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Chapter 1

The Day Of Darkness

The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox (九尾の妖狐, Kyūbi no Yōko) Awakes.

She was a legend in her own right. Far as red as lave, Eyes Red as rubies That just been cut. Her Nine the united states of americaFlowing Tails can move any man to her will. But Most tell stories of how one tail can move the very lands Man stands on two can move the oceans at will. Her power was match by only one. Her mate. But that's for a other time.

Her Name was Giving to her buy the Goddess Daikoku-ten {大黒天 }. Her name is Oinari. AS Time pass she was seen as the only one to move from plane to plane. Helping the patron of prosperity for farmers and merchants, especially those involved in rice production, foodstuffs and fisheries. She helped them in retune for caves to sleep in and food to eat as long as she is left alone.

But all Good tings must come to an end as time moves So to the Legend of her might and power and other things but sometimes One can only go0 on for so long. As Wars come and go Man as forgotten it's past and other things. But other then Two things remain. War And peace.

As The Final War. Also Know as World War 4. Yes WW4 has just hit it's peek and again the United States of America Was Alone in it's Fight For Freedom and the right to be human and not some slave to a god that the middle east bows to. It seem like all hope was lost but the as they fight one man seeks help and heads to japan, The last place the Americans can look to for help since they still had peace with each other since WW2. Japan know that America was also the last place for piece for they don't push they gods or goddess on to others. But As one Man moved about the land he looks For one then that can tune the tides of was. It Was The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox

A Story Told to little girls and boys that when one finds the Fox he or she will get one wish. That where we come into the story as a young man The goes by the name Dea M Smith. He was a Captain Of the

Military Task Force 505 Phantoms, A unit made up of 1000 men. 200 of each branch of the US's Military. Now one may ask why a boy I mean man of the age 22 be leader of this. Well in the year 2342 The Us started a programs Super Child. More or less the Us Took the halo games and took it to heart and stated the same way and made the kids of the past into the weapons of tomorrow. But not everything from the game to past. Just the weapons and army and vehicles. And As one from each 300 child that pass each mouth He was the first and the best but he did not let it go to his head. As it was he was looking for anything to help win this war and end it. If He was to become a weapon from a game that was helping them then legends had to hold some truth. His MJOLNIR Mark IV armor was base off of the main hero of the game since her was the first to come out of classes but that's for a other time. The color was all black with Gold and red. His helment had most of the gold and red on it. As he had black on everything elas other then his chest plate which had some gold and red on it.

As Dea was walking tough the woods he came upon a cave that was lager then anything elas. As he was trying to link Up to The P.C.U Or Phantom Com Unit But something was blocking him and the Units Ai Lunar. But he had no other chouch to go in and walk into he got to then end and when he did he saw it a pair of Red Eyes that he open as he came to the end as he pulled up his Smith & Weston M&P15. Now Some will ask why have an old gun and he would say " Old is better at time. Just have a glass of Wine." He will say all most all the time. But as he looked into the eyes of the demon he was about to say something when it started to talk It had a deep voice.

"Well Now what Do I here a visit from you a Human. It's Been Over 5000 Years. But what Do you want?"

The Demon asked Dea ah he looked on and made planes in his head if things went south for him and asked it. {An At this point the don't know if it's a she or he for know. } "I was told in story's you can make a wish come true when someone finds you. Is it true?" Dea asked her and it stated to laugh at him "Human You make me laugh But in some Way I can now what is it you wish for?" The Demon had asked him. " I want this war to come to in end." he told her or wished for it in a way. "So be it" And with a wave of her fight tail he felt like he was going to fall to sleep. "Sleep human and when you wake up there will be no more wars not Intel I wake you and have some fun." The demon Said as it's body begin to from into a human with double DD's and hips that can kill as 9 tails sway back and fourth as she walks to him with a smile two fox type ears on her head and red eyes was the last thing he saw and his eyes closed as she took him to the depth of her cave and smiled. " Dam It " Was the last thing he said before him passed out from her spell. "Never trust a fox Human But in your case I have planes for you. You will become my avater when I get out of this seal. A knight to fight all that want my power. But your no Knight. No you're a SPARTAN And a powerful one at that."

And So Time has pass and the war was over thanks to a demon that had tails. Some Say Dea was able to get the demons help by selling his soul and become its food or something elas. But the war ended and he was seen as a hero and on his gave was the biggest there was a hole lot. It was bigger then anything anyone had seen but it was woth it for he ended the war by giving up his soul. And on his gave reads

Here Lies

Captin Dea M Smith

Of The

Military Task Force 505 Phantoms

He will Never Be forgotten As he lies here.

His Soul Gone to the next would

But his heart will always Be here.

To Stand Tall In the eyes of Evil

And anyone that needs to be free

He was there to fight.

My his Soul Find piece


Out 10, 2325 CC - Jul 4, 2342 CC

So As Time went on So did the lands and the piece. Humans Died out after a comet hit earth and More or lees changing the world for it is as some humans lived on but all died but one. He had some kind of power But there was 8 Monster on that Comet and he was the only one to fight it as he called his power. Chakra. His Name was lost to time it slef So he called him Self The Sage Of the Six Paths And his tail will come in do time. And So Now we watch as the Lands form the of Earth become one and are called the Five Great Shinobi element Countries. Each having it's own daimyō who stand equally in rank with the Hidden Villages' Kage. But that for a other time as now We move on with the hands of time.

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