Chapter seventy three

During the next month, the fifth and seventh years were taking their O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s. Lots of students needed calming droughts as they kept passing out or just panicking. Poppy always kept a large amount of potion ready at this time of year because lots of students couldn't handle the pressure of exams. Harry was in the Great Hall for every examination, seeing which students would need a little extra help when they returned to Hogwarts.

Two days before the end of term, everyone was getting castle and grounds ready for the end of year ball. Draco and Ginny had turned up midday and Harry showed them to their rooms.

'I hope you're both comfortable, and you can change things to you're liking.' Harry gave the couple a smile.

'It's fine Harry, and larger than I thought they would be,' Ginny said looking around.

'When I took over, I changed a lot of the rooms. I thought since it's easier to get younger professors and not always have to find older ones, I thought there would always be husbands or wives living here from now on. I'm also going to organising a type of baby sitter if any of the female teachers want to come straight back to teaching.'

'Now that's different for Hogwarts. What other changes have you made, apart from the ball tonight?' Ginny asked.

'The open day is going to be permanent. I got rid of Binns. Sixth years also have sex educations with Poppy now. I do allow a lot of the students to stay outside of a night now, just until nine, that's in the warmer weather. Sixth and seventh years can stay out until eleven. Hagrid takes most of those patrols of a night. I also introduced a detention with me, if some students are causing any major problems, they get sent to me and I take them into the Forbidden Forest. As for seeing professors with their partners, the students are all use to that now, as long as it doesn't get out of hand. Their so use to seeing me and Charlie either swimming together, sometimes just lying down near the lake, or chasing each other around. Harllie and Mark do the same as well. If you two want to snog outside, feel free, but just go easy and make sure it doesn't go too far.'

'Wow, it's like a whole new Hogwarts Harry. I never thought I'd see the day where a Hogwarts professor would be snogging someone outside in the grounds in front of students.' Draco said looking surprised.

'Oh and one more thing, a lot of male students are a lot more comfortable letting everyone know their gay, but you do get the odd few that won't tell anyone or aren't sure. So if Poppy notices during her glasses, she might get them to come to me or Charlie, so do the same if you might notice something with one of the boys in you're class. We basically take on the sex education for them, let them know all about it. Now, another thing then I'll let you unpack and relax until tonight. As you are a married couple you can either sit at the staff table together or have meals in here, except for dinner. I make sure all staff are present during dinner, unless there's a problem of course. If there is any sort of problem, just come and let me know. Now the floo in this room is only opened to both of you and only to the Holyhead Harpies office. So you can come and go as you please Ginny and you won't have to keep coming to my office all the time.'

'Thanks Harry, that will make it easier,' Ginny smiled.

'Oh, one last thing. Draco as you are the only Slytherin staff, you will b head of house for Slytherin. I think that's it, alright, I'll let you unpack and see you later at the ball,' Harry nodded and left the room and went back down into the main part of the school. He was standing in the Great Hall watching the house elves putting up the last of the decorations, when Charlie slipped his arms around him. 'Hey, I was about to come and find you,' Harry turned in Charlie's arms.

'So they all settled in?' Charlie asked as he nuzzled Harry's neck.

'Ah, um, yeah, Charlie, you know what that does to me and I've got fairly tight jeans on and no robes.'

Charlie laughed loudly as he looked down at Harry, then back at his face, 'I told you I like to make you lose control.'

'I know, but not here love. There's something I've been meaning to show you, let's go upstairs while we've got time,' Harry smirked.

'What are you up to Harry?' Charlie asked suspiciously.

'You'll see, come on,' Harry took Charlie's hand and they walked out of the Great Hall and up all the stairs until they made their way to their rooms, then straight into the bedroom, 'Now strip lover,' Harry grinned.

Charlie looked at Harry for a few minutes, seeing a sneaky look on his face, 'Alright, but I have no idea what you're up too,' Charlie stripped his clothes as he watched Harry while he undressed, 'Are you going to get me back for making you lose control love?' Charlie snickered.

'You'll see,' Harry grinned, and the moment Charlie was standing there naked he concentrated and had Charlie stretched out in the middle of the room and he couldn't move.

'What are you doing Harry, I can't move,' Charlie said as he watched as go over this bedside cupboard and grab something, but he kept it behind his back, 'What have you got Harry?'

'You'll see, or should I saw feel,' Harry moved closer to Charlie and ran his hand up the inside of Charlie's legs, getting close but never touching. Then he knelt in front of him and getting Charlie ready, but stopped as soon as Charlie was almost there, then moved behind him. He took the thing he was holding and ran it all around Charlie.

'Harry, what is that?' Charlie asked as he tried to look over his shoulder, but couldn't move. Then he felt Harry do things to him, 'Blimey Harry, what are you doing?' Charlie watched as Harry walked back in front of him, but he felt something. 'What have you got,' Charlie groaned lightly as he felt it moving, then watched Harry as he kept his eyes up on Charlie's face. 'Harry, that's moving, blimey, oh god,' Charlie groaned louder as he felt himself getting close.

Harry stepped closer and watched Charlie, but never touched him again, 'Feel good love?' Harry asked as he watched Charlie losing control.

'Come on Harry, I can't hold on any longer,' Charlie panted heavily.

'That's the idea Charlie,' Harry slipped a hand around Charlie and flicked the device, then stood back and watched.

'Oh merlin, Harry,' Charlie said loudly as he lost control completely.

'That was impressive,' Harry smirked as he walked behind Charlie and removed his device, then released Charlie.

'What in the name of Merlin was that?' Charlie said panting heavily, Harry showed him the device, 'You're kidding, where did you get that?'

'A little sex shop in muggle London. After you made me lose control that day, I knew I had to do something. While you were in class, I went there and had a look around. They had the whole section for gay men, I spotted this and thought you just might like it and you definitely did, you shot almost across the room. It's designed to give you maximum pleasure.'

Charlie shook his head at Harry, 'You never cease to surprise me Harry. Are you going to let me use that on you?'

'Maybe another time, but right now, I want you, watching you just now, man that made me hot.'

Harry and Charlie stayed in their rooms for the rest of the day, making love before showering and getting changed into their formal dress robes. They went down into the school to make sure everything was all ready, and Harry took the wards down at the gate, so the aurors could allow in the guests.

The band was playing quietly as the students all made their way down into the Great Hall and had their dinner with their friends. Once the meal was finished, Harry moved all the tables towards the wall so the dance floor would be empty. He noticed Draco and Ginny staring around at everything, but he also noticed Ginny looking at him sometimes and it made him nervous. But he put it out of his head as the band started to get louder for the students.

'Can I have everyone's attention please,' the leader of the band said and waited till it fell silent. 'Now last year we had a surprise singer, in Miss Harllie Potter, who I've been told is now married so it's Mrs. Harllie Carter now. She is going to be singing along with her two fathers. So please welcome to the stage to join Harllie, her fathers Harry Potter and Charlie Potter.'

Harry and Charlie picked up their guitars and played while Harllie sung. Then Harry and Charlie did one together, then Harry did one alone with Charlie playing alongside him. Harry and Harllie also did one together. The students and their guests all loved watching their Headmaster and one of their Professors rocking with the music. The three of them left the stage to loud applause. Charlie and Harry put their arms around each other and started dancing together as Harllie did the same with Mark. After a while Harllie danced with Harry and Charlie had a dance with his sister, but everyone had an enjoyable night.

Harry and Charlie started to get all the students to say goodbye to their guests, then went around the grounds finding students snogging all over the place. They gave them all a few minutes to say goodbye, then the aurors all escorted the last of the guest off the grounds. They both went back inside and saw the house elves already cleaning up the Great Hall and getting it back to the way it should look. They headed back to their rooms where they made love again, before falling asleep in each other arms.

Two days later, all the staff were standing outside the castle saying goodbye to their students, some for a few weeks, some for good. Once the last of the carriages left the Hogwarts grounds and Harry had set the wards again, he went straight back to his office along with Horace, Calvin and Filius to get their release paperwork finalised. They all said goodbye to each other, and also said goodbye to Albus Dumbledore's portrait, before leaving Hogwarts for the final time. Harry went back behind his desk and pulled out three more pieces of parchment and waited until his three new teachers arrived.

Harry and Charlie were sitting on the couch snogging again, when there was a knock on his office door and four people walked in. Harry went back behind his desk and picked up the parchments.

'I want to officially welcome you as the newest members of staff to Hogwarts,' Harry smiled at Harllie, then handed her a piece of parchment as he kissed her cheek, 'Welcome Professor Carter as the new defence against the dark arts professor,' Harry hugged his daughter, then turned to mark, 'Welcome Professor Carter as the new charms professor,' Harry shook Mark's hand, handing him his parchment, then turned to Draco Malfoy, 'Welcome Professor Malfoy, the new potions master,' Harry handed him the parchment, shaking his hand as well.

'Wow, hearing that, Professor Malfoy, it's a dream come true. Thanks again Harry,' Draco shook Harry's hand once more, before he put his arm around Ginny.

'You're welcome Draco. You've got a while before you're students turn up, go and enjoy the solitude of this place while you can. Just remember, if you want to go away for awhile, let me know,' Harry smiled and watched as the pair left the office.

'I've got to admit Harry, I liked hearing that as well, Professor Carter,' Mark smiled, then couldn't help himself as he hugged Harry.

'You're welcome Mark, but just like me and Charlie, it might get a big confusing at first as there are now two Professor Carter's,' Harry hugged his daughter again, 'but they'll get use to it.'

'Thanks Dad,' Harllie kissed Harry's cheek, then hugged Charlie, 'We'll see you both later,' Harllie put her arms around Mark and they left the office.

'Well, we are officially on holiday's Charlie. I just want to relax for a while.'

'How about we go down and have a swim Harry, then lay near the lake now there's no students left here.'

'Good idea, let's get changed,' Harry and Charlie went into their rooms and changed, then made their way down through the school and outside into the bright, warm day and over to the lake. They got into the water, but mostly just held onto each other as they talked or snogged. They were joined by Harllie and Mark, then Draco and Ginny, before Neville and Hannah joined them as well. The four couples had a great couple of hours, either swimming, or watching Charlie throw Harry into the air, before he started on Harllie, then decided to do Ginny and Hannah as well. After a couple of hours of fun, they all went their separate ways to their own rooms until dinner time.

Over the next few weeks, everyone left at the castle enjoyed the solitude of the place. The staff that was still there sometimes joined the others and sometimes stayed by themselves. Harry did speak with Ginny privately and found she really loved Draco now, even if she did admit that there was still feelings for Harry there. But Draco was here life now and she wouldn't do anything to destroy her marriage which made Harry start to relax around her. He also got to know Draco a little better and found him to be a very nice guy, and nothing like the one he'd always known.

When the new term began, Harry watched his three new professors for the first few weeks and found they were excellent at their jobs which made everyone more relaxed. Harry still ran the school, but hardly had to take any students for detentions, just the odd one or two. Him and Charlie met with a few of the older boys and spoke to them about being gay and it helped them and made them relax and not worry about what anyone else said or thought about them. It was just so accepted now since Harry married Charlie, that it was part of normal life, to see either male and female students snogging, or male and male, or even female and female snogging, no one took any notice anymore.

Over the next ten years, the school ran perfectly with no problems what so ever. Harry was being known as the best Headmaster the school had ever seen, which made Charlie very proud of his husband. They were both sitting in their rooms, cuddled up on the couch, when Harllie and Mark walked in to join them for a private dinner. The four of them sat down and had an enjoyable time while they ate, before making their way back to the living room.

'You both said you wanted to talk to us about something,' Harry said as he sat back with Charlie.

'Yes, we did, there's something we wanted to tell you both,' Harllie smiled at Mark and noticed he looked a little nervous.

'Okay, Mark, what's up mate, you don't look too good.' Harry asked studying his charms professor and son-in-law.

'I'm fine Harry,' Mark said as he gave Harry a small smile.

'Whats going on with you two?' Charlie asked.

'Well,' Harllie looked at Mark then back to her two fathers, 'You are both going to be grandfather's.'

'Oh congratulations,' Charlie said getting up and hugging Harllie, then Mark before he noticed Harry sitting there staring at the couple, 'Harry love, are you okay?'

'Um, no,' Harry said as he looked at his daughter, 'My daughter's going to have a baby. Merlin, I feel faint,' Harry said as he leaned back on the couch.

'He's white as a ghost Dad,' Harllie said as she knelt in front of Harry, 'Dad, breathe okay.'

'Yeah, breathe,' Harry looked from his daughter to Charlie, 'We're going to be grandfathers love, we're not old enough, but Merlin, a baby,' Harry said rambling a bit before looking back at his daughter, 'I'm happy for both of you, but you just shocked the life out of me.' Harry hugged his daughter, before getting up and hugging Mark then they sat down again. 'So how far along are you?' Harry said in a soft voice.

'Just over three months, so you'll need to get someone to temporarily take over defence until after the baby's born.'

'Since it is temporarily Harry, why don't you do it, saves you hiring someone else. As soon as Harllie's ready, she can just come straight back.' Charlie said looking at Harry.

'You'd make a great defence teacher Dad and the students would love it. Imagine having Harry Potter as their defence teacher,' Harllie smiled at her father, 'But while you're thinking of that, do you both want to know what we're having, Poppy told us a while ago, but we wanted to wait to tell everyone and of course you are both first to know.'

'Okay, I'm over the initial shock, so are we having a granddaughter or grandson?'

Harllie nodded to Mark, 'Grandsons,' Mark said and waited to see if their heard him.

'Did you just say grandsons, as in plural, as in two,' Harry asked and he turned white again.

'Breathe Dad and yes, twin boys,' she smiled at her fathers.

'Oh, let's hope their nothing like Fred and George were or you might be taking students back to the Forbidden Forest love.' Charlie stared at Harllie and Mark in shock.

'I think we've finally found a way to shock both your father's Honey,' Mark said as he looked between Harry and Charlie.

'I think you're right sweetheart. Dad are you both okay?'

'Yeah princess, but blimey first you're pregnant, now twins,' Harry shook his head, 'I am happy for you both, really happy,' Harry kissed his daughter again, then hugged his son-in-law. 'So when do you want to finish up princess.

'Poppy said I should straight away, if it was any other class, it'd be fine, but not defence.'

'That's a good idea, and I think I will do what Charlie suggested until you're ready to come back. We have everything set up for babies after Ginny's two and Neville's three kids,' Harry said shaking his head again.

After a while, the four of them started talking about names that Mark and Harllie had been discussing before they all said goodnight. Charlie knew Harry was happy for them, but he also knew that Harry would feel like he was getting older even if he was only forty one years old. He held Harry tight that night, and it took him a long time to fall asleep before drifting off himself.

Over the next few months the students had gotten over their initial shock at having Harry Potter teaching defence against the dark arts and they started to enjoy his classes. Charlie had been helping Harry run the school now he had less time as he was also teaching. They were both sitting at the staff table eating lunch, when a patronus landed in front of them.

'Harry, Charlie, Harllie's in labour, she wants you both up in the hospital wing now,' Mark's voice said then the patronus vanished.

'Neville, look after everything,' Harry said, as Charlie and him ran from the Great Hall and headed straight to the hospital wing. 'Mark,' Harry called.

'Over here, she wants you both in here,' Mark's voice called from behind a curtain.

Charlie and Harry both hurried to behind the curtain and saw Harllie in pain and pushing, so Harry took her free hand and Charlie stood behind him.

'Princess, how you doing?' Harry asked as he watched his daughter.

'Blimey, I never knew it hurt this much,' Harllie said panting heavily.

Mark, Harry and Charlie were all panicking but none of them took their eyes off Harllie until Poppy spoke.

'First one's almost out, I can see he's head. On the next contraction, push as hard as you can Harllie.

Harllie nodded, then a few seconds later, screamed as she pushed, then they all saw the little baby boy in Poppy's arms. She waved her wand over him, then wrapped him in a towel before handing him to Charlie, then went back to Harllie.

'Okay Harllie, the next one shouldn't be far from being born,' Poppy smiled up at the girl she's known since she was born, 'Alright, push Harllie,' she watched as waited until the saw the baby, 'Alright, not long Harllie, keep going sweetheart,' she looked at the three men around Harllie, seeing they all looking the same, all worried as they watched her, 'Alright, push Harllie, keep going, keep going, he's out,' Poppy said after a minute, then waved her wand over the next baby, then wrapped him in a towel and placed him in his father's arms, then went back to Harllie

'Dad, do you mind,' Harllie panted as she looked at Charlie and he placed her son in his arms.

'Congratulations princess,' Harry leaned over and kissed his daughter, then kissed his grandson on the head, then went around to Mark, 'Congratulations Dad,' Harry gripped his shoulder, then kissed his other grandson.

'Congratulations, both of you,' Charlie kissed Harllie, then the baby, before kissing the other baby, and patted Mark on the shoulder, 'We'll leave you four alone, we'll come back later.'

Charlie gripped Harry's hand and led him back out of the hospital wing and back to their rooms, where they held each other as they laid down on their bed.

'We have grandsons love, can you believe it,' Harry said in a shaky voice.

'It's a lot to think about love,' Charlie said as he held Harry.

Neither of them moved for a few hours, until they went back to the hospital wing to see their daughter and grandsons. They found a heap of people in there as well and Poppy not looking too happy. Harry gave her a nod, then went down to his daughter.

'Hey, do I get so see my grandsons now?' Harry asked shaking his head at the words he'd just spoken.

'Here you go Harry, say hello to James,' Mark placed the baby in Harry's arms and they all saw the shocked look on his face.

'You're calling him James,' Harry asked, then looked down at the baby he was holding.

'Yeah, we are. Dad, come and take Sirius,' Harllie placed the other baby in her other father's arms then looked back at her father, 'James and Sirius Carter.' Harllie grinned at both her fathers.

'You're grandfather would be so happy princess,' Harry leaned over and kissed his daughter before looking back at his grandson, then looked at his other grandson in his husbands arms.

Poppy, Minerva, Neville, Hannah, Hagrid, Ron, and Hermione, with their two children all watched Harry and Charlie holding the two little baby boys. They could see both were very emotional and could see tears in both their eyes. They all knew these two boys would be loved and protected just like Harry had done for anyone he cared about.

Over the next one hundred and twenty seven years, Harry and Charlie were both very old men, who were still running Hogwarts together. Charlie had given up teaching twenty years before and just helped Harry run the school now. They were both sitting quietly in their rooms, neither of them talking just happy to hold each other. They had lots of great and great, great grandchildren, some teaching at Hogwarts, some had died of old age. Harllie and Mark had both lived until they were both over a hundred, and they had their children and grandchildren around them. All of Harry's friends had passed long ago, so apart from his grandchildren, all he had left was the love of his life, his husband Charlie.

'Can you feel it love,' Harry asked as he looked up at Charlie.

'Yes love, I feel it, the prophecy is coming true again. Do you think it will be today?'

'Yes, I think it will, we should notify Poppy Longbottom,' Harry said wearily as he lifted his hand slowly and waved it and his patronus leapt forth and took off through the wall. 'Charlie, you gave me a wonderful life and I love you very much.' Harry touched his face.

'I love you too Harry, and you gave me a wonderful life as well love. We had some very good times, and a great family which will live on for a very long time to come.'

'We'll see all the others very soon love, and we'll always be together,' Harry put his head towards Charlie's forehead and Charlie leaned his forehead towards Harry. They both had their hands on each other's faces as they both took their last breaths as they passed away, just as they both wanted. They had spoken about when the time came, and they both agreed that they wanted no one around them. They wanted it to be just the two of them and that's the way they were found not long after.

The wizarding world mourned the loss of their saviour and his husband. They toasted him and cried tears for him, but they knew he was with the people he loved most. He will always be knows as their saviour but he is also known as the best Headmaster Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had ever seen.