Author's Note: So, 2 people have sent me a review saying that I should continue. I'm sorry to say but I'm not going to post anything else due to the fact that the other fanfic I wrote for Hollywood Heights is still in-complete, and I'm trying to wrap things up on my other story for my other favorite tv show, Jane By Design. With school around the corner I'm not going to have time to post anything. Also, if you want another good show to watch, consider checking out Jane By Design. It has 1 season of 18 episodes, each round about 45 minutes. But, I warn you that if you get into it like I did you'll get your heart broken. The season finale was devastating and the mother of all cliffhangers. Today the owner's announced it's not getting renewed for a second season because of the lack of viewers. Words can't describe how depressed I am and I think I speak for alot of people. So, if you wanna watch another amazing show Jane By Design is my top choice but you'll get your heart broken.