~ GotBeck has entered the chat room ~

GotBeck: Jade, you know I didn't mean it!

ScissorLuv: Shut up!

ToriVega: Woah...did I miss something?

ScissorLuv: Shut it, Vega!

ToriVega: Well then.

GotBeck: Jade is mad because I kinda made a...remark...about her obsession with scissors. It was a joke!

~ AndreH has entered the chat room ~

ToriVega: hey dré...

AndreH: wassup white girll

ToriVega: I told you, I'm half Latina.

ScissorLuv: not with that ass you aren't.


ToriVega: look, can you just tell us what Beck said?

ScissorLuv: he said "why do you like scissors so much? are you a lesbian?"

AndreH: and...?

ScissorLuv: and what?

AndreH: well, what happened after that?

ScissorLuv: nothing. I just stormed out of his R.V...

AndreH: that's why you're so mad at Beck?

ScissorLuv: yes! He called me a lesbian when I CLEARLY am not!

MrSkinnyJeans: lesbians are hot.

~ MrSkinnyJeans has been kicked by ScissorLuv ~

ToriVega: Oh Sinjin...

GotBeck: look, ignoring that creepy comment from Sinjin, I'm sorry. I didnt mean to upset you.

ScissorLuv: ...

GotBeck: okay, you now have my permission to say something bad about me. anything.

ScissorLuv: your hair makes you look like a girl.

~ ScissorLuv has left the chat room ~

GotBeck: What.

ToriVega: What.

AndreH: What.

~ TrinaIsSexy123 has entered the chat room ~

TrinaIsSexy123: Beck's hair is flawless.

~ TrinaIsSexy123 has left the chat room ~

ToriVega: Okay, um...what?

~ RockRobster has entered the chat room ~


~RockRobster has left the chat room ~

~ScissorLuv has entered the chat room ~

ScissorLuv: hey, is Beck freaking out about the comment I made about his hair yet?

ToriVega: no, why would he?

ScissorLuv: oh...never mind...

GotBeck: yeah, it doesn't bother me.

GotBeck: I won't let it bother me.

GotBeck: not gonna let it bother me.

GotBeck: nope, does not bother me one bit.

GotBeck: not 1 bit. I'm completely unbothered by it.

GotBeck: It does not bother me.

ScissorLuv: okay babe, I think we understand...

GotBeck: you know what, bothers me, it actually really fucking bothers me so i think I'm just gonna think about it for the rest of my life.

AndreH: jade, you know how beck gets when you talk about his hair...

ScissorLuv: revengeeee.

GotBeck: no more hair comments, and no more scissor comments, deal?

ScissorLuv: deal.


GotBeck: Sup

ToriVega: Hey Cat.

HappyCat: I need your guy's advice.

AndreH: anything lil' red, what's up?

HappyCat: well you see, I think I might like R-

~ RockRobster has entered the chat room ~

HappyCat: Raymond. I think I might like Raymond.

ScissorLuv: Who exactly is Raymond?

HappyCat: he...goes to Burbank! Tori might know him!

ToriVega: Raymond Orner?

HappyCat: sure!

RockRobster: so...Raymond...how long have you known him for?

HappyCat: Um, just a few weeks...

RockRobster: oh...well I hope everything works out between you two...

*Multi P.M. with Jade, André, Beck, Tori, and Cat*

HappyCat: I like Robbie! Okay, I like Robbie!

ToriVega: Cat, that was pretty obvious.

ScissorLuv: yeah, but Robbie is probably completely mindfucked right now.

HappyCat: ugh. André, I need your advice!

AndreH: you wanna talk about this with more...privacy?

HappyCat: Sure I'll PM you.

*P.M. with Cat and André*

HappyCat: What do I do André?

AndreH: Robbie will get very angry if he finds out that I told you what I'm about to tell you, okay? So you cannot repeat this to Robbie.

HappyCat: Okay, I won't say anything.

AndreH: Cat, Robbie has been in love with you since freshman year. He always talks about you and adores literally everything about you. He's shy, Cat...he hasn't made a move because he's scared of rejection.

*Meanwhile in the main chat*

RockRobster: Hello? Is anyone here?

ToriVega: I'm here! Sorry Rob, I had to feed my hamster.

RockRobster: you have a hamster?

ToriVega: yeah...!

GotBeck: My hair doesn't make me look like a girl...does it really?

ToriVega: Beck shut up, Jade was just saying that to get back at you for saying she was a lesbian.

RockRobster: woah...what happened when I was gone?

GotBeck: a lot.

ToriVega: a lot.

AndreH: a lot.

HappyCat: a lot.

ScissorLuv: a lot.

Ughhhh, I know it sucked! I have no idea where to go with this story. Also, bolding everyones user name is just too hard to do on an iPad, so i'm really sorry about the layout. i'll fix it once i can get on a computer. anyways, im BEGGING YOU, Please give me suggestions! Love you all.