Hey, this is based off a dream I had (Pretty weird and long dream). Don't be mean or flame please. This is a multi-chapter story and I will have it finished soon, so I will update often. I do not own nor claim Danny Phantom, I do not own nor claim Brave.


Title: The Witch's Assistant

Summary: Danny fell through a portal and landed in another dimension. He meets The Witch and agrees to be her assistant. Meanwhile, Merida meets the princes again. During a celebration between the clans an evil wizard turns everyone to stone. Merida and the princes go to the Witch for help. She sends her assistant with them to defeat the wizard.

Rating: T for slight cursing and because I am paranoid.

Warning: Slight AU, this takes place about one year after the movie Brave. Making Merida and the princes 17. Danny Phantom- Phantom Planet never happened. So this takes place about three years afterward, making Sam, Tucker, and Danny 17, and Jazz 18.

Crossover: Danny Phantom and Brave, 2012.

The Witch's Assistant

PROLOGE (Danny Phantom universe):

Danny Fenton sat with his best friends Sam Manson and Tucker Foley at the park. Danny though had two secrets. One was that he secretly loved his best friend Sam. The other, was that he was half ghost.

"So, what should we do?" Danny asked. It might have been summer, but his best friends and him were very bored. Danny spent most of his day hiding from Dash and fighting the ghosts. Sam and Tucker helped him with both. Tucker looked up from his PDA,

"We could go to The Nasty Burger."

Sam sighed, "We already did that. And go to the arcade, and the movies."

Tucker and Danny sighed.

"Man, I just wish something exciting will happen." Danny said. Tucker and Sam looked at him,


"What? It's not like Desiree is around." Danny said waving his friends concern off. Suddenly some green smoke appeared, along with a green ghost that looked like a genie,

"Think again. So you have wished it, so it will be!"

"NO!" Sam and Tucker shouted. A yellow portal formed underneath Danny and he disappeared. Sam glared at Desiree and got out her wrist-ecto-shooter. She aimed it at Desiree. Tucker scanned the ground with his PDA.

"What did you do Desiree?!"

Desiree smiled, "I made a portal and transported him to another dimension, of course. I don't know which one but he is bound to find something exciting there!" Desiree laughed and vanished before Sam could shoot her.

"Shit!" Sam cursed, "She got away. Tucker find anything?"

"Nope. According to my precise PDA, this is just normal ground."

"We gotta find Desiree to undo this wish!"