Chapter 9- Celebrations and getting home

Soon, all the food was set and everything was normal. Danny and Princess Dora didn't sit at the table, as they didn't need to eat. Danny and Dora both felt a bit left out, but they couldn't decline such a nice offer. They watched as everyone laughed, seeming to forget that two 'spirits' were nearby. Until King Fergus turned to Danny.

"You have such a glorious sword, where was it made?"

"Princess Dora had her blacksmith forge the sword for me and help teach me the blades."

Princess Dora smiled, and was happy that Danny appreciated the sword.

"What are your abilities?" Lord McGuffin asked, "All spirits are said to do many things. What is it that you can do?"

Danny sighed, "All spirits have the basic abilities of being able to fly, turn intangible, that's the ability to phase harmlessly through things, turn invisible and overshadow. My abilities include those basic abilities, and being able to control ice, I can fire 'fireballs', and I am able to sense other spirits." Can't tell them ALL my powers.

"That is more then what most spirits can do." Princess Dora said.

"I'm confused," Merida said, "What is overshadow, how can you control ice and shot 'fireballs?'"

"Overshadow is the ability to possess someone. While being overshadowed by a spirit, the spirit can control that person and that person will not remember anything." Every living person there seemed unnerved and a bit frightened.

"If it makes you feel more comfortable I can tell you the signs of someone being overshadowed. When being overshadowed, that person will most likely not act like themselves, their voices will change a bit, and their eyes might flash a different color."

Everyone was relieved that Danny had told them the signs and waited for Danny to answer Merida's other questions.

"When I say that I can shoot fireballs, I mean this," Danny held out his fist. Merida watched in awe as green flames danced around his fist. "I can shoot this from my hands, and damage my enemy. As for being able to control ice this is a good example."

Danny held out his hand. His eyes and hands glowed blue, and everyone watched curiously as a small blue crystal floated above his hand. The crystal grew bigger and transformed into a blue lily flower. Danny handed it to the Queen, Merida's mother, who looked at its beauty.

"Its spirit ice. It won't hurt you, and it won't ever melt."

"Thank you." The queen said.

"Well," Lord McGuffin said, "You must have some battle stories to tell."

"Many. Though most are of my battles with other spirits, only a few are about a battle with a living."

King Fergus narrowed his eyes, "You fought with a living?"

"I had no choice. He took an afterlife-based artifact used to control spirits. He controls other spirits and I to do his bidding and steal. I overcame his control and had to fight."

King Fergus seemed satisfied with Danny's answer.

"Great One," Princess Dora said, "I'm afraid that it is time to take our leave."

"Very well Princess Dora." Danny said politely. Dora and him started to float towards the door,

"Thank you for everything." Danny said sincerely as he and Dora phased through the door.

"Why the leave?" Danny asked curiously.

"I got here through Clockwork. He told me he would bring us back to the Ghost Zone exactly two hours after I arrived. It has been the time."

"I didn't think you knew the ol' Stopwatch…"

"I didn't. I thought he was myth. Many ghosts do. When I was looking for a place to safely hide the amulet, Clockwork appeared and brought me here. I am not sure how that legend of the amulet came to be. Then today, Clockwork appeared to me again and explained your situation and the evil wizard that wanted to use the amulet. So I agreed with him and he brought me back here."

"So…" Danny said, "He knew all this was going to happen."

Two hands of a clock appeared and spun around. Then a green portal appeared. Clockwork walked through.

"That is correct young Daniel. Now, I believe it's time for you to be home."

"How much time has it been back home?" Danny asked, I really don't want to be grounded.

"Only two hours, so you won't be punished by your parents. Time passes faster here."

"Oh man…" Danny groaned, "Sam and Tuck would've been looking for me. Sam's gonna be so mad…"

Author note:

AND SCENE! The story is now done. Danny is on his way home. Brave universe is a bit confused. Arnoldus won't be showing his fruitloop self again. Happy ending? Congratulations if you read it. Please review.

And as I said before, the strange behavior of King Fergus? Danny saved his daughter's life and Princess Dora said he was the most powerful spirit. I don't think anyone wants to piss him off. Therefore King Fergus didn't attack.