Rose: This is the game of the elephant master try to keep up as we go faster.

Iggy: *clap clap, awkward turtle, clap clap, unicorn horn

Rose: *clap clap, unicorn horn, clap clap, awkward turtle

Iggy:*clap clap, awkward turtle, clap clap, unicorn horn Rose:*clap clap, unicorn horn, clap clap, awkward turtle Iggy: *clap clap, awkward turtle, clap clap, unicorn horn

Patrick: SHUT UP!

Rose: WE weren't even talking!

Iggy: Ya, we were just clapping and making animal signals.

Patrick: I have a migraine *walks off to get aspirin

Rose: OK, I am so sorry we didn't update for what is it, a week!

Iggy: It's just that school started...

Patrick: And Rose was being lazy! *from far away

Rose: OK that may be a small part but...

Iggy: Big part.

Rose: All right, out there reading this is my friend from school Elizabeth. So... HEY ELIZABETH! Now you feel special :)

Patrick: Poor Elizabeth...

Rose: OK so we don't own Maximum Ride, James Patterson does. And we don't own Elephant master. But whoever does, they are GENIUS!


Iggy: No! That game is awesome Patrick!

Patrick: *face palm

Rose: we do face palms a lot, don't we...

Chapter 7: Movie night

Last Chapter:

"MAX! FANG! ELLA'S HURT!" O god. The stalker girl has made her first move in a long game.

Fang POV:

Max and I rushed down the stairs to see what happened, but didn't need to go down all the way. Halfway down the steps was Ella on the floor with a... dart? In her neck.

"Me and her were walking down the steps and I slipped my hand into hers and then this dart came out of no where and hit her in the neck!"

"This stalker girl will pay.." Max said dangerously. If I weer that stalker girl, I'd start running.

Max bent down to Ella and propped her up against the wall. First she checked her pulse, and Max's relieved grin was all the answer we needed. Then, Max gently pulled out the dart. She shook it hard and a little piece of paper unlike the first note in Iggy's room fell out. I stooped down to pick it up and placed it in Iggy's hand.

"Another note! ZOMG THAT IS SO CREEPY! Wait what happened to Ella! She is like up against the steps like a rag doll and there's blood on her neck! Is she OK! Wait her pulse is fine. Do unicorns have pulses. And if they do, do you check for them on their hooves or something?OMG ZEBRAS HAVE HOOVES! I SAW THIS AWESOME BLACK AND WHITE MUSTACHE DUCTAPE AT FIVE BELOW AN-pmmbnph" Nudge had entered the building.

"MAN, you can talk!" Said Max, who had just shoved her sock in Nudges mouth. Nudge spit it out quickly and started scratching her tongue with her teeth to get rid of the taste.

Meanwhile, Iggy was standing like a goldfish, opening and closing his jaw. Max slinked over and read the note, with the occasional gasp from Nudge who was reading over their shoulders. I being the good Fang I am, just watched them. Gazzy climbed down the stairs and tried to read over Nudges shoulder, but he was too short. Where Angel was, I have no idea. He joined me in the land of watchers, though he was watching Nudge while I was watching Max.

She liked me! She said she liked me! And we were at second base and she felt so good and my max, I mean max, was so perfect. Does that mean we were boyfriend and girlfriend!

Suddenly, Max jolted up and announced;

OK, so this stalker girl shot Ella with the dart because she was holding hands with Iggy. Ella will wake up in about, well apparently now." Max said as Ella blinked open her eyes. Iggy and Nudge immediately bent down to help her up. "OK, and also, the stalker girl recommended Ella stay away from Iggy so that she doesn't have top permanently take her out." Ella shook her head just as Iggy said yes.

Ella stared at him in shock as he explained.

"Ella, I really like you, but I don't want you to get hurt. I think it really is best if, until we get this mess sorted out, we stay away from each other." Wow. That was the most serious I've ever heard Iggy.

"Well then. I suggest that we all go back to our jobs like before. Sadly, Ella is the only one here remotely good at cooking here other than Iggy and will have to continue helping him. Just no romance." Max said. She made eye contact with everyone and we all stood stock still. "Well, then, what are you waiting for! GO!" We all scrambled to our "stations". Me and Max got to work on cleaning the house, which had already gotten tremendously dirty.

Time skip to dinner:

Max POV:

So we all sat down at the table to a feast that Iggy and Ella had layed out. Luckily, Mom always had enough food stocked to last through a zombie apocalypse, so we were fine. I couldn't believe the nerve of that stalker girl! Threatening my sister! Bu there was nothing to do about it. I can't believe someone actually likes Iggy! I'm still confused about Ella's decision... (I/N: HEY! R/N: Well, it's true...)

After dinner ended, I decided we had to do something entertaining. SO I made a split second decision. During dinner the power had come back on and Ella and Nudge had immediately curled their hair, checked fashion blogs and other girly stuff. The power was still on so:

"OK GUYS ATTENTION!" Everyone's head swiveled towards me. " All right. Since the powers on and we are all bored, I think we should have a movie night!" I said, clapping my hands together at the end of the sentence. Nudge and Ella squealed and went to pick out movies, with Iggy, Angel and Gazzy quickly following. Fang and I slowly walked into the room to see each of them already with a movie in hand.

"OK, My movie choice is Hannah Montana: The movie." Angel sai- wait... IGGY SAID THAT! Is hook my head in disapproval but said it was fine. After all, who knows when the power will go off...


"Mine is Care Bear the movie. WE have to watch it Max." She said, pulling out the Bambi eyes. Resist max. RESIST! But in the end, I just couldn't. I nodded begrudgingly.

"I picked Titanic." Ella said. Short and sweet. Perfect.

"Well, Mine is Matrix." Gazzy said. I had heard that was a good movie... Hey! A teenage bird kid had to know some things!

"I have shutter island." Fang said. I nodded at him, smiling. Angel and Gazzy shouldn't watch that though...

"And I want to watch... THE HUNGER GAMES!" Everyone cheered at this. Who doesn't like the Hunger Games! (R/N:" Tow words. Josh. Hutcherson...)

We watched in this order:
Hannah Montana: The movie. It wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be... But still bad. Then, Care Bear the movie. Angel stared wide eyed the whole time, yelling "CARE BVEAR STARE" Whenever they were in "danger". Kids these days. Then we watched Notebook, which I have to admit, teared me up a little. Yes I know. The great Maximum Ride almost crying, but the movie really got me. Right here (points to heart). Nudge, Ella and Iggy were full out bawling (yes I said Iggy), Gazzy and Fang were standing stoically straight. At some point Fang put his arm around my waist and Gazzy hugged Nudge. Weird... Angel fell asleep halfway through. Fang and I carried her up to her bed and headed down. Then we watched Titanic. It was way over dramatic and once again the same thing happened, except Fang Gazzy and I were holding back snickers at the end. Yes, I know, cold hearted, but did you see him while he was drowning! Good stuff... Then we watched the good movies. First, Matrix. That kinda confused me, but it was still cool. Then, Shutter Island. Nudge and Ella squealed and shrieked a lot, Iggy once in a while, Gazzy twice, and I yelled once. That was because Fang growled in my ear halfway through... Then, the one we have all been waiting for: THE HUNGER GAMES! All of us other than Angel had read the books and loved them. I liked the first one the most though. The whole movie., Nudge and Ella drooled over Josh Hutcherson. I kinda laughed when Cato died. I mean, he looked drunk! Nudge Ella and Iggy cried while Rue died, I laughed at the game makers beard, and Fang snickered at some parts. Gazzy had fallen asleep after Shutter Island.

Movie night ended at 8 am. Wow, long time. WE all fell asleep and slept the rest of the day. Movie night was all in all, pretty good.

Rose: Wowza, that was a long chapter.


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Last Chapters song: We are never ever getting back together by Taylor Swift (I am a total swiftie)

This chapters song:

What if I'm standing in your closet trying to talk to you?
What if I kept the hand me downs you won't grow into?
And what if I really thought some miracle would see us through?
But what if the miracle was even getting one moment with you

PS: This song made me cry ;( This is my favorite part^^