(I/T/S/B/W/R/L: Iggy the sexy beast who Rose loves note of I/N for short) Rose: "There are multiple things wrong in that. First, you are not a sexy beast, and second, I DONT LOVE YOU!" Iggy: "Stop denying your love for me, bella, my love. Just go with it." Rose: "PLEASE! No twilight references." :(

(A/A/A/R/N: The amazing and awesome Rose's note, or for short, R/N)

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Rose: "Iggy, get your sorry butt down here too do the disclaimer!"

Iggy: "No"

Patrick: "Igster, just do it."

Iggy: "No Pat! I'm tired of Rose bossing me around! Even though she's undeniably and irrevocably in love with me. Also, this couch is very comfortable."

Patrick: "Iggy, seriously. She's gonna kill you."

Iggy: "I'll take my chances. I'm pretty sure I'm stronger than a feeble human girl."

Rose: "Sexist pig. Hmmm, Iggy, I bet that stalker fan-girl would just love to kidnap you again. And since I've already kidnapped you from her, it won't be much trouble then..."

Iggy: "No no no. calm down there Rose. *awkward laugh*"

Rose: "Then..."

Iggy: "Jeesh! No need to be so pushy! Gosh. Ok here it is: I do not own myself or the rest of the flock. J.P does. I was forced to say this by the evil and manipulative Ro-"

Rose: "awkward laugh* Don't listen to anything Iggy says. He doesnt know what hes talking about" Muffled voice of Iggy in background.

Patrick: "Haha. Little did Iggy know that Rose is a black belt in both karate and tae-kwon doe."

Rose: "Well then, time to get this show on the road! Here is Chapter one of Stuck in the Ice: The news"

Max Pov:

"What do you mean we are stuck inside for the next week! *noise from other side of phone* What does SNOW have to do with this!" I was pacing the floor of my mom's (Dr. Martinez. Gosh, it was so exciting to say mom!) house as I talked on the phone with the stupid snow clearer upper dude (A/N: Sorry forgot what their called again. Help? I'm so stupid! I/N: Such a shocker there. A/N: *low growling*) . Apparently, the snow outside the house was too piled up too clear with a snow mobile, or even attempt to go outside! My wings were out wide behind my back, itching to fly. Yes, I said wings.

Me, Fang, Iggy (I/N: Thats me! A/N: No igiot, its santa clause. I/N: Really?! A/N: *bangs head against table*), Nudge, Gazzy and Angel all have wings, a gift to us from the most sick, horrible group of humans of all time. The School. And no, not the school you go to every morning and provides you the joy and happiness of learning, (A/N: Ya. Suuure School is all full of joy and happiness) but the evil group of scientists who experimented and tortured us for 10 years, improving our stamina, strength, and speed. Also, they did so many experiments that we only had 98% human DNA. The other 2% is We could all fly extremely well and could take out a full grown human man easily, even 6 year old Angel. We had managed to escape from there 4 years ago and are now roaming free across the countryside, peacefully enjoying life. Oh, and did I mention that there are Erasers following us every where trying to kill us? And that I'm supossed to save the world!

So here I am, a claustrophobic mess (That, children, is what happens when you're only thing to call home for ten years is a freakin' DOG CRATE. Yet another reason I hate the school) from being stuffed in Dr. Martinez's new house in stupid Pennsylvania! Who knew Pennsylvania could be so snowy! And now there was a freak snow storm locking all of us in Moms house, and for, supposedly, the whole week! Stupid Mother Earth. You probably are confused, so let me rewind to this morning.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~this line break has a pet chihuahua~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Flash back to this morning:

I woke up to the sound of giggling in my room. What the heck is waking me up so early. It's like.. I squinted my eyes slighjtly open. 1:30. At least that's what the watch of the guy sleeping next to me shows. Wait, A GUY!

So as you see, I woke up next to a guy, all clad in black and as tough as a brick wall. I tried to pull away, but his arm was wrapped tightly around my waist. His hold was really tight, as if he was scared someone would take me from him. Well crap. By now, you should have guessed that the guy next to me was the one and only Fang. I remember Fang and I were up late last night talking, we must have fallen asleep! Next to each other on my bed... This thought brought on another onslaught of giggles. I only know one person who can read minds...

I slowly raised my head from my from comfy pillow ; I.E Fangs chest. Standing in the door, were Nudge, Iggy, Ella, Gazzy and Angel. Nudge was snapping pictures with the phone my mom gave her. I KNEW that was a bad idea!

"What are you doing in my room." My voice was a deadly calm, and I felt pretty badass.

"Oh, Maxy dear. The better question is, what is Fang doing in you room? Iggy answered. He knew how much I hated that name, (R/N: See Iggy! Even Max hates your ridiculous nicknames!) but decided to let it slide. (I/N: But SHE lets it slide, which you never do *pouty face) I had bigger issues to deal with. I slid myself out from under Fangs arm, the slight movement waking him up. He opened his eyes blearily and smiled when he saw my face. But then frowned at the glare on my face. He turned to see Nudge, Angel and Ella giggling and squealing, Iggy wiggling his eyebrows, and Gazzy whispering something in Iggy's ear, which made him snicker.

"What the-" Fang was cut off by the torrent of words from, well, you can guess who.

"ZOMG FANG! YOU AND MAX ARE SO IN LOVE AND YOUR GONNA MARRY AND HAVE 3 KIDS NAMED SHADOW, NICK " I heard Iggy mumble something under his breath at that sounding like "more like F-nick." (P/N: S.O.F reference) "AND—pmphchdi" Gazzy's hand (thank god) slapped over, you can guess, Nudge's (ding ding ding!), mouth.

"Gosh Nudge. My ears are bleedi- DID YOU JUST LICK ME!" The Gasman's hand flew off her mouth and started wiping his hand on his shirt. Nudge slapped high fives with Ange and Ella as Gazzy ran out of the room to , I suspect, the bathroom.

"So, young lady, you have a lot of explaining to do." Ella said in a demanding tone.

"Well Mom, I don't have to tell you anything but, WHOA! LOOK AT THE WINDOW!" I have the attention span of about a peanut, and was looking out the window n my room, when I saw it was completely covered in something white.

"Max, stop stalling we all know what your doing so just explain what happened with you and Fang last night because we deserve to know or we're calling Dr. Martinez." said Nudge in one breath. Meanwhile, Angel and Gazzy, who had returned with many hard looks at Nudge, were walking to the window, pulling aside the light blue curtains to reveal the rest of the window. A sharp intake of breath was heard from Iggy, as he said:

"Ange? Gazzy? How come I can... see you? Is there any snow around, or is max's wall white, but I thought it was blue and..."Of course! Iggy can see when the background is white, or as we learned in Antarctica, snow, which is white so that makes sense... Never mind.

"What the heck?" I said as the past conversation was wiped out of their minds (thank god) and we all neared the window. It was completely covered in... snow? Fang pushed opn the window with all his strength (which is a lot. Just look at his biceps. So strong and toned and- back up, delete delete delete. Forget that past thing. Did I really think about Fangs biceps. His unbeleivably toned biceps and- Shut up inner fang-girl!

"Wow. This must be really stuck, if my incredibly large muscles couldn't open it." Fang shot me a cocky smirk and I almost melted onto the floor. (I/N: Thats just gross ewwwww. R/N: If Fang grinned at me, I'd melt. P/N: I second Iggy's movement.)

"Ha. ha. Fang, you couldn't budge a leaf, let alone a window with those scrawny little muscles." I was lying through my pearly white teeth (if I say so myself). "Let me try." I say while flexing my muscles. I put my hand against the cold glass suface and push. And push and push and push. And kick. And scream. And hit it with a lamp. Well, that worked. I thought as all the snow from outside came tumbling through the broken window. I was on the 2nd floor, so my window was pretty high up. We all looked out at the scene before us. The snow stretched on for miles and miles, covering the roof of every house, and effectively locking us in.

End Flashback: