Author's Note: I was asked for a "morning after" for this fic. Due to the storyline this is not the next morning, but it is what happened next. ~ LZ

Summary: Still the same night. (timeline is SEASON 1) Unable to find Emma, and unaware of what has transpired beyond his mother's secretary telling him that Regina went home looking sick, Henry runs home…

Come On, Be Nice part 2: Coming Undone

The slamming of the front door downstairs roused Regina to hear her son's voice shouting out for her.


Regina tried to sit up, only to find Emma Swan - ! - laying on her stomach beside her with her draped over Regina's bare chest. She had just enough presence of mind to shove the woman toward the floor.

Emma's green eyes were wide and startled, holding Regina's attention even as they both heard Henry's shout.


The sharp thud against the bedroom forestalled any sort of verbal barb that might have flown from Emma's mouth. Instead the blonde looked at Regina before ducking into the bathroom.

"Just a minute, Henry," Regina said. The bathroom door closed on silent hinges as Regina stood up and reached for her robe.

Regina tied the sash of her robe. Pulling inward on the door, she leaned on the side, looking down into her son's face. "Yes, dear?"

"Your secretary said you went home sick." He cocked his head to the side, examining her. "How'd you get sick?"

"I suppose I ate something that disagreed with me," Regina said. "I've been resting. You shouldn't be worried," she added, touched that he was behaving like he cared she was ill. "You should do your homework."

"I'm hungry. It's dinner time."

Regina swallowed; she crouched until she was at eye level with Henry and reached out for his hand. "Can you eat leftovers tonight?"

"Leftovers? What about you?" He frowned at her.

She stood once more. "I'll be down to eat something later."

"You really must be sick," he said half to himself, walking away. "You'd never let me cook for myself," he muttered.

Regina pushed the door closed and leaned her forehead against the back of it.

"You ate something that disagreed with you? I never imagined you for the ironic euphemism, Madame Mayor."

Regina turned quickly to see Emma stepping out of the bathroom, still nude. "What are you doing? Henry's right outside!" Regina hissed, barely above a whisper.

Appearing unfazed by Regina's fluster, Emma calmly reached for her jeans in a heap on the floor, fishing out the underwear tucked inside. "It's time for me to be going."

Regina watched her sift through the clothing crumpled among the sheets, uncovering her tank top beneath Regina's blouse. She remembered Emma stripping her of that blouse, watching her fingers parting the buttons, and then distracting her from the loss of her "armor," as she had teased, with kisses.

"You can't go," Regina hissed in a whisper, unsure why she was trying to keep the woman here. Hadn't she instigated this entire seduction to make Emma run? "Henry will see you!"

"The kid is wolfing down leftovers. Even if he does see me, what's he going to think? I'm leaving."

"What are you doing here if I'm sick?"

"I brought you home. He thinks I'm the Savior. The hero."

"You bedded me!"

"You really are a prude under all those pencil skirts. We fucked. Like rabbits, Regina." Emma smirked, pulling on the tank top and Regina hummed in appreciation at the taut peaks of nipples distending the cotton. "It was you who wanted to bed me first. I just took you up on the offer."

Flustered by Emma's blase attitude, Regina frowned. "Why?" Then she bit her lip, frustrated that she gave a damn enough to ask the question.

Shrugging, Emma replied, "Why not? You're hot. Entertaining when you're all flared up. And…if it made you a little more agreeable to letting me see Henry…" She shrugged again.

Regina's pride was pricked. "You can't see him if you leave!"

Emma nodded. "True." She took a step closer. At least she was clothed somewhat, Regina thought, though the heat of her so close was distracting. She couldn't help darting her eyes over Emma's face, struggling to read her as the woman grasped her wrists and held her gaze. "Are you saying I can see Henry if I stay?"

The woman's fingers flexed and stroked over Regina's wrists, devastating her emotional control. Regina's eyes darted down from green eyes to lips that were still slightly swollen from their passionate kisses. She made an incoherent sound, voicing her distress.

Emma covered her mouth with her own, and the whimper turned into a moan. Regina struggled with her hands in Emma's grip. When she was free, however, instead of backing up she pressed herself tightly into Emma's body, threading her hands into Emma's hair and deepening their kiss.

"Oh fuck," she managed when Emma released her mouth and trailed a hot tongue along her jugular vein.

"Yeah," Emma chuckled through a breath against her ear.

Regina didn't resist the robe being pushed from her shoulders when there was the promise of more bodily delights at this woman's talented hands captivating her from green eyes. The palm against her belly was hot and rough, and yet moving so languorously she couldn't help the arousal that pooled in response. Emma's fingertips followed the heating trail, slipping down and into Regina's folds. The sound of her own wetness against Emma's fingers broke the silence that had fallen between them.

"Lay back, your majesty," Emma hissed. Regina tensed at the implication, but then went boneless once more as Emma's finger pressed around Regina's clit on its way up inside her. Regina's breath caught in her throat, a sound between outrage and hedonistic demand dying on her mouth as Emma breathed against it, "You are about to get royally fucked."

For all her rough language - Regina couldn't tell Emma it turned her on impossibly more - the woman was a tender lover. With one muscular arm supporting Regina's shoulders as her fingers stroked the back of Regina's head, Emma resumed kissing her. Moving above Regina on the bed, Emma pressed her body between Regina's thighs which she opened with welcome, feeling the hairs covering both their centers tangling and wet.

Rocking her hips, Emma hummed and smiled into Regina's shoulder when she wrapped her ankles around Emma's back. Emma paused in her rocking, lifted up and circled her free hand on Regina's belly before sliding down and massaging Regina's clit.

Regina growled against the urge to throw her head back and surrender herself, finding Emma's gaze instead and locking to it in challenge. Two long middle fingers rocked inside Regina, pushing and pressing, and twisting, wrestling Regina's stubborn control from her a millimeter of sensation at a time.

Gasping and rolling, both to get closer and get away, Regina fought valiantly. But when she tried to squeeze her eyes shut, to shut out some of the sensations, stave off her final surrender, Emma stopped moving. Popping her eyes open, Regina gaped. Emma resumed her strokes and spoke low and forcefully.

"Don't close your eyes. Don't try to imagine I'm Graham. No one else can do this to you. You can't imagine anyone else touching you like this. Not ever again."

Emma continued to stroke, and Regina continued to throb. When the sensations were so overwhelming Regina squeezed her eyes shut again to stem the flow of tears, she realized Emma was right. There was no one else behind her eyes. Only Emma, in her eyes, in her mind, in her body. The sensations spiraled on themselves, compounding, deepening.

"Emma!" she gasped out as her body coalesced onto itself, onto Emma's touch, against Emma's body. She hadn't even noticed that Emma had straddled her thigh, thrusting herself against Regina's knee. But when she felt her own body convulse around Emma's fingers, Emma shuddered against her, warmth and wetness from her center soaking Regina's thigh.

"Regina!" Emma's voice called her back from the abyss, and they were left stranded, shaking, soaked, drowned in the aftermath of their passion.

Regina came back to herself stroking Emma's hair, down her back, gripping her hips, pulling the woman's center harder against her thigh. Emma's head fell to Regina's shoulder and she found herself stroking and soothing. It felt utterly foreign.

And yet, it felt utterly good to be doing this, here, now, with this one person in all the realms.

The Savior.

Her undoing.

"You're going to destroy everything," she murmured into Emma's tear-stained cheek.

"Yeah," Emma sighed into Regina's shoulder, fresh tears sparkling in green eyes.

Regina comforted her with a kiss.