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Brandon starred at the picture in his hands. He groaned and plumped down on his bed in frustration.

"Why the heck is she so pretty? Erg. I'm annoyed."Brandon sighed.

Brandon starred at it one more time and set it into his cabinet. He left towards the meeting room to wish his mom Happy Birthday.

"Hey Mom. Happy Birthday! How old are you? 45?"Brandon asked having that 'thinking' look.

"Tch. 45 my royal butt. Be more respectful to your mother! It's my birthday."The Queen said crossing her arms.

"Yeah. I know. That's kind of the reason why I said Happy Birthday. Duh."Brandon said in 'that' voice.

"Son, since you're acting so horrible on my birthday. Where's my present? Now."

"Uh, about that. Aren't you blessed to have me? Shouldn't that be enough of a present? I mean look. Aren't I an angel?"Brandon bragged.

"Angel? Aren't you suppose to be a man?"She smirked.

Brandon gapped.

"Humph."Brandon crossed his arms.

"It was fun teasing you, but seriously. I'm a Queen and your mother! Shouldn't you give me a gift?"The Queen asked.

"Well what do you want?"Brandon asked still irritated.

"Don't talk to me like that! You, respect me."She informed.

"Okay, mother. Would you like anything for your birthday?"Brandon asked nicely.

"It's her birthday. What do I have to lose?"Brandon thought.

"At the ball, you must dance with Stella. Final. Now go."She said.

"Wha-"Brandon got interrupted by a huge clang. Brandon and his mom turned to face Stella in a pool of tea, with her mouth wide open.

"What a surprise. Why don't you just fire her? She broke the cups. Stella looked down to see all the teapots and tea cups broken. Shattered.

"Oh my. Now, Stella you must dance with Brandon. No excuses. This is your punishment, and Brandon. You also have to dance with her since you didn't do something very important."The Queen said grumpily.


"You didn't help her up! Be a gentleman, Brandon!"

Brandon sighed. He helped her up. Instead of swiftly helping her up, they both fell back on the ground after Brandon slipped on the tea.

"Ahh! Camera, now!"She ordered the servants loudly.

"Huh?"Brandon questioned.

He opened his eyes. It was blurry at first, but he saw Stella. On top of him!

"Gee. Great work, superman."Stella rolled her eyes.

"I know. Duh. Just aren't I amazing?"Brandon said proudly.

"Geez. You and your ego."

After finishing that sentence The Queen yelled in delight,

"Kyaaa! You look perfect together!"

Some servants hurried back giving her the camera.

"Why don't you both smile? Say love!"

Boom. The photo was taken rapidly, but after a while Stella smiled.

"Don't I have to be pretty? I mean a photo with Brandon! I don't have anything to lose!"Stella thought.

"What are you smiling for?"Brandon snapped.

"What do you mean?"Stella said nervously.

"Don't you think it's about time you get off of me?"Brandon smirked.

"Erg. Jerk."Stella yelled in frustration.

"Stella! Come here now."The Queen said.

Stella got up and walked towards The Queen. She turned around and glared at him.

"What? Enough pictures, Mom?"Brandon asked.

"Yes, of course! A bunch!"She said happily.

"Yeah, okay. See you at the ball, Stella. Don't disappoint me on your appearance. It'll be a shame."Brandon smirked and left to call his friends.

Stella snarled.

"Stella, my dear. Since you have to dance with Brandon, I must dress you appropriately. I shall not let you dress as a maid nor serve as a maid that night. You have special treatment. Be grateful."The Queen winked.

Stella smiled. The Queen right away asked for the servants to pick out a dress for her.

"Oh your majesty-"The Queen interrupted.

"Oh right! You pick out your dress! That's perfect, isn't it?"

Stella nodded hesitantly.

"Go. Shoo. Oh and yes. Stella, you may have some friends to accompany you. No matter how much, just tell me."The Queen said.

"Thank you. Now excuse me."Stella bowed and went to go pick out her dress.

"Whoa! This dress!"Stella squealed.

"Oh dang. I should invite them."Stella said to herself.

"No need."Bloom said walking in.

"What?"Stella asked dumbfounded.

"We already got invited. And knowing you, you would invite us. Duh."Musa said.

"Yep. Sweetie, aren't you excited?"Flora asked.

"I am!"Tecna said happily.

"The Queen invited you! That's great! Now I can help you pick out your dress!"Stella squealed. Again.

Meanwhile, with Brandon




Brandon texted all his friends:

Hey dudes. Come to my house now. We need to get ready for my mom's birthday. Come early, like every year.


Brandon sighed. Inside, right now, he was really happy. Him dancing with such a beautiful young lady. He wasn't going to lose that opportunity.

"You've got a text message. Read it, man."Brandon's phone rang.

Brandon chuckled.

"I sure love that ringtone."Brandon said to himself.

Brandon looked at the text smiling of the thought of Stella.

Hey man. We're coming. Timmy said we'll be there like in 5 minutes.


"Hey, man. What's up?"Sky said walking into his room.

"What? You're already here? It hasn't been 5 minutes yet."Brandon asked.

"Like you would know. 5 minutes is like 5 seconds. I think."Sky said rubbing the back of his neck.

Brandon chuckled.

"The guys will be here soon. They got caught by your mom and has to sing happy birthday to her. Classic mom."Sky said laughing.

They both laughed.

"Hey, Brandon. Who are you dancing with this time?"Sky asked.

"What do you mean?"Brandon asked.

"You know. You're mom always hooks you up with a girl every year. Who is it this time? Princess Diaspro?"Sky asked hopefully.

"I wonder if you're my best friend. It seems you really want me to suffer."Brandon looked at Sky suspiciously.

"Ha. Dude, I'm just praying. Diaspro sure is going to cling on to me. She annoys me."Sky gagged.

"Ha. Yeah. Like last year. And the year before that. And the year before that. And-"

"Yeah. I know. We get it."

"Just saying."Brandon said.

"Man. Just tell me who you're hooked up with."Sky said straight up.

"A really beautiful blonde. Just pure jaw dropping."Brandon said dreamily.

"A blonde, huh? She have friends? If she's pretty then maybe she'll have pretty friends. Maybe I can start to love her or something. I know. Pretty cocky, but I really want to talk to people instead of being attached to Diaspro."Sky said.

"She has a friend named Bloom. I can see you two together."Brandon said.

"Oh really, now. Are they like Princesses? Because I have never heard of Princess Beautiful Blonde. Diaspro is the only blonde I know that's a princess. If you're crushing on her, then she's all yours."Sky gagged again.

Diaspro. Gag. The name gives them the vipers.

"No way! She's yours! All yours! The girl I was talking about is a maid here."

"What? A maid? So her friend is a maid too?"Sky asked.

"Yeah. I don't mind. Everyone should be treated the same, right?"Brandon asked.

"Not people we don't like."Sky said.

"Like Diaspro."Someone said behind the door.

The door opened and the whole 'gang' was there.

"Don't you guys think you should hook us up too? Or at least me."Riven said.

"Yeah. No fair."Timmy said.

"I don't mind."Helia said.

"Trust me. These girls are going to make you love crazy."Brandon smirked.




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