Millie was busy tending the bar just like every other Friday at Houlihan's.

She saw the door open from the corner of her eye and got the shock of her life.

I knew you were alive I just knew it, oh god David! Millie thought relieved.

She wanted to run up to him and give him a hug but she still had customers to tend to.

Her boss Fiona asked concernedly "Mil are you okay?"

Millie didn't realize that she had been frozen looking at the door, with two bottles of Budweiser still clutched in her hands.

She shook herself took a deep breath, and after her heart rate went down she turned back to Fiona.

Millie answered distractedly "Oh yeah... I'm fine, uh these go to the two people at the end of the bar right?" She held up the bottles questionably.

Fiona nodded and said worriedly "Yep, are you sure you're all right, you look like you've just seen a ghost."

Millie smiled and replied reassuringly "Really I'm fine Fi, I guess all these hours are tiring my out."

Fiona said warmly "Well you're break is coming up soon, why don't you try and relax until then okay?"

She nodded and replied assuredly "Yeah, all right."

With that Millie took the the two beers and gave them to the intended patrons.

She saw that David was sitting at a table near the right hand window.

Millie so badly wanted him to come to the bar so they could talk.

She was sure she had seen him as she knew he had been watching her the second he had walked into the bar.

Suddenly she spotted that he was leaving.

Well it's now or never I have talk to him! Millie thought desperately.

She excused herself from behind the bar and made a mad dash to the front.

Unable to contain her excitement and relief any longer she sprinted toward him.

Millie now behind him shouted gleefully " I'm so glad you're here!"

David turned around.

As soon as he did Millie threw her arms around his neck embracing him in a fierce warm hug.

David was taken aback but he quickly reciprocated her hug gripping her softly back.

They held the embrace for a few seconds he then gently let go.

David said warmly "It's really great to see you again, Millie."

She replied teasingly "So were you just going to leave and not talk to me?"

David smiled and said uneasily "Well.. I didn't see you."

Millie shot back discerningly "Really you mean you weren't watching me from the second you came in?"

He smiled answered nervously "Maybe, I... uh... I... guess."

Suddenly Mark Kobald their old high school classmate and bully came by.

Mark shouted drunkenly draping his right arm around David's neck "Well lookie here we've got a real high-school reunion happenin', Rice Bowel looks pretty nice huh, Millie?"

David shrugged Mark's arm off of him and replied dismissively "You're wasted why don't you leave?"

Mark said incapacitated "Hey I am not wasted I'm sober one hundred and fifty percent sober."

The drink that he was holding in his right hand started to spill out as he gestured with it.

Millie laughed and said sarcastically "Yeah right, why don't you go find yourself a drunk tank."

Mark moved toward her.

He wrapped his left arm around his waist and replied vulgarly "Why don't you make me another drink honey huh? I could give you a really nice time after we've both had a few more!"

Millie tried to push Mark off of her.

She said irritated "Quit it Mark, get off of me!"

Mark tightened his grip and replied undeterred "Oh come on you are just so sweet!"

Millie shouted frustratedly "Mark I said stop it!"

David walked up to him and replied threateningly "Leave her alone."

Mark continued to hold onto Millie.

Jeez the tension is so strong you can cut it with a knife and I thought that was just a expression. Millie thought worriedly

Mark glared at David and said smugly "Come on Rice Bowel we both know that 'no' really means 'yes'."

With that he pulled Millie toward him and began to kiss her aggressively.

Millie finally pushed him off of her.

She slapped him with as much force as she could across his face.

Millie cried disgusted "Ugh, you are such a drunken asshole!"

Before Mark could reply back David punched him in his face.

She yelled annoyed "No guys stop it, stop!"

Mark punched David back he in turn quickly rushed him out of the backdoor.

The fight quickly attracted the attention of the patrons they soon began filling out of back door to watch the spectacle, Millie was caught up in the crowd and couldn't follow.

A few minutes later Millie managed to get through the throng of bar customers and make it outside.

She looked around out back but saw no sign of Mark or David.

Millie then opened up the swinging doors which led out into the alleyway.

As she opened the doors David was standing on the other side.

Millie asked concernedly "Hey are you all right?"

He nodded and replied reassuringly "Yeah, I'm fine."

Millie looked around and asked "Where's Mark?"

David said dismissively "He left."

She asked confused "Where did he go?"

He replied plainly "I think he said something about going home."

Millie smiled and said softly "Oh, good."

She saw that he was bleeding slightly from a cut high up on the left side of his forehead near his eye.

Millie reached up gently touched his cut, and said worriedly "You're bleeding a little bit, I can take care of that, come on."

She quickly took his right hand and gently pulled him back inside the bar.