please note Erica and Benny have been dating in this story and have played around a lot

Erica POV

One day Benny and Erica were just fooling around and Erica said "Hey Benny how do you like my new flip-flops" while shoving them in his face which to a guy like Benny who had a foot fetish was heaven he was stunned at the beauty of Erica's feet. "Hello hellooo Benny are you alright" said Erica then she felt her flip-flops removed and Benny kissed both her soles as Erica moaned from how good two simple kisses felt and said "Benny by any chance do you have a foot fetish."

Benny POV

"Yeah I do I'm sorry I lost it there" he then frowned and said "so you must think I'm a freak now don't you."

Erica POV

Erica was shocked Benny would think that then she leaned over and kissed him hard she then said "Benny no matter what I will always love you."


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