flames and his eyes were a bloody red.

"Skulker," Danny said slowly, "you will not hurt her."

Danny didn't seem to notice that the girl was safe. Skulker looked a bit unsure of himself, then gained his bearings.

"Whelp, you cannot defeat me!"

Danny smirked, "You sure?"

He then shot Skulker with a very powerful, very big ecto-blast that knocked Skulker unconscious. Danny still looked angry.

Superman was shocked, This kid just took down this guy with one shot. When we couldn't even touch him.

Green Lantern looked impressed, as did Batman, but both of them frowned seeing the Danny was still angry.

Wonder Woman wasn't quite sure what to think.

Hawk Woman was impressed with the kid's fighting.

The girl took a thermos from her belt and sucked Skulker in.

"Danny," she said softly, "I'm okay. You gotta calm down." Danny looked at the girl, his flaming hair went out and returned to normal, his eyes also turned back to their normal glowing green. He hugged the girl,

"You're okay!"

Wonder woman and hawk woman awed at them. It's so cute.

Superman coughed awkwardly, gaining the attention of the kids

"Danny, who is this?"

The girl put her hands on her hips and glared at Superman,

"This girl is Dani, with an I, Phantom. And she can speak for herself."

Danny smiled at her. Hawk Woman was pleased that the girl spook up for herself.

"Dani and Danny?" Flash looked very confused.

"Yeah," Danny said, "A fruitloop, wanted to marry my mom and kill my dad and make me his evil apprentice/son. So he tried to clone me. But instead of the son he wanted…"

"The clone came out as a girl?" Green Lantern took a guess. Dani was the clone/cousin to Danny.

"We call each other cousins to make it less awkward." Danny said shrugging.

"Debriefing room." Batman said. The original members followed him, as did the Phantoms. The other people, who had witnessed everything looked extremely confused and were still trying to wake the three people that had fainted.

"So…" Flash said once everyone had gotten to the room and took their seats. The Phantoms floated in the air crossed legged.

"Child," Jo'hn said, "What happened?"

Danny looked sad. Dani pat his shoulder to reassure him.

"Well, I lied to you." Danny said, Best to start at the beginning.

Batman glared at him. Wonder Woman looked displeased, as everyone felt.

"Skulker was a full ghost. I fight full ghosts. Why? Because even Halfas have an obsession."

Hawk Woman looked curious, "Halfa?"

"What I am. I did die, just not all the way. I am half alive. And half dead. Half ghost…" Danny transformed. The leaguers were awed as two white rings formed around his waist (along as Dani's). And traveled up and down his body. He floated back down to the ground as the rings vanished. They stared at the two Phantoms. Their white hair was not dark black and their green eyes turned into the bluest blue. Danny was now wearing a pair of jeans, a white tee with a red color and sleeve outlines with a red oval, and red and white sneakers. Dani was wearing a blue hoodie, jeans, red sneakers and a red beanie on her head.

"Half Human. We are two of the three Halfas. The fruitloop I mentioned, he's the third. He's also evil and wants to rule the world."

"I assume that you didn't die because of lightning." Batman said.

Danny nodded, "Jack and Maddie, the two people I once thought of as parents," a gasp went around the room, Dani didn't know what happened so that was news to her, "are ghost hunters. They tried to create a manmade portal to the Ghost Zone. It didn't work, my friends and I went to check it out. I went inside it, and I tripped. My hand hit the ON button that inside the machine." Danny looked at the disbelieving looks, "Jack and Maddie were smart but Jack tended to be a bit of a goof. The machine, of course, turned on. Shocked me with both electricity and ectoplasm. Turning me half ghost."

'Its nice you trust us Danny," Wonder Woman said, "But what does you being half ghost have to do with what happened in the cafeteria?"

Danny ran a hand through his shaggy hair, "I cheated on a test, the C.A.T., and as a result my whole family died. Including my sister, my two best friends, and my English Teacher. It was my fault, I couldn't save them. That destroyed my obsession."

Batman stopped glaring. He knew what it was like to loose your parents. But this poor child also lost his best friends and sister.

Danny stopped for a moment and his breathing became ragged as he remembered the incident. Dani took over for him.

"Danny's obsession is to protect. To him, he failed to protect his family and friends. Not to mention the fact that one of those best friends was the girl he loved." Dani held out her hand, stopping Danny from saying anything,

"Face it. You love her and you know it."

Danny smiled at Dani and took over once again, "Without my obsession I became a shell of my old self. Vlad, the evil fruitloop I mentioned, took me in. He ripped out my human half from my ghost half. In a rage, my ghost half killed my human self, stripped Vlad's ghost half from him and then combined with Vlad's evil half. It turned me evil, my hair became flames, my eyes turned red and my skin turned blue. Then, in ten years, my evil half took over and destroyed the world."

Danny continued to explain everything. His evil self coming back, him getting trapped in the future, Clockwork, his whole family and his friends dying…

"…But Clockwork saved them and reset time. Erasing everyone's memory, but mine."

"What about your parents?" Hawk Woman asked. Danny once again saddened.

"They aren't my parents. I told them about my ghost half, shortly before I ended up here. They-" Danny took a few breaths to calm himself "-They are ghost hunters. They yelled that I wasn't their son. And tried to capture me, to do painful experiments. I guess being a ghost hunter comes before being a parent."

To say the Justice League was shocked was an understatement. They were all frozen, to think that someone so young has been through so much. No one of them could entirely relate to the boy. Well, except for the boy's clone.

Wonder Woman and Hawk Woman were angry at the boy's parents. How could they do that to their son!?

"I'm sorry." Batman said. I need to say it. I saw my parents die and that made me good. But this child- this hero became died, and became a hero just to protect the ones he loves. He saw his whole family, and his two best friends, one being the girl he loves, die. He gave everything for them and when he tells them the truth, they try to destroy him! I may not like the evil part, but I still need to let the boy know.

The Justice League looked at Batman shocked, so did Danny and Dani, Batman NEVER apologizes.

"I'm sorry that I treated you as a ghost instead of a person. Something you deserved." Batman said solemnly.