Kaito had a master plan. A brilliant plan. And, well, if this didn't work, there were thousands of female Vocaloids, UTAUs, Voyakiloids, and even more fangirls if it came to that. But he was sure his plan would work. Well, sorta sure.

He laid out the setup to Meiko.

"It'll be such a special moment~" He finished dreamily, grinning like a doofus. Meiko chuckled.

"Yeah, 'speacial' all right" She mused, mentally facepalming.

This was his moment! This was his time to shine! This was—retarded. He came to realize. Oh well. Kaito shrugged it off

Miku passed by the hall, unknowingly being followed by Kaito. The blue-haired man laid a hand on Miku's shoulder, flipping her around and pulling their faces mere inches apart.

"What do you want." Stated Miku impatiently, looking irritated.

Kaito said, using the manliest voice he could muster;

"Your eyes are as blue as my toilet water~" Miku burst into laugher. Yes; there were always other girls.

. . .

Author's notes: Leftover fail pick up line from church camp XD