Derek stood with the parents of other students, waiting for Stiles to come out. Mrs. Stilinski had called this morning asking him if he could walk Stiles home and watch him for an hour or two. She had been having a lot of surprise doctor's appointments lately, calling Derek at random hours to ask him to watch Stiles if her husband was unable to.

It wasn't long before Stiles came bouncing outside the doors to greet him, jumping into Derek's body. Derek silently thanked his parents for him being born a werewolf; otherwise he'd have been knocked onto his butt from the impact. It took a minute to notice the scent of salty tears and the feeling of wet on his neck as Stiles clung to him. Sighing Derek, brought his arms around the boy and carried him along the sidewalk, rubbing his back in what Derek hoped was like what his own mother did when he had bad dreams.

"What's wrong?" He begrudgingly asked, hoping it wasn't anything too serious.

"Erica Reyes took my cat-woman action figure and said I was a bad batman!" The boy wailed into Derek's ear, making him wince slightly. Wondering why he ever agreed to babysit the six year old, Derek sighed.

"It's just an action-figure. Besides it's only cat-woman." Derek had never really liked the precariously dressed super heroin; probably because she was cat-woman. He never had liked cats. The only cat he put up with was Stiles kitten—it was almost a year old now, but Stiles insisted Hazael was a kitten—and it was only because when he tried to drown it Stiles looked up at him with big watery eyes and started wailing.

"But, Erica was the cat-woman to my batman! Scott is Two-Face. Jackson's Killer Croc, and Lydia's Poison Ivy. Isaac is Nightwing, and then Boyd is The Knight. Danny is Alfred, although he doesn't like it all that much." Stiles pouted. "It was my cat-woman figure."

Rolling his eyes Derek set Stiles down and grabbed his hand, not wanting the seven year old to run into the street or something. "How about we stop and get ice cream?" Derek asked, he'd regret it later, but it would shut Stiles up about having his action-figure stolen.