Chapter 8- Transportation (the Finale chapter)

"Danny where are you from?" Batman asked. Danny looked a bit shocked at the change of subject.

"Amity Park, Illinois. Why?" Danny narrowed his eyes a bit at Batman. Daddy-Bats, however, looked thoughtful and a bit sad.

"Danny, there is no Amity Park in Illinois. There's no Amity Park at all." Batman said.

Danny was shocked, I guess this means that wasn't a normal portal after all.

Danny shook his head, "Does this mean that I'm in-"Batman shook his head, I didn't think it was possible.

"What?" Dani asked confused.

"Dani," Danny said, "It means that the portal, that rip, was not normal. It sent us to a different dimension."

"Whoa." Dani said, awed. "That's so cool!"

"Not cool." Danny said, "How would we get back?" Danny said looking at the Justice League,

That poor child, Wonder Woman thought.

"Perhaps I could help," a mysterious, yet wise sounding voice said. Seconds later, two clock hands appeared and spun around, forming a yellow portal. A young man stepped out, he had a ghostly tail, green skin, a scar above one of his eyes, and a cloak. He had a window in his chest revealing clock gears. He changed from a young man to an elder man with a beard.

"Clockwork!" Danny said happily. Clockwork smiled and changed into an infant, then back into a young man.

"Yes. I can bring you back to the Ghost Zone."

Danny and Dani looked happy. The Justice League looked happy for the young children, but sad for them as well, When they return what will happen to them?

Danny's happiness falters. Of course he wants to go back to his own dimension, he wants to see Sam and Tucker and Jazz again. But he made friends and almost a new family here.

"That's what I thought. I told you, everything happens for a reason. You got pulled into that inter-dimensional tear so you could meet these people to heel. Otherwise you would just become a shell from rejection."

"Does that mean I have to choose?" Danny asked sadly. The Justice League looked a tad angry.

"Wait a minute," Green Lantern said, "You can't come here, excepting him to choose. That's crazy!"

The others nodded in agreement. Danny looked shocked that they would stand up for him. Clockwork smiled.

"I never said anything about choosing." Clockwork handed Danny and Dani two different looking devices that looked similar to watches. Danny's was black with big white DP symbol, Dani's was white with a big black DP symbol.

"The symbol is a button. Press the D and a portal will form, making you two able to transport between your own world and this one. Press the P and it form a portal that will able you to transport between whatever world you're in and the Ghost Zone."

Clockwork smiled, Danny had a goofy grin on his face. He ran to the Time Master and gave him a bone-crashing hug, " Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." Danny said. Dani also said thanks. Even the Justice League had smiles on their faces.

"Well," Batman said, "I will prepare two rooms in the living space part of the HQ for both of you. You are welcome any time."

Batman smiled. Okay, Flash thought, I thought I would be happy to see the Bats finally smile but now that I'm seeing it, it's pretty creepy.

I agree. Flash looked up a Jo'hn, who also looked a bit creeped out from Batman's smiling. In fact, everyone looked a tad creeped out form Batman. Of course, Flash thought, What's even creepier is a Martian invading your thoughts.


AND SCENE! Good ending? I thought so. Danny doesn't have a family, except for Jazz and Dani. Since his parents didn't accept him. SO the Justice League is like a new family. And he doesn't have to leave Sam, Jazz, and Tucker. HE can visit them, and visit his friends in the Ghost Zone no matter what world he is in. Happy ending.

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