That certainly was a good way to describe her.

Ib had always been quiet. Whether it be because she was timid, or because she dearly treasured each word, she was never one to talk much.

Mary on the other hand, was a bundle of sunshine. What I mean by bundle of sunshine, is a girl who could talk all day about the simplest of things. She always seemed to be happily rambling on about something in particular, with a wonderful grin on her face. In short, she could talk your ears off.

To tell the truth, it really was nice to have someone to talk to in the Fabricated World, and Mary was the one when it came to loneliness in terms of conversation.

However, Ib could relieve a ton of loneliness without even trying. Her gentle, silent ways were graceful, and just being around her, it gave you a sense of calmness. Her mouth may not be moving, but her eyes seem to say a million words per second, constantly changing and melting into a new emotion.

The two girls were just so... so different on so many levels,but still, so similar in so many little aspects.

Mary was simply the sunset, blazing with a flurry of colours, beautiful in her own, crazy way.

Ib was like a sunny day, warm and comforting with a subtle breeze.

As wonderful as it was to gaze at the sunset, Garry had always been pulled to the utter brightness and fragility of a sunny day. So all in all, it was appreciated, having someone to talk to, but Garry, what he really treasured were those moments of silence.

Those moments where you could just think, and not be judged for anything.

Those moments when you just hold onto each other just for the pure purpose of comfort.

Those moments when nothing was expected of you, nothing in the world, and you could just enjoy the other persons presence.

Those moments with Ib.

Oh, how he treasured those.