Hey, loves, a quick announcement.

I haven't forgotten this story, not by any means. In fact, I'm going back and reworking it, making it into something better. I've recently found my muse for Astoria again and it feels good, to be back in her head. There was a death in the family of someone with whom I was very close, and my creativity came to something of a screeching halt after that, and when I started writing with Les Mis, it felt good, but it was still limited. I couldn't write what I wanted-I wanted my Astoria back.

And here she is, and she's waiting for me to tell her story, and I have it planned out and I have pages upon pages of notes, but to tell her story, I need to go back and get it right.

Thank you endlessly for your patience. I can't begin to tell you how much I've appreciated the messages and the kindness and the wonderful words and wishes I've gotten. That is, in huge part, why I came back to Astoria, and why I wanted to so badly. I'm ecstatic to have her in my head again, and to be in her head again, and it's largely thanks to all of you.

Please bear with me just a bit longer. I'll be taking down the first three chapters soon and replacing them with the updated chapters. Some things will change. Others won't. And there's a lot of new material waiting now.

Thank you thank you thank you so much for everything, and I hope that this time, Astoria's here to stay.