Chloe's POV

I packed up my bags. Happy to be leaving the hospital I look to see Olivia gone. Must be getting the car. I look at myself and see I look different not in a good way. I pale and ugly. I shake my head and continue to pack. I hear steps.

"Olivia I am done packing!" I say thinking it is her. I turn to see Allen.

"No!" I scream. He just shuts the door.

"Believe it Chloe where ever you are I will get my revenge!" He said pointing the gun at me head. "Bye Bye Chloe!" He says pulling the trigger.

I shoot up out of bed full of sweat. I look to see the dark hospital room. It was only a dream.

"Chloe are you okay sweetie?" Olivia asks I look down and see Olivia laying beside me. I try to nod my head yes but tears form in my eyes remembering the nightmare. She sits up beside me and rubs my back.

"Sweetie whats wrong? Are you in pain?" She asks. I can see the terror on her face.

"No it was Allen he came in here when I was packing up my stuff to leave. You weren't here and he... Shot me." Chloe says tears flowing down her face. Olivia sighs and pulls her close.

"Sweetie he won't get out I promise!" I pull away and look at her with tears.

"He said he would get his revenge and other men know me. I will never be safe with him wanting revenge on me. He will kill me! I don't want to die Mommy!" I say sobbing. I can't control my emotions as I fall onto her lap gripping onto the sheets tightly. Olivia rubs my head.

"I won't let anyone hurt you sweetie! I promise! I love you so much!" I shot up to look straight at her. She is serious. No one has ever told me that other than Dickie and meant it.

"I love you too mommy!" I say and let mom lay back and I lay on her chest. I love being able to hear her soothing heartbeat. The rise and fall of her chest slowly help me fall asleep.

Olivia's POV

The sun brings warmth to my face as my eyes slowly flutter open and I look at my surroundings. I smile seeing Chloe nuzzled up beside me with her quiet deep breaths.

"Oh my sweet Chloe" I say rubbing her back. I remember the events from the past few days and it sends a shiver down my back I can't imagine all the terrible things those men did to my little girl. I look down at my sleeping daughter and smile seeing her eyes flutter open to as she moves closer to me. I love being able to feel her warmth beside me it lets me know she is there and is safe.

"Mom?" She says I feel joy fill me hearing that word escape her lips so effortlessly.

"Yes sweetie?" Chloe holds onto me tighter and I can tell she is worried about something.

"Why did you give me up? Did you not like me?" She asked so innocently it brought tears to Olivia's eyes.

"Sweetie! I couldn't take care of you how I wanted to! I loves you so much but I thought you would be better with a family that loves you." Chloe shot up and looked at me.

"I'm sorry I didn't want to make you upset." She said seeing the tears in my eyes I could also see the tears that started to form in her eyes also.

"No Chloe listen to me I loved you so much darling! I wish I could have kept you more than ever you are so perfect to me you don't even know it!" Chloe smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"I love you mommy!" I felt tears of joy escape my eyes.

"I love you too sweetpea! Now go take a shower and get ready so we can actually leave this place!" I say not wanting to let go but knowing they had to get home so they could talk some more.

"Okay." She said getting up but wincing in pain. I quickly help her stand.

"Are you okay do you want to stay another night?" I say feeling mother instinct kick in.

"No mom I'm fine don't worry." I smile at her calling me mom and sit back on the bed as the water starts running.

I feel as if my life is complete now that I have Chloe. I have been missing something for so long she was like the missing piece to the puzzle. I will never let anyone hurt her if it is the last thing I do!