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This one is based off of a fanart. [A/N]

"just because you eat everything known to god and fucking man doesn't mean everyone else does, moyashi."

"you only eat two different things, i am well aware, i'm just trying to get you to expand your repertoire — and while we're expanding repertoires how about you call me allen for once."

the swordsman arched a brow, "with candy?" he snorted and rolled his eyes, resting his elbows on the table between them. "i fucking hate sweet things."

"you hate everything." allen accused, waving the lollipop in the air for some sort of emphasis on 'everything'. "i swear that's your favourite word aside from 'fucking'." the snowy-haired exorcist leaned back against gravity, stretching his arms in the air and groaning in relief.

"tch." kanda grimaced, staring down at the empty cup in front of him. he examined it, looking for any remnants of his tea. sighing, he picked the cup up and brought it to his lips. nothing.

"you could always get up and ask jerry for more." allen offered, pulling at the clear plastic wrapping of the lollipop until it relented and freed the candy.

kanda grunted, placing the cup back onto the table and pushing it away from him. he rested his cheek on his fist, staring at nothing and completely uninsterested.

the snowy-haired exorcist shook his head, placing the lollipop between his lips happily. "shouldn't you be beating children and scaring animals?" he asked, words slurred by the candy.

"shouldn't you learn some fucking manners and figure out how to talk?" kanda snapped. it wasn't as if he didn't understand the younger male, he was just sick of having to decipher slurs.

allen scowled, pulling the lollipop out of his mouth. "you understood what i said." he mumbled, reaching across the table, holding out the red treat.

"i already said fucking no." the swordsman hissed, shoving away the other's hand.

the shorter did not relent, still holding the candy out to the other.

"i will cut off your fucking hand, moyashi, i swear to god."

allen huffed, leaning over the table and shoving the lollipop at the japanese teen. kanda was about to open his mouth to snap at him and was only rewarded with the candy. in his mouth.

it was sweet. too sweet. disgustingly sweet. shit, how the fuck did people eat that?

he pulled the lollipop out of his mouth and threw it at the stupid brat. "i told you i hate sweets you fucking moron."