Let it be known that I will never call anything disgusting taste-wise after drinking Polyjuice Potion around the clock, twenty-four times a day for ten-ish months nonstop. That is the king of disgusting. Especially when it isn't mealtime and there isn't anything to wash the taste out of my mouth. Disgusting I tell you.

Although I am tempted to say that the snacks Snape mixes together are not to be trusted at all. That man has no cooking skills. Give him a chicken and he will burn it. Yaxley claims he makes a mean dish of pickles but I don't want pickles. Nuh-uh, nothing Snape makes is to be trusted unless given to enemies first to test effects.

And don't even get me started on what Bellatrix eats.

This is important because we ran out of snack foods a few weeks ago and while I could tolerate the crackers and weird stuff in the beginning, I just wanted a good box of biscuits. But no one wants to buy anything! They're all so lazy! And they keep telling me, stupid stuff like Barty-bloody-hell-if-you-want-snacks-so-badly-go-buy-the-bloody-things-yourself and Silenco. Don't worry, I was able to dodge the first fifteen some spells before skedaddling off to a different hallway.

Alecto also told me to shut up and drink milk. Well excuse me, last time I checked, milk wasn't a snack food. No wait, why am I excusing myself, excuse you.

Oh and Bellatrix. This means war. You know what I'm talking about. I'm coming for you. Got my eyes on you. Don't think this is over; after I transfigure your bed into blueprint paper I'm coming after you.

So yeah, SOME ONE NEEDS TO GO SHOPPING, HELLO? And it's not going to be me!

Thing is, Barty isn't going after Bellatrix for the computer incident. It's something else that is completely ridiculous and inane that I have yet to think up of.