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Chapter Two: Mystery Solved

She began to follow Yusei for a while, telling herself she was not stalking. She was simply observing him in his natural habitat. The woman found that Crow was right. He really did spend a lot of time working on D-Wheels in his garage and Dueling either with his friends or with challengers. Yusei also went out of his way to help others who needed it, just like a true gentleman.

Still, she thought that all of this would just add to his stress level. Most teenage boys had very high hormone levels, which made any kind of seduction irresistible. Yet Yusei never seemed stressed or frustrated at all, except when trying to figure out new Dueling strategies.

All of this was odd to her, and then she realized something. Of the people closest to Yusei, there was one female close to his age. Izayoi Aki, formerly known as the Black Rose Witch. The woman wondered if they were dating and if he ignored her out of loyalty to his girlfriend. Yet they never seemed to go out, or even stay in, alone together.

Finally, she could stand it no longer. She approached Aki one day after Duel Academia let out.

"Are you Fudo Yusei's girlfriend?" To her surprise, the normally unapproachable woman blushed a deep shade of red.

"That's not your business!" She stormed off, leaving the other woman confused. Either Aki had a crush on him or they were going out. It still didn't answer her question, though, so she decided to approach the mysterious man in question.

She found him working at his computer in his garage. She decided to come right out and ask it.

"Is Izayoi Aki your girlfriend?"

Yusei stopped his work and looked at his visitor. Then he smiled faintly.

"She's more precious than a girlfriend," he told her. Then he went right back to working, leaving her more confused than ever.

"What could be more precious than a girlfriend?" She mumbled on her way out. She was stopped by the twins, Rua and Ruka.

"Family!" They both answered her together, then Rua ran inside to ask Yusei a question while his sister lingered.

"Family?" The woman was skeptical. "Like a sister?" This time, it was Ruka who smiled.

"Not really. But we six have been through a lot together. It makes things like dating and girlfriend seem ordinary compared to our bond." The girl followed her brother inside to berate him for bothering Yusei, leaving the woman to ponder over her words.

She'd heard the rumors about strange glowing marks, but she hadn't thought much about it. She also remembered the catastrophe that happened after the Fortune Cup. Once she thought about it, she supposed that such trivial things as hormones couldn't distract someone who'd saved the world and couldn't break the bond that such a thing created.

The End