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"Uhh, here's something we didn't think of."

"What is it now?"

"How do we get this thing down the hallway?"

"…You're right, that is a problem."

"No, Cynthia, really? It's a problem?"

"Okay, you're equally at fault, here."

"Just shut up and think!"

The female duo sat in the 2 front seats of Veronica's used car, which she'd had since age 16.

"…I think I've got it." Cynthia piped about 30 seconds later.


The girls eventually were walking down the hallway to their ground-level apartment with an old red couch they'd found out at a curb, with the strange purple creature, which Veronica had knocked out a second time before leaving and had convinced Cynthia to tranquilize, was stuffed behind the cushions.

"Hey girls!"

Veronica dropped her end of the couch at the sound of the man's voice.

"Hey Aidan" she smiled, spinning to face him.

He was on the smaller side, like she was, but that was where their similarities ended. He was half Cherokee and half Japanese, having a very unique look. His inky black hair complimented his tanned skin and dark eyes, ending around mid-neck. He smirked.

"Um, new couch? I think they usually deliver those…"

"Uh, yeah, but Cynthia doesn't trust them." She lied. The red headed girl cleared her throat.

"Well, do you trust me?" he turned to her, half-joking, lifting up the back of the couch before receiving a response. Veronica gave Cynthia a look.


And so, Aidan helped them carry the couch into the apartment, but soon dropped it, along with Cynthia soon after they got it through the door.

The creature was reviving, and the cushions were flying.

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