Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. It belongs to the epic J.K. Rowling. I am just an obsessed fan.

This was inspired by something that one of my friends said when we took a bunch of long prep-classes over the summer. We ended up doing math for hours and that drove a lot of people in the class crazy. It is from the viewpoint of Barty Crouch Jr. (my favorite HP character ever) and it is a little humorous drabble. It is definitely not my best fanfic ever. I usually write better than this.

Reviews are welcome, but no flames!


Many people have probably wondered exactly how I lost my mind and became the insane murderous criminal that I am today. I myself prefer the term "mentally unstable" over the term insane. I'm not completely sane, but that's probably part of what makes a good Death Eater.

Most people think that being imprisoned in Azkaban for a year and then being imprisoned by my father for twelve years under the Imperius Curse is the leading cause of my lack of sanity. Although they are probably partially right about that, I actually became mentally unstable in the summer after my fourth year.

Here's a little flashback:

Since I was going to be taking my O. the next year, my father decided that I needed to be preparing more. So, he signed me up for these Arithmancy classes over the summer and I ended up doing Arithmancy for three hours straight several days in a row. That would drive anyone crazy, right?

I did get 12 O. (yes, I am a genius), but I'm pretty sure that there was another way to do well on my O. without losing my sanity. But my father still blames me for being the way I am. It's all his fault, because he signed me up for the classes! He also did the whole "sending-me-to-Azkaban-when-there-was-no-proof-that-I-was-guilty" thing.

The other person who was in that class with me was Bellatrix. Well, we both went to Azkaban years afterwards and we're known to be some of the most mentally unstable Death Eaters ever. That's proof that too much Arithmancy causes a severe decrease in sanity.

I rest my case.