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It was 5:00 in the morning and most of the maids were awake. Stella couldn't believe it! The palace was huge! Their bathroom was bigger than the bakery! She just moved in the palace recently and started working there as a maid. Correction, Prince Brandon's personal maid. Wasn't that crazy?! The Queen requested it. There was no way Stella could say no. She's The Queen!

Stella groaned. It was pure torture. Lifting and setting boxes everywhere was agonizing. The maids were put on duty to plan the Royal Ball. It was a celebration of The Queen's birthday. This was going to be big!

"Tch. They're throwing a ball? Why does the ballroom have to be so big though? My arms are aching."Stella said to herself.

"Of course they are! It's for The Queen!"One maid said.

Stella and that maid have become friends recently. Actually, Stella has made a lot of friends.

Bloom, Musa, Flora, and Tecna. (Bloom isn't a princess in here)

They were all great friends. Although, she was more close to Bloom. She really liked her.

A red head with a pet bunny. She sure was interesting. They all became very close.

"The Queen sure is amazing, isn't she?"Stella asked.

"Of course! She's The Queen! She's purely amazing! She's best known for her kindness."Bloom said.

"I agree. She really is a thoughtful person. I wonder if I should get her something…?"Stella asked herself.

"No need."Tecna said walking into the conversation.

"Huh?"Stella questioned.

"The Queen usually asks for something. Like a favor. That would be included as a present" Flora said.

"Yeah! The Queen rocks! I love her so much! She usually asks me to sing for her at her birthday."Musa said.

"The Queen asks for me to take care of the garden. I don't know if that is counted as a present. I enjoy nature as much as the whole dimension!"Flora said sweetly.

"The Queen asks me to help out with the security system every year! She says I'm a great scientist! I couldn't help but agree though. 98.79%. I'm not there to 100% yet, but I'll get there!"Tecna said enthusiastically.

"I enjoy her birthday all the time. I would do anything she requests for me. She's like a mother for me! I was put on adoption and she gladly took me into her care."Bloom said thoughtfully.

"Yeah. Not having a mom sucks. "Musa said sadly.

"We all don't have moms. They all left or died when we were young. Isn't that unfortunate?"Tecna sighs.

"To be honest, I'm grateful for I'm here. I wouldn't have had a great life like this if that didn't happen."Flora said happily.

"Agreed."Stella said.

They all walked to the ballroom to hang up the decoration.

"Gee. Why is this so heavy?"Stella groaned.

She climbed up the ladder and tried to hang up the expensive lights that were only made in Solaria. They were very rare and fragile. Suddenly the ladder started shaking. It wasn't steady.

"Stop moving, ladder! I'll die if you keep this up!"Stella yelled.

"Psh. You're so stupid. Talking to a ladder is the last thing a girl should do."An incoming voice was heard.

"Huh?"Stella turned around to face the brunette. A handsome brunette.

She immediately blushed.

"Whoa. Even up close, he's handsome. He has to fall for me. He has to!"Stella thought with determination.

"Why does that blonde keep on blushing? Every time I see her, I feel flushed. My heart beats even faster than usual. I get butterflies and I get goose bumps. This girl sure is something."Brandon thought.

"Why don't you get back on your game and stop blushing!"Brandon demanded.

"Tch."Stella continued to do her work. Of course the ladder kept on shaking, making Stella loose her grip and fall backwards.

"Ahh!"Stella screamed.

"That hurt."Stella groaned in pain.

"Wait. That didn't hurt."Stella said and looked down.

"Of course that didn't hurt. For you!"Brandon said.

He caught the fall for her, but unfortunately, he had to be the one hurt.

"Damn. Remind me to never ever hang around you. You have so much karma."Brandon said.

"Tch. Karma? Karma follows you."Stella snapped.

"Yeah. Whatever."Brandon said.

"Don't you think you're forgetting anything?"Brandon asked.

"What?"Stella asked.

"You are sitting on my stomach."Brandon growled.

"Oh. Oops. Oh wait. Isn't that karma?"Stella smirked.

"Just get off of me, you nit-wit!"Brandon snapped.

"Yeah. Yeah. Don't get your undies in a twist."Stella said

"I wear boxers. Duh."Brandon stated.

"Gee. Thanks for the info."Stella groaned.

"Stella got off of Brandon and picked up the rare pieces of glass. Stella managed not to get hurt, but the rare lights were broken into pieces.

"Damn it."Stella groaned.

"Karma."Brandon sung.

"Shut up!"Stella snapped.

Brandon sighed. Even if he was teasing her, he sure felt guilty. Stella picked up one of the pieces of glass, but instead she got a cut on her index finger.

"Idiot."Brandon said.

He took her finger and sucked it to make the blood go away. He took a small handkerchief and wrapped it around her finger.

Stella blushed at this. First of all, she never had a boyfriend before. Like ever. She never experienced feelings like this before. And she surely never met someone as handsome as him.

"Be more careful next time, idiot."Brandon said coldly and walked away.

He ordered some maids to clean up the mess.

He turned back to Stella and winked.

"Don't worry. You won't get in trouble. I got it!"Brandon said.

"Gee. He's so nice."Stella blushed.

"He's so into you. Like a lot."Bloom said laughing.

"You think?"Stella questioned.

"Think? I know. Isn't it obvious though?"Musa asked.

"I agree. I feel like theirs a connection between you both. A very strong one."Flora said sweetly.

"97.98% he likes you. So far of course."Tecna said happily.

""Didn't I tell him? He's so falling for me. And I'm falling for him."Stella blushed and got back to work not even knowing Brandon was in his room holding a picture of her, grasped to his heart.

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