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A/N: So this is my first Grey's anatomy fanfic. This is a story about the Shepherd family, mostly about their oldest girl Hannah. The story revolves around a sensitive topic so please stop reading if it affects you in any way.

Some background for this story:

Meredith and Derek have been married for 15 years. They have two girls, Hannah Elizabeth Shepherd (15) and Samantha Ellen Shepherd (13). The family lives in their dream house on Derek's land. Meredith and Derek works together as Neurosurgeons.

Alex and Izzie are married and have twins Emma Grace Karev and Amanda Hope Karev (15). Izzie went into OB/GYN, neonatal and Alex peds.

Cristina and Owen have one boy William Jacob Hunt (5). Cristina went into cardio.

Lexie married Mark, and have one boy Nathan Marcus Sloan (5) and one girl on the way. Lexie went into general.

Callie is married to Arizona. They adopted a little girl Jennifer Emily Robbins-Torres (12)

Richard died and Bailey took over his job as a chief. Her son Tuck is now 19 and studies pre-med in collage.

Hannah sat by her desk doing her homework, but all she could think about was the dinner in her stomach. It didn't bother until she heard some girls in school call her fat. Since then was it all she could think about, especially today, she didn't know why but she knew she had to do something about it. Suddenly she knew exactly what to do.

10 minutes later the shower was on and she sat in front of the toilet, hesitating. But the thoughts in her head made her put two fingers down her throat.

Three months later.

"Derek, do you think there's something wrong with Hannah?" Meredith asked when they got ready to go to sleep.

"No, do you?" he answered and sat down on the bed.

"I don't know she just seems so different than before" She sighs and snuggles up against Derek.

"Mere she's a teenager" he says before kissing her to make all of her thoughts disappear.

Hannah laid in her bed thinking about what she had to eat today.

You should know better. You're already fat, why make yourself even fatter. Stupid Hannah can't do anything right. You should do as I say if you want to be happy. The voice screams in her head. Almost crying Hannah made her way down to the floor starting to do some push-ups and sit-ups to burn some extra calories. When the voice in her head finally is satisfied she drifts of to sleep.

"Hannah, Hannah time to get up" Meredith said trying to wake her up.

Hannah slowly opens her eyes looking up to her mom.

"Hi" she whispered trying to get used to the light.

"Breakfast is ready, dad made blueberry pancakes for you" Meredith said walking to the door.

Hannah waited for her mom to walk down the stairs before she got up, not wanting her mom see her body or seeing her stumble up dizzily. Slowly she puts on her clothes noticing they're being a little bigger than last time. She walked over to the bathroom and stepped up on the scale. Being happy what she saw, she went downstairs with a big smile on her face. Knowing she needed her strength on soccer practice she forces down two pancakes before running out to the bus.

Every muscle in her body ached when Hannah walked towards her mother's car.

"Hi mom, hi Sam" she said getting into the car.

"Hi" her mother and sister answered smiling back at her.

"So girls up for some shopping?" Meredith asked and drove away from the school.

"Yeah, I need new shoes" Sam answered.

Hannah just nodded as she looked outside trying to hide all the terrible thoughts and emotions from her mom and sister. After parking the car Samantha decided the first stop would be the shoe store.

"Don't you want a pair of these?" Meredith giggled as she holds up an ugly pair of shoes.

"No, but maybe these?" Samantha giggled showing another ugly pair.

All three of them started to giggle seeing the people around them had weird expressions on their faces.

After being in the mall for almost two hours looking through every store Meredith decided they should get something to eat. Once again she saw an expression on Hannah's face. And then another one when Hannah came back from the bathroom after dinner.

Meredith already suspected that something was wrong and now she was sure. And when Derek came home that night she shared her thoughts with him.

So... This is my first fanfic so I want to know what you think and should I keep writing this story?