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Chapter One

"Annabeth! It's time to get up!" Annabeth Chase's mom shouted.

Annabeth moaned and rolled over to look at the time. It was only 6:15. "Five more minutes," She grumbled as she put a pillow over her head and attempted to fall back asleep.

Soon enough the door to Annabeth's room was opened and her mother, Athena Chase, stood in front of her. Athena's curly hair was put into a sloppy bun and she had her cooking apron on covering her business suit. "Annabeth Chase, you are going to be late for your first day of school!"

Annabeth groaned again. She had almost forgotten. Today was the beginning eleventh grade at Goode High School. "Okay, I'm up!" Annabeth said, throwing the pillow off of her head. She kicked the sheets off as she continued, "I'll be out in a minute." Athena smiled and then briskly left.

Annabeth got out of her bed and quickly began to sort through her closet. Eventually, she picked out a pair of hot pink shorts and a white tank top. After getting dressed, Annabeth grabbed her bag full of books and walked into the kitchen where her mother was slaving away at a batch of pancakes, eggs and bacon.

"Smells good," Annabeth noted as she sat down on the kitchen table. Athena turned around, holding a huge plate of eggs, bacon and pancakes and set them down in front of Annabeth, who quickly dug in.

Athena took a seat in front of Annabeth. Her mother was eating a small bowl of oatmeal that was coated with tons of dried fruit. "So any good classes, today?" Athena asked, sipping her coffee.

"Just architecture."

"Following the family business, I see," Athena said with a smile. Her mother ran one of biggest architecture companies in New York. Annabeth was planning on getting a job there for the summer and for the rest of the senior year. Malcolm, her older brother, was already working there. "Do you have any classes with your friends?"

"I have homeroom, math and PE with Thalia and Katie. And science with Juniper and Clarisse."

"What about the Stoll Twins, Luke, Grover or Nico?"

Annabeth scoffed, "I wouldn't necessarily say I was friends with the Stoll Twins." Connor and Travis Stoll, often times referred as the Stoll Twins, were the biggest pranksters in Goode High School. Their most frequent target was one of Annabeth's closest friends: Katie Gardner, who's neighbors and has every class with the Connor and Travis. "But yeah, I have few classes with them. And Luke and Grover." Luke Castellan and Grover Underwood had been Annabeth's best friends since fifth grade when she first moved to New York. She was being picked on by the school bully since she was about ten thousand times smarter than anybody in the class and Luke and Grover had the guts to stand up to him. They've been friends ever since.

"What classes?"

"Everything but math, architecture and homeroom."

Before Athena could reply, her cell phone went off. She answered it quickly. "Hello? Really? Yes. I'll be right." Athena hung up and then started to clear her bowl in a hurry. "Annabeth," she said after downing the rest of her coffee, "I need to get to work. Malcolm said that a blueprint is missing. Do you mind calling Thalia for a ride to school?"

Annabeth shrugged, "Sure." Annabeth would have driven herself to school but her car is in the shop.

"Okay. I'll love you," Athena said, kissing the top of Annabeth's forehead before grabbing her brief case, car keys, purse and then ran off.

After Annabeth called Thalia, she cleared her plate and went off to her bathroom. She brushed her teeth, combed her curly blonde hair and put it into a high ponytail. She smiled at herself in the mirror before grabbing her bag and slipping on a pair of old sneakers. When Annabeth was all ready to go, she took out of her phone and texted Thalia that she was waiting out front.

Outside, Annabeth felt the warm air of New York on her bare arms. She loved New York. She loved the city, the way that drivers would yell at each other and she loved the architecture.

Suddenly, she heard a honking. In front of her was Annabeth's best friend Thalia Grace. As she stood up, she realized that Luke Castellan was sitting in the driver's seat and had his arms all over Thalia. Annabeth rolled her eyes. Luke and Thalia had started dating at the beginning of summer after a whole year of them constantly telling their friends how much they liked each other. Eventually, Silena Beauregard, a friend of Annabeth's, who goes to a finishing school for girls, demanded Luke and Thalia to ask each other out.

"Hey Annie!" Thalia shouted. Now, unless you knew Thalia, you would be terrified of her just because of her looks. Thalia has layered jet black that's always down unless she's working and every day, no matter what she always wears black eyeliner. She's into wearing things like punky clothes, spiky bracelets and skull earrings.

"Hop in!" Luke said as he fiddled with Thalia's hair. Luke had a sandy hair was trimmed regularly and icy blue eyes. He wore casual khaki shorts and an orange t-shirt.

Annabeth got into the back seat. "Ready for eleventh grade?!" Thalia asked, smirking.

"Let's just hope it's not as bad as tenth," Annabeth said. She detested tenth grade.

Luke grinned as he started the car, "Let's hope."

Annabeth hated the tenth grade for one reason: Rachel Elizabeth DareAKA Annabeth's number one biggest enemy and rival. They used to best friends: always going to each other houses, telling each about their life and sharing secrets. They had a friendship where all they did was insult each other one minute, then be nice to each other next. Usually, their insults wouldn't be very mean but at the beginning of tenth grade, Rachel starting making fun of how Annabeth looked, acted and her talents. Sometime in the middle of November of tenth grade, Annabeth just had enough and completely turned against Rachel. Luke, Thalia, Katie, Juniper, Clarisse, the Stoll Twins, Chris, Nico and Grover did the same. Rachel was outright furious and from that day forward, she vowed to make Annabeth's life a living hell. She told everyone Annabeth's secrets and bullied her. Rachel's friends, who are basically a group of brainless girls who were nothing but tank tops and short skirts, and her boyfriend, Mark O'Brien, who is considered the school's biggest bully, would pick on Annabeth relentlessly. Eventually, Annabeth wanted to drop out of school because the bullying was so bad until one day all of her friends got revenge on Rachel. The Stoll Twins and Grover pranked Rachel's friends. Luke and Nico threatened Mark while Clarisse and Chris nearly sent all of Mark's friends to the hospital while Katie, Thalia and Juniper embarrassed Rachel so badly that she left school early that day. After that, Rachel and Mark left Annabeth alone.

"Hopefully Rachel and Mark will keep their distance," Annabeth said.

"And if they don't, I'll be glad to yell at Rachel again," Thalia promised.

Luke chuckled, "And I promise to kick Chris's ass for you, Annie."

Annabeth grinned. "I must just have to take you up on that offer."

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