Hey guys. I'm Catarina, but you can call me Cara. Ok, well first things first, this is my first Fanfiction ever, so I'm kinda new to updating and such. My profile is blank and I'm on my sister's computer. I'm waiting until the end of this month when I can get mine and upate every 3 days, but for now, I'll probably update every 5 days. I'm so sorry, I'm just moving and I've been dealing with some problems that I probably shouldn't vent about here. So I wrote this story because of the Victorious Wiki. As you can tell, it's formatted exactly the same way. We used to RP there all the time. I made so many great friends there. We can't anymore, though. So I made this because I missed it. Anyways, I'll put more news about the cancellation of Victorious in the second AN because it's 4:35 in the morning and I need to start typing because I'm exhausted and I'm waking up at 8:30. Kay, enjoy! :]

~ MrSkinnyJeans Has Entered The Chat Room ~

~ ToriVega Has Entered The Chat Room ~

~RockRobster Has Entered The Chat Room ~

~ AndreH Has Entered The Chat Room ~

~ GotBeck Has Entered The Chat Room ~

GotBeck: I never knew that TheSlap has a chat room.

ToriVega: Same.

RockRobster: ^

MrSkinnyJeans: It's new. I hacked onto here, got a code, then added it.

AndreH: o.O

RockRobster: ...

ToriVega: ...wtf?

AndreH: Why did you do that, Sinj?

: So I can get one step closer to doing it with Jade.

GotBeck: Uhm...you wanna have sex with my girlfriend?

MrSkinnyJeans: Uhm...no...well, I mean, yeah, but-

~ MrSkinnyJeans Has Been Kicked By GotBeck ~

AndreH: Woah, that's cool, how did you do that?

ToriVega: ^

GotBeck: You go to the person's you wanna kick username, right click, and click "Kick" or "Ban". I just kicked him, but if he comes back and says one more thing about anyone, I'm gonna ban him.

RockRobster: It says only if they sexually harass you.

~ SicissorLuv Has Entered The Chat Room ~


GotBeck: What? No! No. No. No.

RockRobster: This is the part where Sinjin comes in and says "I would love to see that" but since Beck kicked him, I'll just say it. *shudder* I would love to see that (not really.)

AndreH: ^

ToriVega: lol

ScissorLuv: Than why did you say Sinjin sexually harassed you?

GotBeck: It was a misunderstanding.

ScissorLuv: Explain it to me.

otBeck: Long story short, just forget about it.

ScissorLuv: Explain it to me, I don't care.

GotBeck: If you don't stop I won't talk to you for a week.

ScissorLuv: ...

GotBeck: You gonna stop?

ScissorLuv: ...Yes.

ToriVega: Awww...you guys are so cute together!

~ DanWarp Has Entered The Chat Room ~

DanWarp: Bade sucks.

ToriVega: Who are you?

DanWarp: Oh. I'm Dan!

AndreH: Uhm...ok?


RockRobster: What the hell are you talking about?

DanWarp: Oops...wrong universe. BAIII! I'm gonna go cuddle my teddy bear in my feetie pajamas while sucking my thumb and crying in my race car bed because Bori won't be endgame.

~ DanWarp Has Left The Chat Room ~

ScissorLuv: What the heck...?

GotBeck: I don't even fucking know...

ToriVega: Haha, Beck it's odd to see you swear.

GotBeck: LOL.

ScissorLuv: I just texted Cat to come here, we have to spam so she doesn't see that weird DanWarp perv, Beck swearing (I like that ;)), and Sinjin sexually harassing Beck.

AndreH: That is a weird sentence...

RockRobster: Haha.

ScissorLuv: SPAM.


ScissorLuv: SCISSORS.
ScissorLuv: SCISSORS.
ScissorLuv: SCISSORS.
ScissorLuv: SCISSORS.
ScissorLuv: SCISSORS.

ScissorLuv: SCISSORS.

ScissorLuv: SCISSORS.

ScissorLuv: SCISSORS.

ScissorLuv: SCISSORS.

GotBeck: Babe, that's enough.

ScissorLuv: SCISSORS.

ScissorLuv: SCISSORS.

ScissorLuv: SCISSORS.

ScissorLuv: SCISSORS.

ScissorLuv: SCISSORS.

ScissorLuv: Fine.

~ HappyCat Has Entered The Chat Room ~

RockRobster: Hey, cutie!

AndreH: 'Sup lil' red.

ToriVega: Hey Cat.

HappyCat: HIIIIIIIII! :D :) :]

RockRobster: Someones a happy Cat! (A/N: LOL, sorry, I couldn't help it.)


HappyCat: Hey Jadey. Hi Becky.


AndreH: Becky?

GotBeck: Hey Cat.

GotBeck: Jade...?

ScissorLuv: NO!

HappyCat: :,(

ScissorLuv: Aww no Cat don't cry.

~ HappyCat Has Left The Chat Room ~

RockRobster: Poor Cat.

ScissorLuv: Don't talk about Cat.

RockRobster: Ok.

~ HappyCat Has Entered The Chat Room ~

HappyCat: Sorry, my brother got onto my computer and logged me off. Oh, and Tori, this time, he has YOUR bra.

ToriVega: WHAT?! HOW?!

AndreH: Wow...

GotBeck: What do you mean by"Wow..." Andre ? Would you WANNA see Tori's bra?

ToriVega: What the hell Beck? Andre is my best friend! Can we stop talking about my bra please?

AndreH: Yeah..best friends...

MrSkinnyJeans: I'd wanna see Tori's bra.


GotBeck: I thought I banned you!

MrSkinnyJeans: I have my ways...

~ MrSkinnyJeans Has Been Kicked By Everyone Sane In This F*cked Up World ~

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