Ashley's Pokemon Adventures: Kanto

Rating: Fiction Rated T for Romance

Author: AshK

Episode 08: The Tower of Terror!

Pairing for this story: Ashley/FemAsh x Gary

Disclaimer: I never have and never will own Pokemon. I am only writing this fic for enjoyment and to pay tribute to the creators and writers of Pokemon.

On the Road to the Indigo League...

Ashley and Company came across a meadow with a bunch of Butterfree. Gary wished he would've captured a Butterfree himself. It would've been better, but he knew that Ashley really wanted her Butterfree to find a nice mate. Gary then realized something.

"I just figured out why there are so many Butterfree." Gary said. "It's because it's mating season for them now isn't it?"

Ashley nodded and released her Butterfree. None of the Butterfee would pair with Ashley's. She felt so helpless. Team Rocket then came through and netted up all the Butterfree. Ashley's Butterfree was so mad. He was especially mad that they took the Pink Butterfree he had been keeping his eye on. Ashley's Butterfree saved the Pink one and she fell for him. Team Rocket was then sent blasting off courtesy of a double thunderbolt attack from two Pikachu. Ashley and Company were about to head to Saffron but then remembered that they needed to go through Lavender Town to capture a Ghost Pokemon to help them against Sabrina. Ashley's Butterfree was then released to start a family and Ashley broke down into tears as she fell to her knees. Her and Butterfree had been through so much. She hated to see it go, but she knew that it was her Butterfree's Destiny to leave her someday and start a family of his own. Gary then ran over to his girlfriend and comforted her. She knew that Butterfree was happy now, if possible he was happier now that he wasn't confined to a Pokeball and left to roam free with his new mate. Gary helped Ashley up and set up his tent. Ashley was still in tears as she started to take her tent out to set it up, but Gary sensing his girlfriends distress, had an idea as he passionately kissed Ashley.

"Ashykins," Gary said. "I think you should sleep in my tent with me."

"Gare Bear!" Ashley exclaimed. "Are you implying anything?"

Gary brought his hands up and was in a defensive posture.

"N-no!" Gary exclaimed. "I just want to be there for you in your time of need. I know you just released a good friend and wanted to be there for you.""

Ashley then realized what Gary was talking about and hugged him.

"Thank you so much Gare Bear!" Ashley exclaimed happily with tears in her eyes still. She was still really sad. "Instead of that, do you want to sleep under the stars?"

"Sure Ashykins." Gary said. "That would be great."

"Okay Gare Bear." Ashley said happily as she set up her tent to get ready for bed. She then came out later in a blue t-shirt and shorts combination. She knew it was going to be a nice night.

Gary the changed into his pajamas that consisted of a t-shirt and shorts combination. His pajamas were orange.

The two teens set up their sleeping bags next to each other as they climbed in ready for a peaceful night's sleep. Brock and Misty decided to sleep in their tents. Everyone fell asleep peacefully.

The Next Morning...

Ashley was the first one up and decided to be quiet and start to prepare some breakfast for her group. She made sure to give Gary a nice good morning kiss on the lips before she went to her breakfast preparation. She was still really said from releasing her Butterfree, but knew that he would be much happier starting a family with the pink one than having to confined to a Pokeball while traveling with her. A silent tear ran down Ashley's cheek as she thought of all the good times that her and Butterfree had. She had confidence that she would meet her Butterfree again someday. Right now she had to focus on the task at hand. She had to fix Breakfast for herself, her boyfriend, and her other two friends. She wasn't sure what it was, but she seemed to be a lot happier now that she was focusing on preparing breakfast instead of the departure of her deer friend Butterfree. She also knew that a lot more adventures lie ahead for her and her group as they travel through the Kanto Region en route to the league.

After breakfast was finished, Ashley took the lead as she took Gary by the hand. The Raven-Haired Girl put her arms around Gary Protectively.

"You will protect me from all the ghosts in Pokemon Tower won't you Gare Bear?" Ashley inquired with her beautiful smile and lovely eyes.

"Of course I will protect you Ashy-Kins." Gary remarked as he held his girlfriend close to him protectively.

"Will you two lovebirds knock it off?" Misty asked. "We have arrived at Pokemon Tower. Let's go in."

Ashley and Gary nodded as they led the way.

As the group was heading through the tower they encountered several ghost Pokemon. Misty and Brock were creeped out so they ran outside. A chandelier fell on both Gary and Ashley knocking them out. Their spirits then left their bodies and they were floating. Haunter and Gengar picked the two up and took them through the wall to play. Since Ash's Pikachu and Gary's Pikachu were in Pokeballs the two Eevee were outside and were also hit by the chandelier. So they were ghosts as well two more Haunter picked the two Eevees up and took them to where Ashley and Gary were. The four and the ghosts were happily playing with each other.

Outside the Tower...

"Ashley and Gary are sure taking a long time." Misty remarked. "You don't think they started to Make-Out and lost track of time do you?"

"I am not sure." Brock said worriedly. "I hope they are okay."

The ghosts of Gary and Ashley looked down at their friends.

"Hey Gare Bear do you want to have some fun?" Ashley asked with her Puppy dog face. "You grab Brock and I'll grab Misty!"

"Shouldn't be the other way around Ashy-Kins?" Gary inquired. "Why do you want to grab Misty and want me to grab Brock?"

"Because Gare Bear, I can't pick up Brock by myself, but I can pick Misty up by myself." Ashley stated to her Boyfriend. The two Eevee nodded in agreement as they continued to watch their trainers plan.

"Oh okay Ashy-Kins." Gary said as he kissed his girlfriend. Since they were both ghosts they were able to lock lips easily. The two Eevee ghosts did the same.

The couple then picked their friends up and laughed.

"Whooaaaa!" Brock Remarked. "The ghost has got me!"

"The ghost has got me too!" Misty said in panic. "Help somebody!"

Ashley and Gary flew around the sky carrying their cargo until they got too heavy to carry anymore. Luckily they had just enough strength to set them down gently.

The ghosts of Ashley and Gary along with the ghosts of their Eevee's vanished back into the Pokemon Tower.

Misty and Brock rushed through the tower looking for Ashley and Gary. They see Ashley and Gary as well as the two Eevee knocked out lifeless.

Ashley and Gary are watching from up above with two Haunter. Gengar returned with the other two Haunter and the Gastly to the play room.

"Haunter, we have to go back." Ashley remarked as she hugged the male ghost type. " Right Gare Bear?"

"I have to agree with Ashy-Kins." Gary remarked as he hugged the female Haunter. "We have to return to our bodies all four of us."

Gary and Ashley look at their Eevees and nod. Their Eevees nod to them back. The two Haunter nod in understanding as the male and female Haunter switch sides. The female one floating by Ashley, and male one floating by Gary.

The two humans and two Pokemon return to their bodies right after they are pulled out by Brock and Misty.

"Hi there guys." Ashley greeted. "So are you two alright?"

"Glad to see you two again." Gary remarked. "I was wondering if you two got lost."

"No we just got a little scared that's all." Misty said. "Also the funniest thing is that Brock and I were lifted up into the air and I know I heard a girlish giggle from behind me. I just chocked it up to my overactive imagination.

Ashley smiles, "Yeah it was your over-active imagination."

"Shall we get going now?" Gary asked only to be interrupted by the two Haunter that had been with them when they were ghosts. The two ghost type Pokemon used their powers to float a couple of Pokeballs up to their hands. The two Haunter touched the button on the Pokeballs and were sucked in. The male Haunter going to Gary and the Female Haunter going to Ashley. Both Pokemon were automatically transferred until Gary switched out his Weepinbell for his Haunter and Ashley switched out her Pidgeotto for her Haunter.

"So shall we head to Saffron City now?" Ashley asked as she linked arms with her Boyfriend.

"Sure, that works for me." Gary said as he linked arms with Ashley. Gary then traded out his Weepinbell for his Haunter.

The two lovebirds then took the group to a Pokemon Center where they traded each other their Pokemon which then Evolved into Gengar because of the trade, they then traded them back.

"I need to think of a nickname for my Gengar." Ashley remarked. "I will worry about that later. Right now we have a fourth badge to win."

Gary nodded in agreement with his Girlfriend as the group continued down the path.

The group eventually made it to Saffron City. It was time for Ashley and Gary's Gym Battle, however the group decided to rest for the night and challenge the gym in the morning.

What new adventures await our group? You have to be patient to find out.

To Be Continued...

Next Time: Ashley and Company arrive in Saffron City. What is in store for our heroes will Ashley and Gary get their Marsh Badges the first time around? Only time will tell.

Next Time on Ashley's Pokemon Adventures: Kanto - Episode 09: Ashley and Gary Vs. Sabrina!

Well what did you think? This is my first attempt at and Ash is born as Ashley story. Please be gentle. I hope you enjoy!



Pokemon Team Updates:

Ashley's Team: Pikachu Male, Gengar Female, Ivysaur Female, Charmeleon Male, Wartortle Female, and Eevee Female.

Gary's Team: Wartortle Male, Pikachu Female, Gengar Male, Pidgeotto Male, Growlithe Male, and Eevee Male.