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His hands. Oh, Maker, those hands of his. Slightly calloused from wielding his lethal daggers, deft enough to pick your pocket while he distracted you with his accented voice, they were now caressing her skin as she laid stomach-down on the her roll inside of the tent they shared. It was an old habit of his. Almost any time she was laid bare before him, whether before or after they had made love, sometimes both, he would slowly trail his fingers along every inch of her skin.

It was those same hands that were now driving her mad with desire. Her lover, her fiancé, he had been with her long enough that he knew just where to touch her creamy skin to turn her into jelly. And that was what he was doing now, taking his precious time to watch her writhe and moan. She moved her head slightly so that she was gazing over her shoulder at him. Andraste's flaming ass, he was looking at her with that triumphant smirk plastered on his face!

Vierna didn't know whether or not to trust her voice, but she just had to say her keep. "Enjoy it while you can…cabrón…"

Zevran's smirk widened to a full devilish grin as he leaned in to her pointed ear and breathed, "Now, now, amore, don't give me any ideas." He quickly darted his tongue out to flick at the golden metal hoop hanging near the tip of said ear. "I have such a wonderful night planned out already."

Her lust-filled emerald eyes looked around their tent hastily, noting the sunlight streaming in through the canvas. "But it's the middle of the day…"

The Antivan elf chuckled darkly right before a resounding smack reverberated within the tent and a stinging pain was felt on her left ass cheek. She let out a yelp in pain, and then in surprise as he flipped her over and straddled her. "Exactly."

With that final word hanging in the air, his lips descended on the exposed flesh of her torso, trailing whispers of kisses on and around each breast but never touching her hardening nipples. Vierna couldn't help the moan that escaped her lips at the sensation of having Zevran so close to her aching breasts, but not doing anything to relieve them of that ache.

Her eyes shut tight, she arched her back to him, hoping that her plea for release would be answered. Zevran only chuckled again and pushed her back down, breathing, "Do not rush me, Vierna. I cannot guarantee your safety if you do."

"What safety, you pompous, overbearing…?!" Any further protest from the frustrated woman's lips was quickly absorbed and muted by his lips pressing forcefully to hers and forcing his tongue into her mouth. He ran his tongue all around the cavern, pushing her tongue down whenever it tried to raise and pressing the most sensitive spots that he knew by heart. So mind-blowing was the sensation, as it always was, that she could only vaguely feel him lifting her onto his lap and turn so that her back was against the center post of the tent. The haze of lust and desire was suddenly broken when she felt something coarse start to encompass her wrists.

Her emerald eyes suddenly sharpened their gaze and her self-preservation skills kicked in. She immediately twisted her hips, resulting in Zevran losing his grip on the rope and toppling over onto his bedroll with her straddling him. She flicked her wrists and the rope fell into her palms. After she tossed it to the side, she leaned in and whispered, "Nice try."

Zevran chuckled. "Of course you would notice if I tried to bind you. Why didn't that cross my mind?"

She nipped at his ear before breathing, "Perhaps you are getting a little old, Zev…Why don't you simply relax and let me take over?"

His honey-colored eyes squinted as that same triumphant smirk from earlier came back to his lips. "Ah…so nice to see my plan working out perfectly."

Vierna rolled her eyes at the statement. "Cabrón."

She slowly lowered her slick folds to the tip of his cock and, intent on exacting revenge for his earlier tormenting, took him into her inch by agonizing inch. With a little more than passing satisfaction, she watched as his normally confident features scrunched, his eyes snapping shut and a hiss escaping from his lips.

As she continued to take more of him into her, Vierna could feel his cock pulsing and throbbing. She pulled off of him slightly, muttering, "La venganza es un plato que se sirve frío. Amor."

Zevran startled her then by grabbing her hips in a bruising grip and embedding his pulsing flesh in her in one rough thrust. A breathless gasp escaped her lips and she felt his fingers tighten on her skin, his nails sure to leave welts where they were digging into her skin. Only vaguely was she able to hear him grunt, "Estoy de acuerdo."

He then started thrusting at a pace that left Vierna gasping, her breasts bouncing freely as he kept his brutal pace. After a little while, her hands rested on his for a second, then trailed up her body, from her lush hips to her slender waist, up her flat stomach until they reached her breasts. She gazed down at Zevran through her lust filled eyes and grabbed a pert globe in each hand, massaging them tenderly.

Zevran seated her completely on his shaft, forcefully enough that she let out a startled and slightly pained yelp. He sat up completely, crossing his legs to help support his fiancée better, and removed his hands from her waist only to bring them around her wrists. He removed her hands from her breasts, which were quivering slightly as she breathed heavily, and allowed his hand to take her hand's place on one breast while his mouth descended hungrily on the other. His free hand traveled down her stomach, drawing a slight shiver from Vierna amongst the moans he was eliciting from her, and found the bundle of nerves at the entrance to her womanhood.

Vierna's hands flew to his back and hair as he started massaging said bundle, a deep moan reverberating through her every fiber. He hissed into her breast and pinched the hardened nipple of the other between his fingers as her hands started raking his back at the continuation of his stroking. Her hands suddenly stilled and held their position, her fine fingernails no doubt puncturing his skin as he could feel her walls twitching and spasming around his member. A tell-tale sign of her impending release.

He released the one breast from his mouth and abruptly devoured her lips, savouring the feeling of her moans and heavy breaths vibrating against his lips and never stopping his hands from their manipulations. She was the one to pull away from that kiss first, muttering breathlessly, "Z-Zev…I..I'm gonna-"

"Cum for me, amore," he completed for her and not a second too soon. Vierna threw her head back, her platinum locks draping idly behind her, as she opened her lips and let out that melodic scream that Zevran had become so addicted to, the scream that always carried his name. He could feel her hot juices spilling down his member and onto his legs before dripping onto the bedroll beneath them even as her walls continued to shudder and spasm. Before her scream had even finished, his lips descended on the skin at the juncture of her neck and shoulder, nipping and sucking at her delicious skin while occasionally tasting it with his tongue.

When the cry finally stopped, Zevran returned his attention to her lips. His lips met hers in a languid kiss as he placed a hand behind her head and at the small of her back, the latter moving in small circles as her arms snaked around his neck and he gently guided her down onto the bedroll. He drew his hips back just a fraction of an inch and Vierna let out a tiny whimper, locking her ankles together behind his back to try and keep him in place. Zevran couldn't help the chuckle that escaped him as he broke their kiss, stroking her lower lip with his thumb and murmuring, "Now, Vierna, do you really think so little of me to think that I would leave you unsatisfied?"

She shook her head, strands of hair clinging to the sweat beading on her neck and shoulders, releasing one of her arms from around his neck to cup his face tenderly and stroke his high cheekbones with her thumb. "It's not me, Zev, that would have been unsatisfied if you'd withdrawn now."

Zevran chuckled again. "Indeed…" Honey eyes met emerald as he smiled softly. "Gracias, amore."

"No es problema, amor," Vierna returned unabashedly, unhooking her ankles and allowing Zevran to continue. All thoughts died at their lips as again Zevran set a fast, almost desperate pace, Vierna fully understanding his pain from the swelling and constant throbbing of the cock embedded in her.

He grabbed each of her legs and set them on his chest, her calves draping over his shoulders as the new angle allowed him further access to her warmth. It wasn't too long at the new pace and angle for the elf to find his own release, spilling his warm seed into her as her name fell from his lips in a tone that bordered one of worship. When his release finished, he withdrew from her, some of his seed spilling out of her womanhood, and he laid down next to her. He gently wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his chest, humming in pleasure when she draped an arm around him as well and nuzzled his chest. And there they laid in silence, save for the sounds of the leaves rustling in the wind outside their tent and the gurgle of the nearby brook, until Vierna stirred and pushed away from Zevran. He understood the motion well enough and wasn't surprised when she reached into her pack and pulled out a vial full of purplish-red liquid.

He watched as she took a sip of the stuff, shuddering at the taste, and promptly put it back in her pack. As she fastened the clasps on her bags, Zevran finally spoke, joking, "I'm surprised that you haven't run out of that yet."

Vierna shrugged and laid out perpendicular to him, her head coming to rest on his chest. "As am I. But I have to make sure to at least take a sip of the vile stuff, unless we want our plans to be…interrupted."

Zevran fully understood what her unnamed interruption was. The topic of children had come across their conversations many times, awkwardly at first, but as of recently, they were brought up whenever Vierna would warn him about him being too "perverse", as she would say. But the elf couldn't help but picture the two of them finally affirming their vows after either taking over the Crows or ensuring that they would never again be disturbed by the guild of assassins, with his love's stomach swelling with the child he would plant there…

He was snapped out of his reverie by Vierna trailing her fingers through his golden locks. He looked down at her, noticing the concern in her eyes as she asked, "Is something wrong, Zev?"

He just grinned at her and pulled her flush against him, ghosting his lips on her sweaty forehead. "No, Vierna. Just thinking of the future."

Vierna smirked. "Let me guess…a future with you and me, leading the Crows, with a bunch of handsome little children running around, no?"

Zevran let out a full-blown laugh, startling the wildlife outside and filling the enclosed space with the sound of indignant squawks and chirps. "You must be psychic as well as beautiful and talented. I had thought of all of that. Well, almost all; our child was still in here." He ran his fingers over her stomach thoughtfully. His voice hushed to a whisper, "You're as beautiful as any goddess when I picture you like that…"

A slender eyebrow quirked at him as Vierna's hand joined his and they stilled just above her navel. "And how beautiful does that make me right now?"

Zevran's eyes glinted with mischief and his smile mirrored that as well. "As beautiful as a goddess that I will enjoy ravishing through the rest of the afternoon and evening." His lips descended on her upturned mouth in a bruising kiss as he proceeded to lead her through the age old dance, again and again.


cabrón - asshole

amore - love

La venganza es un plato que se sirve frío. Amor. - Revenge is a dish best served cold. Love.

Estoy de acuerdo. - I agree.

Gracias - Thank you

No es problema - Not a problem

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