[A/N: THIS IS STUPID. I AM STUPID. I CANNOT WRITE. Sorry guys I'm sick so I probably can't even comprehend how much this sucks. Also I cannot write Lavi. Uh, this story is going to be mostly about Allen- but I figured I should stick in some Kanda and Lavi povs like I do with... Basically everything I ever fucking write wow I'm really predictable.]

Aria was a large city, probably one of the largest he'd ever seen. It was made up of five levels, each one greater than the one below it. The last leven, the highest and richest one, was said to be the closest to the heavens that man would ever get while among the living. He found that quite comedic, the things that people came up with. THough, even he had paused in awe of the highest level of Aria, the air ship city.

The city was all shades of gold and browns and bronzes to match the desert that surrounded it. It towered above everything, traveling into the clouds. Air ships surrounded the city, moving to and from it constanylu. Large creatures of metal, ornate and breathetaking when they soared through the sky. People died never able to fulfill their dream of riding in one.

He had spent much of his time on air ships, traveling from continent to continent, locking himselg in the libraries of the air ships he'd practically grown up on. Long ago they'd lost their charm for him, just a boring means for transportation now, which is why he'd been so unimpressed when he'd been told they were going to the "sky city". Just a bunch of metal in one place, oh joy.

WHen he stepped off the ship, he was in a dark hangar, the gate just shutting off any view of the sky. He hefted his bag over his shoulder, books he'd figured he'd use to uccupy himself with. As he made his way through the doos of the hangar, he was almost blinded by the sudden openness of the building. The outer wall was made of class and detailed metal overlay. It depicted a nouveau sort of sky filled with louds and air ships, the bright rays of sunlight filtering through and impairing his vision temporarily.

He lifted his hand over his eyes, squinting in order to attempt to maintain some sort of vision. When the world decided to dim the lights, he exited the port, almost tripping down the small flight of stairs. Distracted by-


The clouds hung low, almost every building touching the white mist. Beyond that was blue- a vast, vast ocean of it that, he swore, if he reached up he'd be able to tell what the sky felt like.

The buildings were glass and metal, with hints of stone of all kinds. The art noveau style mixed with an old rustic sense that came with the desert, the stores and homes all mismatching in a strangely cohesive way.

It was exactly as they said it would be. The first time he'd every been completely speechless. He'd spent hours exploring that city, taking in every single possible detail. He wanted to stay there, which was a monumental feeling- but he felt as if that would be the perfect place for him. He could stay and spend his time in the large, vast library near the center of the city and study people. He'd be able to take airships whenever he needed to leave. It would be perfect.

But of course the old man hadn't thought that way. They had left three weeks later and the old man decided that they would settle in a small villafe as far from developed civilization as possible. FUcking figured, gramps would choose that.

He'd hated it. Loathed it. Stuck in the middle of the fucking woods in a hunting village. How was he supposed to entertain himself there?

Well... It wasn't completely terrible, he guessed. There were two his age, a girl and boy. The girl he'd gotten along with right away. She was a cute one from the East who wore her hair in long twin tails. She was nice, though there were times her authority became terrifying. Moreso than her batshit brother. She wasn't necessarily a hunter- her brother would not allow it- but she offten snuck out during the hunting hours to help out. A terrifyingly strong one, that girl.

The guy... Well he was a special one. Hard to get along with at first- and it didn't help he'd mistaken the Eastern male for a chick at first. Honest mistake with how pretty he long hair didn't really help anything. The guy's words were bitter and loathing- but apparently somewhere down in there he cared. He threatened people almost every time he opened his mouth and enjoyed complete solitude. SOmehow, he managed to get along with the guy- stretch "getting along with."

Eventually, he got used to the village. He relented, living there was not as terrible as he had figured it would be- but he still couldn't shake the fact that the only real place he wanted to be was back in the city.

The one that touched the clouds.

[A/N: Also this isn't going to be steampunk. I don't know the first thing about steampunk. I'm getting ideas from Final Fantasy X and the fact that I basically only read fantasy novels and shit. Uh. There are going to be random strange creatures and non-humans as main characters. I think it's sort of obvious to guess who I'm making a non-human, I'm sort of predictable that way.

So when you think air ships think Cid's ship and Balthier's ship and Final Fantasy ships because that's basically what I'm doing here. Whoopsie guys I'm really not original in my ideas at all I've been lying to you this entire time.]