Author's Note: This fanfiction begins a couple months before the start of TDKR and goes through the entirety of it, and past the end. Needless to say there are spoilers. I try to get the lines right as best I can, but it is a bit difficult. It is heavily influenced by the song Hurricane, by 30 Seconds to Mars, for which it is named.

Pairings: Bane/Selina Kyle with a bit of Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle

Warnings: DARK. CONTAINS RAPE AND ABUSE. This is especially true for the first few chapters (INCLUDING THIS ONE). I don't know how else to warn you. Dark shit is ahead.


by Murasaki Kurai

Chapter 1

Even years after the implementation of the Dent Act and the ridding of organized crime, Gotham is daunting at night. The steel mountains create a sort of maze that seems nearly impossible to navigate, especially miles from the city center, where street lights are sparse.

In one of the alleys lying in the darkness between lights, two men corner a woman. She is frightened, visibly so, but they don't laugh at her. Instead they stand a few yards away from her, close enough to be intimidating but far enough to be out of easy reach.

"Please—please," she sobs, tears beginning to stream down her cheeks. "My daughter is at home and I need to—"

"Drop the act," one of the men snarls. "We come from Bane."

Selina Kyle's face changes instantly. Her eyes go dry and her deep frown turns into a smirk. Her back straightens and any fear is replaced with a look of complete control.

"Bane…now, who is that again?" She had, of course, heard the rumors. A man living in the underground caverns of Gotham City.

The men ignore her comment. "He wants to speak with you. You need to come with us."

She wants to laugh, but she settles on widening her smirk. If they think it possible to force her, they have another thing coming.

"Ooh… I am actually a bit preoccupied. Can I take a rain check?" Selina has no idea why Bane wants to see her, but if he knows who she is and what she is capable of he should not underestimate her so greatly. The masked mercenary reigning from the sewers.

In his own way, the man is a celebrity. The remaining criminals of Gotham that Selina is lucky enough to meet with on occasion live in complete and utter fear of him. Supposedly he possesses the raw strength of a bear, but the speed of a serpent. Selina doubts that. Over the years, she has found the men that like to spread such rumors to be idiotic weaklings.

"No. Bane will see you tonight."

Selina flips her hair over her shoulder and leans down to scratch her knee. Her roommate is making chili at home and she's starving. One of the men step towards her in an action that is likely meant to be menacing but comes off as clumsy to Selina's trained eyes. Her shoulders roll in a shrug; she is stretching for the fight that is about to begin.

The man lunges. Selina dodges without much effort, tripping him in the process with one of her high-heeled feet. She glances at the other man, who takes a gun out of his pocket. That pisses her off—these guys think they can walk around like the own the city just because they have fire in their pockets. Selina flips before the man can even release the safety, catching him in the chin with her heel. When she's upright again, she notices an adequate gash stretching up his face. She feels satisfied with that and picks up the fallen gun.

"Just for future reference… Where exactly does Bane set up his little operation?" She asks. "Maybe I'll drop by sometime."

The men glare at her, and she recognizes there is no way they'll tell her. Not that it matters—she put a tracking chip on the man she tripped.

She lets out dramatic sigh, eye rolling to the sky. "Fine. Later, boys."

Selina decides to go back to her apartment, eat dinner, then pay Bane a visit in a couple hours. She supposes she could have easily just gone with Bane's lackeys, but she prefers meetings of this sort to be on her terms. Besides, there isn't a point in fighting on an empty stomach—and it will undeniably come to that.

Once she's a safe distance away, Selina pulls her cell phone out of her purse and checks the monitor to see what direction the men decided to go. It looks like they are following her, until they turn to move in the opposite direction, towards the nicer area of Gotham. She exits out of the monitor and sends a message to her friend, saying she was held up, but would be home in ten minutes.

Selina's roommate is a bit annoying at times, especially when she gets ridiculously drunk and Selina has to carry her home and lay her in bed. But she is a pretty good cook, and Selina burns everything she touches. Plus, her friend doesn't judge Selina's methods of making a living for herself. Frankly, she idolizes her—and Selina likes it. It's like having a constantly appreciative dog.

Selina enjoys the meal of thick chili and stale bread before ducking out again, not bothering to tell her roommate where she's going. She looks at the tracker again and sees that it is stationary somewhere in the middle of the Gotham business district.

Interesting. Selina knows that Bane holes himself up in the sewers, but she always had the impression that the sewers in that area were newer and more monitored. She expected them to be on the opposite side of the city, in the slums. This will be fun.

About an hour later, Selina makes her way through the tunnels, slowly closing in on the blinking light. She becomes frustrated with the entire situation. She did not sleep the night before and she knows once she finds Bane, she'll have to fight her way home. Exhausting.

She considers turning back and saving this for another day, but then she moves through a doorway and stops dead in her tracks. From the dark, narrow tunnel behind her, a huge room opens up, at least seven stories high. A narrow waterfall drains from a pipe up above, creating a strange effect of a clash between nature and industrialism. It enthralls her.

Then she remembers herself and moves backward, to conceal herself and survey the area. From where she hides she can see only a few people, not enough to be called an army. They must be on some of the lower levels.

Thinking fast, Selina jumps forward, hooking her knees on a railing to peer around the floor below. She sees only a mass of supplies—food, water, firearms, ammunition and explosives. She lands silently on that floor and hangs herself upside down to survey the next story.

A-ha. She silently turns her body right side up and stands on the railing below her. An area is separated from the rest of the floor, and a group of men stand in the corner, conversing about something.

"You called?" Selina yells across the room. She sounds bored because she is bored—she expected it to be much more difficult to find them. She wears her black cat suit and her black mask, her hair hanging loose behind her. All the men but one turn, looking at her in shock. Selina lounges on the rail. She wants to know what the fuck Bane wants so she can get out of the sewers.

"Barsad. It would appear that there are some holes in your security detail." The sound of his voice throws her off guard. She expected it to be deeper, like some sort of wrestler, or body builder. But he sounds foreign and huge, with the mask warping his words, making him sound almost robotic.

Most of the men flinch; the one known as Barsad does not. "I don't know about that, sir… This one's a bit slippery."

Selina doesn't like the way they speak about her. As if I'm a joke.

She can barely wait for them to come at her. Her fingers itch to pound some skulls.

Then Bane turns around and Selina's heart stops. He is huge. Bigger than anyone she's ever seen and definitely bigger than anyone she's ever fought. He towers over her, and his arms are the size of her head. Muscles cover every inch of him—those in his chest showcased by a sleeveless shirt.

Then there's his face. He has no hair, but three thick straps stretch over it holding the mask in place. The mask is the defining point of his facial features. It overshadows everything else; black and metallic, with silver pieces reminiscent of the teeth of a wild animal. He looks positively feral and Selina feels something that she hasn't felt in a long time: fear.

"Ms. Kyle…" Her name on his voice makes her flinch. "You have cost me a follower."

Her gaze flicks to the corner, where a body lies. The man from the alley. Upon closer inspection, she believes it to be the man she tripped into the gutter. There is no gun shot wound.

His neck! Selina recognizes that his neck is broken, jerked to the side with bruises in the shape of huge hands. Her gaze flickers back to Bane.

Without turning her neck to give herself easily away, her eyes move across the room, searching for an escape, as she always does.

"Going somewhere?" He isn't stupid. He notices the little things.

Selina feels her arms shaking and forcibly tenses her muscles. Pull yourself together. Then, because there is nothing else she can do in this situation, she bluffs.

"Just admiring the nice place you have here," she replies, voice perfectly level. "Who knew sewers could be so charming."

Bane says nothing; he simply stares across the room at her. His eyes are stony, giving nothing away to Selina.

She is becoming quickly frustrated. She takes a few lazy strides forward, pointedly towards Bane. Like a gust of wind, some of the lower men flinch away from her, unsure what to do. Following the death of one of their own at the hands of Bane, after a brawl with Selina, she likely represents something dangerous to them.

"Your dogs barked," Selina says to Bane. "Why did you want to see me?"

"The stories of Gotham's stray cat reached my ears. I must confess myself… intrigued."

Something boils within her—something she can't quite name. She has no idea how to respond to such a vague comment, so she raises an eyebrow at Bane, imploring him further.

"I wished to make your acquaintance."

Selina rolls her eyes. "You called me down here just for that?"

Bane crosses his arms against his chest and lifts his head in what Selina easily recognizes as a male show of dominance. Her eyes flash.

"You're new around here, you don't know any better. This town belongs to me."

He makes a small sound that she interprets as a laugh. "Not the Batman?"

She scoffs. Her confidence is quickly returning from the initial shock; she is in her element once more. "No one's seen him for eight years. Things are different now. He scampered off to his hole after the Joker tore the city apart. I suggest you do the same."

Without any indication that he heard Selina's advice, Bane turns to his comrades. "Leave us. Barsad—you know what to do."

Before Selina realizes what is happening, she and Bane are alone, surrounded by blinking computer monitors and tables scattered with papers—maps it looks like. She watches the door slam shut behind Barsad, then snaps back to Bane. While she was distracted, he silently closed the distance between them so only a yard separates them.

Fight or flight kicks in. "Well, this has been fun. Too-da-loo."

Selina lets her body fall backwards, to tumble over the railing, towards the ground far below. She is in free fall for a split second before strong arms grab her and pull her back up. She is so shocked at his speed that she can't react quickly enough to hit him in retaliation.

Bane throws her across the room and she recovers enough to land on her feet. Fight, then.

"Leaving so soon?" Bane asks sarcastically. "I was enjoying your company."

"The feeling isn't mutual!" Selina yells, darting to the side. Her heels make it difficult to move so quickly and be silent, but stealth isn't really her aim at the moment.

He's faster. He blocks her roughly with his shoulder and throws her to floor. Her back snaps upwards, throwing herself into a standing position. Hand to hand combat is impossible against him. She may be just as skilled as Bane, but her strength is no match for his. Each blow she lands is returned ten times over. Bruises form beneath her suit.

She realizes, with a sense of dread, that she terribly miscalculated. It was a mistake to come into the sewers. Normal men, she can deal with. This is not a normal man. He is far faster than her. He shouldn't be, with all that bulky muscle, but she knows he is. That doesn't stop her from trying. She flings her foot out and catches his, sending him tumbling to the ground.

For one perfect second, Selina feels a sense of pride. Then Bane's giant hand reaches up, grabs her waist, and pulls her down, making her crash into the cement. He rolls on top of her.

"How did you find this place?" He growls. Everything hurts and she feels powerless. "Tell me."

"Tr-tracking device… on the dead guy…" she splutters in response, because for once she can't think of a lie. She lost.

His weight leaves her and he stalks over to the corpse in the corner. "Don't move."

She needs to move. She needs to get out. She knows this, but the menace in his voice has her rooted to the spot in pure, unadulterated fear. A snap echoes around the cavern as he destroys the tracking device and her chance is gone; he's on her again.

He pins her to the floor.

"Pl-please get off…" she whispers. Selina Kyle isn't like this. She is strong, she doesn't let men push her around. She doesn't submit when things get bad.

"Ms. Kyle," Bane says simply. "The reason I called you down here this fine evening is so that I may present to you a proposition."

She bucks against him for no reason, she knows she can't move the mountain of a man towering over her, but she can't hold still and take it either.

"What kind of proposition?" She rasps.

"I am aware that you posses certain skills. I want them in my control."

Selina is unable to prevent a shiver from going down her back. His words are barely twisted to say 'I want you in my control.'

"And… and if I say no?" Though Selina feels angry, the emotion does not show itself in her shaky voice.

"You don't exactly have a choice in the matter."

This is bad, Selina thinks. Her danger senses tingle, screaming to get out, but she can't.

Out of nowhere, Bane presses the fingers of his right hand against her lips.

"Suck." The command seems strange and foreign coming from him. He pushes her lips aside but she holds her jaw tight together. His hand moves away for a moment and Selina relaxes. Then it snaps back and hits her square across the face. Her mouth opens as she lets out a gasp of pain and three finger force their way in.

"This will be much easier if you do as you are told…" He murmurs. His index finger coaxes her tongue aside and stretches as far back as it will go. Selina squeezes her eyes shut in order to keep her gag reflex in check. As much as she would love to cover the bastard in vomit, she wishes to retain as much of her dignity as possible.

After a minute, he withdraws his hand from her mouth. Selina's head goes slack, head going limp into the cement as she gasps for air. For a time, the panic leaves her as she forces herself to relax.

Bane's hand touches the zipper at her collar and all the horror comes rushing back. As the fabric pulls apart beneath his grasp, the cold air of the sewers gives birth to goose bumps upon her back. His fingers, wet with her own saliva, skim her lower back, spreading to palm the top of her ass. Beneath her cat suit, Selina wears only a black thong—no shirt, no bra. She is already naked and exposed to him as he peels the faux leather away from her skin.

She is naked beneath him. She remembers, with a bit of bitterness, that this is the first time she's been below a man in years. She prefers being on top, being dominant.

Then he pushes his slick fingers inside her, parting her folds with ease. Selina gasps and whimpers, but doesn't scream. No matter how much pain, how much humiliation she feels, she knows screaming will do no good. There is no one is the hell-like cavern that will save her.

Her vaginal walls unwillingly clench around his fingers. A deep, guttural sound escapes him, followed by a quick grunt. She can't help but notice that it sounds fucking appreciative.

Rape is not something Selina has experience with. From a young age she could defend herself against men. Oh, sure, there were plenty of attempted rapes, especially in the slum neighborhood that she grew up in, but they never resulted in the actual act—always the perpetrator temporarily losing use of some vital limb. There was no possibility of that now.

The fingers pump against her. His thumb brushes over her clit, in no way intended to be pleasurable. Still, the effects of the intimate contact have her panting and mewling before she can stop herself. He withdraws his fingers and she hopes desperately that he is done with her.

The sound of a zipper echoes through the room, quashing her hope. She does not even have the chance to beg him to stop before he is inside her.

Like every other part of him, Bane's cock is massive. She feels filled to the brim and she doubts he is even half sheathed. She cries silently, unwilling to give him the pleasure of hearing her sobs. It hurts like nothing she has experienced before, but she can take it.

Her willpower overcomes the physical pain. She knows she just has to get through this. He said he wants her to work for him, so, at least for now, her life is safe. She just needs to wait until he lets her go, and she can run. Gotham is a large city, and she knows its every nook and cranny. She can escape him.

And at another time, she will have her revenge.

His hands suddenly grip her neck. It is an action so possessive and frightening that she actually begins to fight back again.

"Get…off!" She groans. The movement seems to be enough for him, because he grunts and spills himself inside her. When he pulls out, she feels the sting of blood vessels broken on her walls.

"As you wish."

His weight disappears from her and she becomes very aware of the mixture of his cum and her blood dripping from her cunt.

It's over. She can do this. She just has to regain her strength, put her clothes on and she will—

His hands hook into the pits of her arms. The fabric of her suit falls with a slap to the floor and Bane slings her naked body over his shoulder.

"What—?" She asks before she can stop herself.

His body rumbles through her as he chuckles. "Did you think we were done?"

Please, no more

"Oh, god!"She murmurs.

"I had no idea you were religious, Ms. Kyle."

She needs to get out. This is escalating fast. Her sense of being is quickly leaving her, and once it does she won't be able to find a way out.

"Fuck…Fuck off…" She whispers, as everything fades to black.

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