Wilhelm Wicki can often be seen with a pad of paper and a pencil in his spare time. He is a good artist.

One time, Utivich wandered over to see what he was drawing. It was a picture of an extremely gorgeous woman, tits and all.

"Can I borrow this?" he asked Wicki, who simply looked at him. "For personal time, y'know."

Wicki regarded him out of the corner of his eye, chuckled, and said "I don't think so man,"

"Why not?" Utivich asked him.

Wicki let out a wry laugh. "'Cos this is a drawing of your sister."


One time, the Basterds happened upon an old abandoned house on their travels. Thinking they might as well take a look around, they went inside to explore.

Donny Donowitz found a tube of lipstick in one of the drawers in the master bedroom. Taking a quick look around, he saw no harm in trying the stuff out and liberally applied some to his lips.

Aldo Raine was walking upstairs at the time. He saw Donowitz out of the corner of his eye and simply stared at him.

Donowitz turned to look around at Aldo, confused.

"Is this my colour?" he asked him.

Aldo promptly facepalmed.

I'm not so sure about these two. I don't think they're as good as they could be, nevertheless. If anyone has any prompts at all, let me know :)