Ashley's Pokemon Adventures: Kanto

Author: AshK

Rated Fiction K+

Disclaimer: I never have and never will own Pokemon. I am only writing this fic for enjoyment and to pay tribute to the creators and writers of Pokemon.

Summary: Ever wonder how the Pokemon Anime would be if Ash was an actual girl? This is my take on it this Ash is smarter and is obviously female. I am also starting her off as older. When she was ten, Ashley wanted so bad to go on her Pokemon journey, unfortunately things didn't go her way as her Mother decided it would be best if she had a bit of education first. Professor Oak agreed wholeheartedly. With the help of her mother she made it through eighth grade and was granted permission to go on her journey. Also she was given a Pichu to train since she was ten because she wanted so badly to have a Pokemon. In her spare time she trained that Pichu and it eventually evolved into the Pikachu that we all know and love. Ashley was eventually given the three Kanto starters as well. She also caught a Caterpie, and a Pidgey This is my take on the phenomenon what if Ash was really a girl. The rating may change later.

Author's Note: This Ashley has Raven Hair rather than the Traditional Blond. There are way too many stories out there with Ashley having Blond Hair. Also, I will include all generations of Pokemon in this story. Why? Because I can.

Episode 01: Finally Time!

Ages: Ashley Ketchum: 14, Gary Oak: 14, Misty Waterflower: 14, Brock Slate: 19, Jessie and James of Team Rocket: 19

Pallet Town: Ketchum Residence...

Ashley was so excited that she could finally start her journey for real after 4 years. She was happily training her Pokemon that she had gathered over the past four years since she was given Pikachu. Ashley was about 5'5" Tall, with Raven Mid-Back Length Hair, she was fairly well built for her age as her bust was about a 34C-Cup. Her outfit consisted of a Blue Tank Top, a Blue Denim Skirt, Pink Tennis shoes with black soles. Her blue socks were calf-length she also had a light dusting of make up on her face. She found out from her mom that she was beautiful the way she was and she didn't need that much make up. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled as she slipped on her matching blue short sleeve vest and her blue fingerless gloves. She wasn't really girly, and she wasn't really a Tomboy. She was somewhere in between, though the older she got she was leaning more toward the girly side of things.

"Today is finally the day I get to start my Pokemon journey!" Ashley squealed. "Pikachu, Pidgeotto, Butterfree, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle; ready to go on our journey!"

Ashley's team of Pokemon nodded happily. Since she spent so much time with her Pokemon, she could actually understand them. It was a special gift of hers. Ever since she could walk, she could understand the feelings and conversations of Pokemon. She had yet to get a Pokedex and a badge case. She promised Pikachu that she would never make him get into his Pokeball, unless a serious situation called for it. Pikachu was happy with that.

"Okay guys let's get to Professor Oaks!" Ashley said. "Return everybody!"

With that Butterfree, Pidgeotto, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle were sucked into their Pokeballs, while Pikachu jumped on his trainers shoulder.

Ashley ran all the way to Professor Oak's lab to register. She had just graduated 8th Grade and had her Diploma framed in her room to prove it. Before she ran out the door, she hugged and kissed her mother and was off.

About half an hour later...

The Raven-Haired girl walked into Oak's lab happily with Pikachu on her shoulder and her other five Pokeballs on her belt.

"Ah, Ashley." Professor Oak said. "Are you ready for your Pokemon journey?"

Ashley squealed at the top of her lungs.

Professor Oak was trying to get the hearing back in his ears form Ashley's squeal.

"I'll take that as a yes." Professor Oak said with a sweatdrop. "You don't need to be that loud."

"Sorry Professor." Ashley said sheepishly as she put her hands behind her head in embarrassment. "I am just so excited that I am finally starting my journey four years to the day that you gave me Pikachu."

"I know that Ashley." Professor Oak said. "I must say, you have turned out quite beautiful."

"Stop it Professor you are embarrassing me." Ashley said sheepishly. "So may I please have my Pokedex and Badge case now?"

"Sure thing Ashley." Professor Oak said. "Be safe, make new friends, and enjoy your journey."

"I will Professor." Ashley said as she hugged him. "Thank you so much."

Professor Oak just nodded and returned the hug.

Ashley then headed out the door to be greeted by her mom. Pikachu was still on her shoulder as Delia handed her a blue shoulder strap bag that matched her outfit.

Ashley slung it across her chest diagonally so it rested on her left hip.

"Mother, don't worry I will call you as much as I can." Ashley said as she hugged her mother.

"I know you will Ashley." Delia said. "I trust you. By the way how are your Pokemon? Are they fighting fit?"

"They sure are Mother, Professor Oak healed them while I was in his lab." Ashley said.

Ashley then hugged and kissed her mom as she made sure her shoulder bag was on safely and securely. With that she was off with Pikachu happily standing on her shoulder. As Ashley walked off she heard her mother say to make sure she changes her undergarments everyday. Ashley blushed out of embarrassment as well as a bit of frustration and headed off to Viridian City.

On the way to Viridian City, Ashley caught the leader of the Spearow group, which immediately was transported to the lab, and had Pikachu send the rest of the Spearow on their way with a mighty Thunderbolt attack. Now the path was clear to Viridian City. Ashley and her Pokemon continued up the path. Ashley managed to capture a Sandshrew, a Jigglypuff, as well as a Rattata which were immediately transferred. Ashley then went up to a girl that was fishing and took out her own retractable Super Rod that was given to her for a graduation present. She also had all of the Pokemon Fossils of the Kanto Region in her bag as well.

She sat down next to the Red head that had her hair in a left side Ponytail, wore red suspenders, along with a yellow tank top that stopped right above her navel. She also was wearing blue jean shorts that were rolled up along with red and white tennis shoes with yellow zigzags on either side of both shoes. Her shoes had white soles.

Ashley cast her Super Rod into the water and waited. She decided to spark a conversation with the readhead.

"Hey there." Ashley said. "My name is Ashley Ketchum, what is yours?" Ashley asked with a smile in he voice.

"My name is Misty Waterflower, I am from Cerulean City." Misty said. "My aim is to be the worlds greates Water Pokemon Trainer."

"My aim is to be a Pokemon Master." Ashley said as she felt a bite.

Ashley then reeled in a Magikarp that knew tackle and flail. Ashley had Pikachu use Thunder Wave on it to paralyze the Magikarp. Magikarp was nearly out cold as Ashley threw her Pokeball. Once the Pokemon was inside the ball, it was just transported. The ball didn't wiggle one bit. This was a surprise to Ashley.

"Oh wow, I hardly weakened that Pokemon and it was caught so easily." Ashley said.

"You are a lot smarter than you look!" Misty said with a giggle.

"Exactly what do you mean by that?" Ashley asked quite annoyed. "Before I could start my journey I had to go to school and graduate 8th Grade."

"Oh, so that's why you are just starting out." Misty said. "Well let's get to Viridian City to double check that your Pikachu is okay as well as all of my other Pokemon."

Ashley nodded in agreement as they headed off to Viridan City, Misty then realized that she could use her bike. Ashley had long legs, but they weren't fast enough to outrun a bicycler.

As Misty rode past on her bike, she looked at Ashley with a smile and stuck her tongue out and pulled her eyelid down.

"See ya in Viridian Slow Poke!" Misty giggled as she petaled past Ashley and Pikachu.

Ashley fumed for a bit and just decided to speed up and run her fastest speed.

Viridian City Pokemon Center Four Days Later...

Misty had just come down from her room when she saw Ashley run in with Pikachu on her shoulder. Ashley was out of breath and decided to sit down before taking Pikachu to the counter along with her other Pokemon.

"What took you so long Slow Poke?" Misty said as she stuck her tongue out. "I was here four days ago!"

"Well duh!" Ashley said as she stuck her tongue back out at Misty after she had caught her breath. "You have a bike. I had to like get here on foot. I also caught some more Pokemon as well. I will rotate them in later."

Misty nodded and gave Ashley a friendly hug.

"I was just joking with you Ashley." Misty said. "I can understand if you don't want to be nice to me. I do want to be friends with you though."

"Of course we can be friends Misty." Ashley said. "By the way my friends call me Ashe. I spell Ashe with an e on the end of my name."

"Good. " Misty said with a smile after Ashley returned the hug. "You can call me Mist. All my friends call me Mist."

Ashley nodded and hugged Misty again as she gathered up Pikachu and her Pokeballs and set them on the tray that Nurse Joy had offered.

"Just a normal check up Nurse Joy." Ashley said.

"Right away Ashley." Nurse Joy said.

In a matter of minutes, Pikachu and Ashley's other Pokemon were fully healed. Ashley decided to do some research on Pokemon in the library for Professor Oak. She knew herself that there are nearly 650 total Pokemon in the entire world. She also knew from her Geography classes in school that there were several regions with their own set of Pokemon. The Kanto Region, The Johto Region, The Hoenn Region, The Sinnoh Region, and The Unova Region. She also remembered that the Orange Archipelago and Sevvi Islands also had a combination of Pokemon from the five different regions.

Ashley took a break from her research and decided to have dinner with Misty. Once dinner was over, Ashley and Misty went up to their rooms to get some sleep. First they watched a bit of TV and then changed into their pajamas and fell asleep peacefully.

What adventures lie ahead for Ashley Ketchum and her new friend Misty Waterflower. Only Time will tell! Be on the lookout for more chapters of this story.

To Be Continued...

Next Time:The whole city is warned about the presence of Pokemon Thieves. Ashley and Misty have to be on the look out for them. Who are these Pokemon thieves and what do they want? Only time will tell.

Next Time in Ashley's Pokemon Adventures: Kanto-Episode 02: Enter Team Rocket!Coming Soon to a Fanfiction Site near you!

Well what did you think? I hope you enjoy it. This is my first attempt at and Ash is born as Ashley story. Please be gentle. I hope you enjoy!