[A/N] Continuation on the school AU where Kanda wears glasses.

Prompt: Megane Pairing: Yullen [A/N]

His eyes are focused on the ceiling, he's spread out lazily on his bed. He doesn't want to move anymore, he's so tired he just wants to sleep — but he's stuck in that moment. That feeling of being so tired yet so unable to gain that perfect unconsciousness.

So he's been laying there for two hours in the same position. Finally, he's tired of the ceiling, so he rolls onto his side back to the wall. Now he's staring across the room at the empty bed normally occupied by his dorm mate.

There's a long desk in between the beds, littered with notebooks and pencils and other things expected of high school students. It was a simple sharing process between the two occupants — it was split down the center and neither was allowed to touch anything on the side not belonging to themselves.

But there was something tempting him on the other side, and his gray-blue eyes focused on them. A pair of glasses, think black rims that were so familiar to him. He saw them every day, framing those cobalt eyes that he so easily got lost in.

He sat up, crawling towards the edge of his bed so he could lean over — though really it was more like laying on — the desk and grab the glasses. For a moment he just held them in his hands, they were light weight and looked incredibly fragile. Like he could just bend them in half without even trying. It kind of surprised him that the brute hadn't broken them in all of his usual rage.

Though, that would put the idiot at a disadvantage wouldn't it? It wasn't as if the other occupant couldn't see at all — they were solely for reading because without them the older boy would get incredible headaches every time they had class [he'd witnessed this the days that the other would forget his glasses in the dorm].

He continued to stare at them, and after a while he unfolded them and placed them on the bridge of his nose. The difference between magnification wasn't as bad as he thought it would be, it didn't strain his eyes at all. He sat back on his bed and blinked, scrunching his nose. It felt strange, wearing glasses — he wondered how people did this all day. It was already kind of irritating the bridge of his nose.

He leaned against the wall stretching his legs out in front of him, head knocking against the wall and oh— there was the ceiling again.

He should probably take the glasses off before his dorm mate came back, but instead he let his eyes fall shut. He didn't expect himself to start drowsing off after so many hours of it eluding him… but eventually he did.

Or at least he thought so, because the next thing he knew he was laying curled up on his side, glasses still there bit slightly askew. And someone had smacked him — but he wasn't ready to open his eyes yet so he just groaned in reluctance.

"Oi, fucker." His dorm mate hissed, "Wake the fuck up and give me back my goddamned glasses so I can break your ugly fucking face properly."

Jesus Chr— Oh.

He was still wearing the glasses.

Well this was awkward.

He looked up at the person standing over him as innocently as he could as he sat up. "What glasses, Bakanda?"

Yeah, that was good — because he's totally that fucking blind and totally didn't just mention you were wearing them.

"The ones you took off of my fucking side of the desk." Kanda snarled, reaching out to snatch them from his face. "I need them to do my work asshole."

Reflexively, Allen moved back, falling right back onto the bed. Why'd he do that, again? Kanda was going to murder him.

The dark-haired teen scowled, going to grab his glasses once more — only to have the other roll out of the way. Yes, Allen was really going to play this game… for some reason. Maybe he was suicidal and just not aware.

Kanda looked about ready to beat him, crawling onto the bed to retrieve his glasses from Allen's face — but Allen shoved his hands away. Quickly, they became a mass of limbs tangling together in a childish sort of fight.

That is, until they rolled off the bed, Allen landing flat on his back with a pained yelp.

A smirk crossed the older teen's lips as he went to pluck his glasses from the boy — only to have his wrist grabbed tightly. Allen was glaring up at him, for some reason this squabble became less about the glasses and more about being victorious.

And the fact that he could look up and get lost in that cobalt glare.

"Give me back my fucking glasses."

Allen stuck his tongue out at his dorm mate.

"Do that again, see what fucking happens."

Well, he was always the type to rise to the challenge — so he did it again.

The battle was lost when lips crushed against his, putting him into a sort of shock. And as quickly as it began, it ended and the glasses disappeared.

He lay there blinking up at the ceiling, a small smile curving his lips at the sound of an irritated scoff.