[A/N] I think by now it's obvious I don't update anything regularly, my muses come and go. This is not an actual set story, it's a collection of cohesive drabbles that I'll update whenever I get inspiration. It's an AU Fantasy setting. Think... Hmm, think Final Fantasy possibilities when you imagine things. [A/N]

He heaves himself up onto the wall, staggering as he gets to his feet. He thinks if he leans forward any more he ll tip right over the edge and go falling.

He d go down, down, down the wall, the cliffs, and hit the ground far below. No one has ever been over the wall, no one wants to it s much to far down. It almost makes him wonder how they got there in the first place. The adults say there used to be airships, large intricate machines that allowed people to fly.

There aren t anymore airships. At least, not in this town, not anywhere near this wall. Maybe there s some in other places, the places he s heard of when the old men gather around with their drinks and smokes.

He wants to see those places, he dreams of them all the time. Apparently they re beautiful, with trees as far as the eye can see and the houses wrap around them up and up and up. There s animals and the people who live in those places aren t afraid of them. They don t bar themselves up at night because they aren t worried of what might get them.

Most importantly, he wants to see airships. He wants to know what it s like to fly. He things it must be amazing, being up in the sky. And the sky! He s heard that in those far off places the sky is blue, bright blue! Not the dull gray tones he s looking at now, covered with clouds of putrid smoke. He wants to see that big vast sea of blue and he wants to know what everything would look like in an airship.

But for now he s sitting on the wall, the one that keeps them inside and terrifies them out of their dreams. The old men always holler at him for climbing up the wall but then again he does have to use their rooftops to reach the top. They tell him it s too dangerous, all his curiosity will get him killed one day. At some point he might just stagger too far and go falling right off that damned wall.

He leans forward just slightly, silver eyes peering down at that great distance. He wonders how anyone could possibly get down there, and thinks that maybe he ll try it out one day.

Maybe he ll figure out how to fly.