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Note: AU Glee: five strangers move in to a small house in New York City's bohemian district, SoHo. As they learn to live together and become fast friends, they fall in love, get their hearts broken, and lean on each other for support. You can pretty much disregard any canon pairings when it comes to this story. Sorry, Klainers and Finchel fans. Also, it will switch narrators between the five characters with each chapter. Enjoy!

Song: White Houses by Vanessa Carlton. Highly recommended listening as you read this.

Crashed on the floor when I moved in

"Good gracious, I can't believe I'm actually here." I gazed up at the small white home nuzzled between a red house and a brown house in SoHo. I'd always wanted to go New York City, and this was the perfect opportunity to start life anew. The "I" in question is me, Kurt Hummel, formerly of a small town in Ohio but now a brand-new resident of the Big Apple. I was lucky enough to find this foreclosed townhouse for rent in the charming and quaint bohemian district, nay the very artistic soul of the City. Of course, it means that I must share this house with four complete strangers, but that matters not to me. All that matters is that I'm here, and I can start over.

See, I just got out of a bad breakup with my boyfriend (who shall remain nameless, as my heart still aches!). I wanted to get as far away as I possibly could, and the only logical explanation was the Big City of Dreams. I must admit, it does seem rather cowardly, running away from the heartbreak, but it is better than facing him day in and day out in our small town in the Midwest. Ah, how joyous to be in the isle of Manhattan, mere streets away from the twinkling lights of Broadway! Surely I would never be bored. Perhaps one of my roommates would even be a nice handsome man.

I turned the key in the door. "Hello? Anybody here?"

"Hello?" A girl's voice answered. I saw a flash of black hair peeping from around the corner. "Who are you?"

I close the door behind me, dropping my suitcase on the floor. "Hi, I'm Kurt Hummel. I'm one of your roommates."

She emerges. She is an Asian girl of medium height with long, shimmering black hair. She wore a black skirt and a black ruffled skirt. She had stockings on, black, naturally, and black shoes on her feet. I almost instinctively took a step backwards; if you dressed like that in my hometown, people would automatically label you a freak. "Hi," she said, her voice soft. "I'm Tina. Tina Cohen-Chang." She reached her hand out, and I shook it firmly.

"Are we the only ones here?" I asked.

She shook her head. "No. You're the fourth here. The other two are upstairs. We don't know who the fifth roommate is, but they'll be here soon, I'm sure."

I smiled. "So, where is my bedroom? I'm exhausted. I feel like I'm about to crash on the floor. I had to run for my flight in Cleveland, and then I had to navigate the subway system, which took me forever, and I got lost trying to find this place."

She pointed up the rickety stairs. "Upstairs. To the left. You'll probably room with Noah."

I froze, my hand hovering above my suitcase handle. "I…I'm not so…sure about…"

She peered at me curiously. "Why not? He's not that bad of a guy, from what I've seen so far, although he's only been here for a couple of hours."

"I'm gay," I mumbled. Sure, it was easier to say it in New York than in Ohio, but who knew where Tina was from, or what her religious beliefs were?

"Oh," she said simply. "Well, I'm sure Noah won't mind much. If he does, you can just move in with me, okay?" I nodded and climbed the stairs, half-heartedly dragging my suitcase behind me.

"Hey, is that the new roommate?" A male's voice asked. Noah?

"Hello?" I poked my head into a mostly-furnished room. "Are you…are you Noah?"

"Yep. Who are you?" He was muscular, wearing a white wife-beater and black pants. His hair was shaved into a Mohawk. He seemed to be of Eastern-European descent, although the larger nose screamed that he was Jewish. He was very sexy, but I could tell right away that he was straight.

"I'm Kurt. I guess this is our bedroom?"

He looked me up and down. "You gay?"

I bit my lip. "Do you have a problem with that?"

He shrugged. "It's cool with me. Just don't crawl in bed with me, okay? I don't swing that way. I have no problem with gays, I'm just attracted to women, you know?"

"No problem," I let out the breath I'd been holding. "I guess I'll just set up my stuff then." I began putting clothes in the small closet, noting that Noah hadn't brought much along with him. I wondered what his story was, and where the other roommate Tina had spoken of was.

"Noah, do you want to go on a grocery run with me?" A soft voice asked. I turned around to see a woman standing in the doorway. At first, I was horrified by her appearance. Her face was heavily scarred and disfigured. At a second glance, I could tell that she was the very picture of a (former) beauty queen, what with her blonde wavy hair and pretty green eyes. Such sorrow I saw in those eyes. I must have been staring, because she noticed me and spoke. "It's okay," she said. "People tend to have that reaction when they see me."

"I…I'm sorry. I didn't…I'm sorry," I said lamely.

"Like I said, I'm used to it." Her voice was low but soft as she spoke. "My name is Quinn."

"Uh…Kurt," I replied. The more I looked at her, the more I wanted to know her story, how she got that way, as it was clear that this was not the face she was born with.

"Hi. So Noah, how about it?"

"Yeah, sure," he got up off of his bed, grabbing his wallet off the nightstand.

"Are you going to go grocery shopping with us, Kurt?" Quinn asked politely.

"I think I'll stay here and unpack," I said, looking at my suitcase. "But thanks for the offer. I don't have any food allergies, so I don't mind what you buy."

"See you later," Noah nodded to me as he left with her. I sighed and went back to my unpacking. I could hear Tina come up the stairs a short while later, and she came in and sat on the edge of my bed.

"So where are you from?"

"Ohio," I said, folding a sweater. "And you?"

"I was adopted from China as a baby. My adoptive parents lived in Texas, though."

"Do…do you know who your real parents are?" I asked curiously.

"No," she said, voice laced with regret. "I've tried looking, but I always seem to end up…disappointed. Why did my mother give me up? Was I not enough? Did she not love me?"

I smiled sadly at her. "I'm sorry. I'm sure she loved you. Maybe she died, or maybe she loved you so much and knew she couldn't provide a nice home for you, so she gave you up, out of love. But Tina, don't give up. It might give you closure or something."

She paused. "Thanks, Kurt." The front door opened and slammed. "I told Noah not to slam," she muttered.

"Heeeeelllllll-oohhhh?" A voice trilled. Tina and I looked at each other; this must be the final roommate.

"Up here," Tina called. Hardly a minute later, a short brunette girl bounded in.

"Hi, I'm Rachel Berry, and I'm so excited to be here!"

I rolled my eyes. This was going to be an interesting group of five. I just hoped we could all get along. I could tell this Rachel girl was going to get on my nerves.

Most of all, I just wanted to forget about my ex-boyfriend and move on with my life.

To be continued