I'm not a fan of WIPs but I have a lot and I have a problem where I have amazing plot bunnies and then can't think of a way to either wrap up the plot, or to create an actual story past the point of 'What if ...'. Therefore my solution will be to upload my WIPs, and await your replies as to how to proceed. That way, I'll get inspiration and be able to finish up my stories! Good eh?

Okay everyone, here's my problem: I began this fic, it was fantastic - but I have no plot! It goes no further than the 'what if' scenario. The relationship between the main characters has begun to develop, but at the point I am at now, Draco and Harry are at school, and mischief must commence! But I have writer's blockā€¦

So help me, give me a plot that fits with my intro, and I may choose yours to write! So PM me, or write me a review and tell me what happens next!

ps - and PLEASE feel free to send me corrections and typos! This hasn't been beta'd