Inglourious Moments

Random moments from the time the Basterds spent together told in flashfics using word prompts. Suggestions welcome!

This is my first Inglourious fic! This is really not meant to be serious at all. And, some of these probably won't make sense – even to me, so bear with me! First chapter only has two because I'm pressed for time at the moment. Busy person right here...anyway. R&R...Any suggestions you have feel free to let me hear them!

I hope the Basterds aren't too OOC.

Disclaimer : Don't own 'em, just use 'em.



Lieutenant Aldo Raine lifted his head upright; the familiar scent of apple and cinnamon wafted into his nostrils as he walked towards the boys.

His lips curled into a sneer.

"All right," he barked.

The Basterds turned to look at him.

"Which one o' you fuckers has been usin' my shampoo?"


Donny Donowitz loved Tomato Sauce. He had it on absolutely everything.

When Hugo Stiglitz asked Donny why he liked the damn stuff so much, Donny simply smirked.

"It reminds me of Nazi Blood," He said, matter of factly. "And there ain't nothin' sweeter than Nazi Blood"

That's it for now – sorry it's so short. I promise the next one will be longer! FYI – I'm from England and instead of Ketchup we usually call it Tomato Sauce...or Red Sauce, well I do anyway!