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Veronica peeked around the corner of the trailer, removing her earphones. She'd heard yelling and wondered what in God's name was going on down there. Her eyes widened in shock and she grabbed her mother and soon wrestled the shovel that she was beating a strange purple creature with.

"Veronica!" Her mother gasped in surprise.

"Step aside, sissy! Let mama handle this one!" the girl's little brother, Storm yelled.

Veronica let out a short snarl, obviously aimed towards her brother.

Storm and their mother stared at her, wondering if she had gone insane in the short months she'd been living in California, so far. She literally had no explanation for this outburst of hers; it was rare that she became sympathetic towards anyone or anything. She slowly lowered the shovel and picked up the creature, balancing it on the edge of the metal.

"Couldn't y'all have at least been humane and shot the bastard?" she asked, tucking a strand of thick brown hair behind one of her tiny earlobes and began to walk towards the main entrance and exit of their beat-up old trailer, sneaking a look at her family from behind her slight highlights as she opened the door.

Okay, now that was weird…I'd better get rid of this thing… she thought to herself, looking around in the moonlit yard for a place to dump the strange reptile-looking thing until morning. She contemplated waking Cynthia, her roommate, who was visiting her own family in the next trailer, but as she reached their door she was greeted by the sound of the heavily Texan woman yelling at her daughter about Jesus Christ and how evolution was just an opinion. Not wanting to disturb them, she tiptoed back to the creek behind their old homes. Montgomery, Texas. She hated the place with a passion fierier than…well, a campfire, I guess she rolled her eyes at her lame thought and tossed the thing into the swamp. She turned on her heel and moved back towards the metal box her family members, who were now staring at her through a window, called home.

She had just begun to reach for the doorknob when she heard a moan. A human moan. Her stomach began to tie itself in knots as she turned to look at the lot.

"Uh…Hello?" she called, quietly. Her accent was noticeably still quite southern, but it had clearly changed in her short life so far in California.

No response.

"Is someone there?"

A slight stirring somewhere around back.

"Cynthia, this isn't funny…" she laughed, nervously. Cynthia wasn't one to play tricks of any kind, being annoyingly serious and socially clueless, but it was a more logical thought than…

Another moan filled the night. It could now be identified as a male, human, on the young adult side. She spared one last look around before rushing inside the trailer and locking the door behind her.


The next morning, she awoke to more moaning, though this time it was her own. She didn't want to drive back to San Diego today, even if Cynthia would be taking a few shifts. She managed to pull herself out of bed and looked at the clock. 11:30. Wow, she'd managed to sleep that long? Maybe those new pills really worked…

She walked outside, still in her tattered PJ pants and tie-dyed t-shirt from the 80's. That was the nice thing about their park; you could walk out nude for all these people cared. Simple folk. They didn't take much from words or from appearances, more from someone's overall behavior…and their family members. With rowdy brothers, a sister that got knocked up at 15 and a cheating father with an insane mother, Veronica was easily stereotyped.

She moved towards her neighbors, but that's when something came running at her. She gasped. It was that thing from last night. She ran right towards it, which, in retrospect, probably wasn't the smartest thing that she could have done in this situation. Actually, it was probably the stupidest thing she could have done. The creature seemed to go unconscious as she tripped and toppled onto it, knocking its head against the ground.

Veronica was shocked at her actions. She pushed off the ground and backed away quickly, not wanting to take her eyes off of it. She stopped to take in its appearance.

The thing had four sets of limbs, purple skin that faded to blue at the tip of its long tail and to pink at the ends of the three fronds on the top of its long, flat head. She took another step back only to trip over the stump of the tree they'd cut down a few years ago. She continued to crawl backwards to sit on said stump, not even blinking as she kept her eyes fixated on it.

How? She asked herself. And, more importantly…what?!


Cynthia massaged her temples as she glared at her mother from across the table. Was it so impossible for this woman to keep an open mind? Sure, religion was a nice thought, but science had much more proof and just seemed so much more realistic. She ran a freckled hand through her curly red hair, tiredly. None of them had gotten any sleep the previous night; they'd been too busy arguing over theories of creation.

"Mother, all I'm saying is that not everyone's going to go along with some book written thousands of years ago."

"No daughter of mine will-"

"Mother, I'm 22 years old; I can shape my own beliefs!"

Her mother began to rise from her seat across the table when she realized that Cynthia, still in her clothes from the day before, was up and nearing the door. Before the religious woman could protest, her genius daughter was outside.

That's when she saw it. It was clearly of the reptilian class, but what was its family group?


"Cynthia, is that you?" her friend asked, not wanting to risk turning around.

"Yes…what is that thing?"

"I'm not sure…My mama beat it over the head last night; Storm thought that it was a gator."

"That is not a gator." Cynthia stated, matter-of-factly in her strangely northern accent. She'd only lived in San Diego for a month longer than Veronica, making her accent even stranger than it would normally be considered.

"Ya don't say?" Veronica deadpanned, risking a glance in her roommate's direction, but quickly snapping her attention back on the creature.

Cynthia stared at the thing as Veronica stood up and walked in the opposite direction, risking everything. She stared at the brunette in shock, wondering what in the world she could be doing, or where she could be going.

"Are you…going to get dressed?" she guessed.

"No…" she smirked as she grabbed a fire-poker from her small shed a few feet away. "That's not what I'm doing." A slightly sadistic smile crossed her face.

As she began to walk back, Cynthia grabbed her arm.

"Now, now. This thing could be the latest evolution of reptilians; we should see it in action before we do anything too hasty…"

"I'm not gonna kill it, Cynthia. I just plan to…poke it. This is merely an object of self-defense in case it tries to attack me…again."


The small girl ignored her psycho roommate's rant of danger, keeping her eyes on the creature in question. She distanced herself as much as possible from the thing, just barely in reach of the poker. She let it probe at his purple scales in an attempt to wake it. No dice.

She frowned.

"Cynthia, could you grab a bucket from the shed and fill it with swamp water?"


"I wanna revive this thing!"


"Why not?"

"I can think of millions of reasons why not!"

"Look, you're not in as much danger as I am. Go back home for all I care while I do this. Just get me the damn water."

Cynthia reluctantly walked towards the shed, keeping her distance from the bizarre creature as she did as the 21-year-old asked. As she handed her the bucket, she whimpered a small amount, sounding nervous. Veronica ignored this and dumped the water on the creature without warning.

It started to squirm and Cynthia broke out in a lame-looking sprint.

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