"Isaac?" Stiles asked softly, reaching to turn his light on as the werewolf entered his room. "What's wrong?" He asked noticing the other boy's tears.

"I…" Isaac looked up at Stiles and fidgeted. "I had a bad dream." The boy admitted, red lighting up on his cheeks. "I know it's stupid, but…"

"It's fine." Stiles patted the bed beside him. "Does Derek know where you are?" He asked, helping the wolf pull his shirt off.

"No. I didn't want to wake him." Isaac frowned. "Sorry for waking you."

"S'fine. Besides, I'd rather you come to me for these things. Derek is a tad bit on the emotionally stunted side. Plus, if he doesn't get his beauty rest have you seen what that man turns into? Talk about not being a morning person. He's not a being awake person at any time though." Stiles snorted at the alphas normal behavior. "You wanna talk?"

"Not yet. In the morning." The werewolf yawned and snuggled into Stiles side. "School tomorrow."

"Okay, wake me if you need anything." Stiles whispered, carting his hand through the younger boy's hair. Feeling Isaac's breathing even out against him, Stiles drifted off, keeping the boy close.