"I'm going to marry him when I'm older." Jackson pointed to the boy across the playground at school, causing his mother to laugh gently.

"Are you? Have you asked his parents? What about himself?" She laughed at the pout he son got as he thought. She wasn't worried that her son could turn out gay, it was her baby.

"I don't care what they say. He's going to marry me, and we'll live happily ever after, like Cinderella, or Snow White." Jackson insisted as the little boy he had pointed to came over.

"Hey, Jacks. Scott and I were wondering if you'd like to play tag." The other little boy smiled sweetly at the elder boy.

"You're going to marry me when we're older, you can be my princess and I can be your prince." Jackson stated as he took the other little boys hand. "Alright Stiles?"

"So you're going to play tag?" The younger boy asked, ignoring the question altogether. Jackson sighed and shrugged, he had plenty of time before they were older to have Stiles fall in love with him.