Hey everyone!

Weren't expecting to see this back in your inboxes, were you?

I have a surprise!

Well, not a surprise, as I mentioned this over a year ago, but a promise... just a very late one.


Save Me, San Francisco

A Wonderwall Spin Off

Rocky could still remember as a kid looking at the bridge that he often found himself sitting on, watching the city he loved from a distance to just get away from it all, if only for a second. He could often still hear his drunken father cursing and screaming at him, blaming him for his mother's absence. He could definitely still feel the bruises. That was so long ago now, sitting in the Florida shelter he'd learned and loved to call home. It's been quiet here for a while now though, and Rocky's itching for an adventure-maybe itching for some closure too. That leads him, and two of those closest to him across the country on a road trip. Follow some of your favorites from Wonderwall-Ally, Rocky, and Austin as they make the trek one summer back to the land he'd run from, learn a lot about life along the way, and what it truly means to be hiding from your past.

Are you excited?

Get excited!

Keep an eye out for it getting posted within the next 24 hours!

Major thanks to everyone who has been with me all of this time. I love you all.