Narrator's POV
Dickie nodded at her and looked at the file.

"Are you gonna give that to my dad?" He asked. Chloe shook her head and walked over to Elliot and Olivia. Dickie was right behind her.

"Well look who showed up!" Olivia said looking up from her paperwork. Elliot stood up and gave Chloe a hug.

"I have not seen you in forever! dickie said your busy with choir and track." Chloe smiled hiding the file with her arms.

"Yeah I have been busy." She said faking a smile. Elliot stepped back.

"Chloe is that a bruise?" Elliot said pointing out the large bruise on her jaw. Olivia stood and lightly touched Chloe's jaw looking at the bruise.

"What happened sweetie?" She asked concerned. Elliot looked at Dickie and saw the worry on his face.

"Do you know about this Dickie?" Dickie looked up knowing what he meant. Before he could speak Chloe spoke up.

"Yeah of course he did he saw me fall today in science and hit my jaw on the table! " She said looking at Dickie. He smiled.

"Haha yeah that was hilarious!" Elliot smiled and sat back down, but Olivia could tell she was lying, but thought that she was only overreacting and sat down.

"So what have you two lovebirds been up to?" Elliot said leaning back in his chair and looking at them both. Dickie sighed knowing that Chloe would never say a word. He just wrapped his arms around her and put his head on her shoulder.

"Nothing dad just hanging out!" He said to Elliot like he was annoyed so he would leave them be.

"Give them the file or I will!" He whispered into her ear grabbing onto her hands threatening to pull them so the file would pulled away knowing what she had to do.

"Uhh.. " She started but was stopped by hearing a familiar voice.

"Chloe! What did I tell you about coming here." She turned to see her father staring at her.

"Sorry daddy I am coming." she said. He gave everyone an evil look and left. "I guess I have to go." She said kissing Dickie. "Give this to Olivia before she leaves and tell her to read it when she gets home." Chloe said handing him the file. He nodded and she smiled and waved and everyone and left. Dickie sat there for about another hour until his dad finally said that he needed to give his captain the paperwork and then they would leave. Elliot got up and left. Dickie looked at Olivia who was finishing up her work.

"Olivia." Olivia looked up at him a smiled.

"Yes sweetie" she said in the nicest voice. Dickie removed the file from under his jacket.

"This is Chloe's file can you read it when you get home tonight?" Olivia nodded and took the file right when Elliot walked out.

"Okay well Liv we are going to head home are you staying?" Olivia normally would have said yes, but she knew that what Dickie gave her was important.

"Yeah I am leaving to I'm tired.

Olivia's POV

I exit my car holding the file close to my chest and rush to the elevator of my apartment building. I feel my heart pounding feeling that I am her only hope. When I get into my apartment I throw down my purse and coat on the kitchen counter and sit on the couch. i take a deep breath and open the file seeing the first thing in the file is an envelope with my name on it. I sit and continue looking through the reports. I feel sadness overwhelm me as I see all the things she had done to her. I read further and my heart sinks when it says that she was raped multiple times. Who could Have done this to her I have know her since she a Dickie were in 4th grade. I read on and see the same old things and I turn my attention back to the letter and open it.

Dear Olivia,

I was raped and attacked by my father and I really need your help He is going to kill me you have to help me please when you reas this can you please come help me.

My heart stops. I stand letting the file fall to the floor and grab my coat and purse. I drive as fast as I can and call Elliot not noticing that it is almost midnight.

"Hey Liv whats up?"

"Can you meet me at Chloe's house quick!" I hear him sigh.

"Whats wrong Liv?" He asks I knew he could hear the fear in my voice.

"I think he is going to kill her."