Everyone from the basketball team had gone home, save Ayako, Miyagi, Haruko, Sakuragi, Rukawa and myself.

Miyagi was trying to tell Ayako that he'd walk her home, but she was too busy with administrative matters concerning the team and didn't hear him.

Sakuragi was trying to do the same to Haruko, but she was ogling at Rukawa, blushing as hard as Sakuragi was.

Rukawa stood in the far corner of the gym, his arms casually folded across his chest.

His eyes, however, were constantly trained on me, gradually boring a hole through me.

He had been doing that for the past fifteen minutes, and I was getting more than a little freaked.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I walked right up to him and tried to look as tall as I possibly could.

'What do you want with me?', I said, trying to sound as unruffled as possible, although my stomach was fluttering.

'Hn. What else? Talk. That's all I want: to know more about you.'

'Why. why me?' I stammered, already losing my cool. His cobalt eyes drilled into the depths of mine. I instinctively took a few steps backward.

His eyes suddenly left mine, focussing on the open gym door. It was already dark.

'It's dark. I'll walk you home.'

'Oh no! It's okay. I live really far from here.' I was practically squirming under his gaze. Man, I would have paid a million bucks to get away from this guy.

He held my arm with a vice-like grip and smiled coldly. 'All the more I should.'

With that, he dragged me out of the gym, ignoring the bewildered stares from Miyagi and Ayako, and the jealous glares from Haruko.


He didn't walk me home. In fact, he 'rode' me home.

I can't remember how he managed to get me on his bike, but I did remember him asking me for my address and me staunchly refusing to hold on to his waist, but gripping the seat instead. No other worlds were exchanged during the 30-minute ride to my house.

Now here he is, casually seated across me in my mother's favourite armchair, which was still wrapped in plastic, sipping a cup of Oolong tea. No, make that comfortably sprawled in the armchair.

We observed an uncomfortable silence settling upon us like a fog.

Playing the polite hostess, I tried to relieve the tension by making small talk, to which he failed to respond to.

His eyes seemed glazed; a thoughtful look spread over his face.

What was he thinking about? I tried to read the expression on his face, but like a mask, it revealed nothing about his thoughts.

I cursed myself. Why was I stupid enough to invite him into the house? Why did I have to be so polite to this guy who totally freaked me out? I should have forseen that I'd be stuck here with a zombie. Or whatever he was. Weird fellow.

Just then, I heard the distinct rattle of a taxi's engine, followed by the slam of a car door, and then, quick, light footsteps heading towards the house.


I turned to look at Rukawa. He didn't show any signs that he heard or seen anything. He seemed like he was in a daze. Hold on. His eyes were closed. HE'S SLEEPING!

Before I could even decide what to do, Okaasan flung the front door open jubilantly.

'Tomoko-chan! I'm home!'

' 'kaasan.'

'Guess what? I settled the deal today! I thought talks would last longer, but -hey. who's that boy on my armchair?'

She stepped closer to reduce the strain on her astigmatic eyes, and recoiled in horror when the image of Rukawa registered in her brain.


Her face was as white as chalk.

Hold on. they know each other?

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