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"Love crazy? You mean love struck?" Timmy asked.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever fits your fancies." Brandon mumbled.

"LOL!" Timmy laughed.

"Man, like no. Not cool." Riven said.

"What? Due to my research LOL was meant for Laughing Out Loud in abbreviation. In text form of-"

"Dude, no. You don't say LOL when you're directly speaking to someone. You just… laugh." Sky said.

"Looks like there are some things we can beat you in." Riven bragged.

"Anyone would know that though. Timmy just got the wrong idea. That's all." Helia defended.

"Whatever. Get ready. Mom's having a ball, obviously, and Stella's going to be there. Got to look good. Later."Brandon walked out of the room ready to spice up Stella.

"Spice up? We're losing him by the minute." Riven said.

"No not really. More likely-"Timmy pushed up his glasses.

Riven grunted and scrunched his nose.

"Not that deserves a LOL." Sky said laughing.

Riven smiled, with no emotion, and left the room where the "geeks" were discussing LOL.

"Let's just get ready. I really want to see these girls. Latez." Sky said leaving the room.

"Let's go! I got to tidy up into my suit." Timmy said sheepily.

"Yes, of course. This Flora is leaving me anxious." Helia said.

They both walked out of the room and into the dressing room.




Music was heard throughout the halls. Lights shimmering, glasses clinking, and gossip was heard. The celebration of The Queen's 32nd birthday was one of the most magnificent days ever known. She would host such a great ball that others beg to come.

"Hey, Bloom? Do I like okay?" Stella asked.

Stella twirled around, smiling.

"Whoa. You look amazing, Stella!" Bloom said.

"Really?" Stella asked.

Stella wore a beautiful orange strap-less dress. It had ruffles on the end of the dress that beautifully flowed down to the floor. Stella had her hair up in a high ponytail with clips on the side. Stella wore some gold dangling earrings and she wore orange stilettos to finish of her outfit.

"Totally. To die for." Bloom said.

"You don't look so bad for yourself, Bloom. Magically beautiful as always." Stella praised.

"Agreed." Musa said.

"Oh my goodness! You look wonderful, dawling." Stella praised.

"Ha. Thanks." Flora blushed.

"Thanks. You look beautiful too." Tecna said.

Bloom wore a sparkly strap-less blue dress. It touched the floor and it was poofy at the waist. She wore silver hoop earrings and silver stilettos. She had her hair in curls with a cute clip.

Flora wore a pink dress that touched the floor. It had floral patterns on it with lights of green. She had her hair in curls and wore pink heels. She didn't have much make-up on, and she still looked magnificent.

Tecna wore a purple dress that was mid-thigh. She had dangles on her wrist and she wore lavender flats. Her hair was natural with a clip on the side. She wore a silver necklace to finish off the look.

Last, but not least, Musa wore a mid-thigh red dress with music notes on the ends. She had a charm bracelet on and musical earrings. Her red heels made her legs look sexy.

They were all ready for the ball and so were the guys.




All of the guys walked out of the room and into the ballroom looking fancy as ever. The other girls were practically drooling over them. It was a slimy situation.

"Hey Brandon, want to dance?" Some girl, Destiny, asked.

"No thank you. I'm waiting for someone." Brandon said bowing.

"Humph. Fine. Hey Sky, want to dance?" She asked.

"No thanks. I'm waiting for someone too. All of us are." Sky asked kindly.

"You're lost." Destiny left after that with her arms crossed.

"Tch. It's your lost woman." Riven mumbled.

"Hey Brandon."

Brandon turned around to see this amazing blonde in front of him. (Not Sky ;D)
Stella was there standing in front of him looking beautiful as ever. The weird thing is he was on the verge of drooling.

Stella giggled.

"C'mon. Dance with me."

Brandon took her hand and led her to the dance floor.

"Love? Maybe?" Sky smirked.

"Oh. Cute girl. I'm going for her. Bye!" Riven said and walked towards a blue haired maid and started flirting. She giggled.

"There. He got himself a girl, right guys?" Sky asked.

"Guys?" Sky turned around to see Helia talking to a brunette and Timmy with a pink hair woman.

"Loner status." Sky frowned.

"Maybe not anymore." Someone said.

Sky turned around and admired her beauty.

"Why hello." Sky flashed his charming smile.

She giggled.

"Dance with me." Sly took her hand and lead her to the dance floor.




"Looks like all your friends hooked up with mine." Brandon smirked.

"Ha. Yeah. Guess so." Stella giggled.

"Hey Stella. Can we talk outside?" Brandon asked.


They both walked to the garden and Brandon took a deep breath before saying,

"Stella, be my girlfriend."

Brandon blushed.

"What? Girlfriend?" Stella asked in astonish.

"Yes. Why do I have to repeat?" Brandon blushed a vibrant red.

Stella giggled.

"Did anyone tell you, you look cute when you blush?"

"I do now."

Stella leaned in and kissed Brandon's cheek.

Brandon blushed even more. Like an apple red. ;D

"Ha. Ha. So cute!" Stella squealed.

"Fine. If you're going to make me blush then you have to too!"

Brandon leaned and kissed her, gently.

Stella, surprised, returned the kiss, closing her eyes.

There they were, under the moon holding each other.

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