This is a poem I just wrote about some of my favorite people in the world. More a/n at the end.

In the middle of a gun fight,

I fell way down.

The bright lights blinded me

And I heard just one sound.

Along with help, my heroes

Saved my life that night.

They taught me to take revenge,

To stand my ground and FIGHT!

In a moment of courage,

One blind leap of faith,

I whole-heartedly helped them

Crash the cemetery gates.

I can't feel alone;

Their music helps me breathe.

I'll go to hell proud,

Believe I won't leave.

They helped me move on

From all my heart-ache,

I drove it for them,

My fire-sharpened stake.

In a getaway demolition car

Completely fuel by liquor,

When the bombs go off,

We'll all watch the flames flicker.

Whether we wear masks and colors,

Or costumes made of black and white,

Or bullet-proof hearts and fangs,

Or an outfit made to fight,

We all love them

We're all the same,

Where ever we live,

Who ever's to blame,

As one, we stand

We support their sound,

We remove the haters,

And stand our ground.

MCRmy never stops,

Killjoys raise your voices high.

when we make it to the top,

We'll take our idols to the sky


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