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2: Calm after the Storm

"Dude, what the hell happened?"

Blaine smiled at Nick as he walked down the steps of the beach home his parents rented. He then shrugged, walking over to the bike he left on the lawn the previous night. "I had a nasty fall last night. It was nothing though."

Nick sighed heavily, adjusting at his spiked earrings. "Since when do we fall? We just don't."

"It was a dog."

"A—okay." Nick shook his head and reversed on his bike, allowing his best friend to wheel out of the yard. He decided against pursuing the conversation any further. "It's supposed to thunderstorm in a few hours so we have to get in as much practice as possible. Is your uncle going to be around today?"

Blaine shook his head as they both began to peddle towards the skate park. "Not for a few days, so we have to keep up the training on our own. But we should be good if we stick to the routine." Blaine popped a wheelie after riding onto the deck. "Are we going to get Petey?"

"Him and Jus are there already," Nick told him. They biked until they hit the main road, passing by a few people making their way to the beach. "Jeff is with his coach now but he'll be around 2ish."

"Cool." Blaine felt his phone vibrate and reached for it, continuing their conversation. "I can't wait for preliminaries to end. I'm tired of these losers using up our space in the park."

Nick smirked. Blaine could be such a boob at times. "We were those losers a few years back. Be nice."

"We were never losers, Nick." Blaine smiled at the text as he tried to respond and steer himself at the same time.

We've talked about this. I'm at work until 3. I can't just leave. –Kurt

"Maybe I wasn't a loser, but you definitely sucked." Nick stood up on his bike and shifted the weight to the rear, bunny hopping onto the bike path by the boardwalk. "You used to cry when the big kids told us to leave."

My uncle is in LA. He won't know if you leave. -B

"Did not." Blaine pocketed his phone as he followed after his friend, mimicking his moves. "You said you wouldn't talk about that anymore."

Nick shrugged, biking a little faster towards the park. "I forgot. There they are."

Peter and Justin were staring at a group of girls that walked by; not an ounce of shame on their perverted faces. Nick rode up followed by Blaine as both hopped off their bikes.

"Put your tongue back in your mouths, slobs," Nick told them, pulling his shirt over his head and tossing it with their friends' things. "We have work to do."

Peter smirked as he finally turned to Nick and Blaine. He saw the curly haired teen with bandages on his arm and leg, prompting the rise of his thin eyebrow. "Which girl's boyfriend kicked your ass? You never learn, huh Anderson?"

Blaine ignored him, reaching for his cell phone that vibrated once more. Justin found a new group of girls to gawk at and Nick kicked him in the shins to reel him in.

"Ouch! Nick what the hell, dude?"

"I promise there'll be chicks to stare at after we get ready for preliminaries." He picked his bike up and moved to get his gloves and helmet attached to the frame, "Shane and his group of low lives probably have five times the hours we worked in already."

"And we'll still kick their asses, right Blaine?" Peter asked, scratching at his black hair. Blaine hadn't responded, only staring down at his cell phone. "Dude?" still no answer. Peter looked at Nick who honestly looked exhausted. "You're chastising us for looking at chicks but Blaine is texting one and nothing."

So you expect me to just walk out of the shop and leave my coworkers? You don't think they'll tell your uncle I up and left an hour into my shift? –Kurt

"Blaine," Nick said tiredly, "we know that you kick ass in all of your divisions but we're still a team. Tell her you'll be around later."

"It isn't a her, idiots." Blaine typed out a quick response and looked up at his confused friends. "It's Kurt. The Ohio guy that works for my uncle."

Yes, I do expect you to leave. It's supposed to thunderstorm later so there won't be that many customers anyway. Your coworkers will be fine. –B

Peter and Justin exchanged a look. Then Justin looked to Nick who had the same confused look they did.

"So you know his name now?"

You're out of your mind. I'm not leaving. No matter how much I dislike this place that would be incredibly unprofessional. See you after 3. –Kurt

Blaine rolled his eyes at the message. So difficult. "He helped me last night after I fell." Blaine gestured to the bandages. "A dog tripped me up."

"And he just happened to be around?" Peter asked. "So what, you two like besties or something?"

"When are we gonna meet this guy?" Justin asked, pulling his shirt over head as well, "I bet he'll have a bunch of chick friends, which means we will have a bunch of chick friends, if you catch my drift."

Blaine laughed as he shook his head. "He'll be here after work, if it doesn't rain at that point." He looked back down at his iPhone and began to type.

Fine. :( I need a pair of BMX gloves when you come. Fox stealth bomber gloves. Please and thank you. –B

"Sounds good." Nick had finished strapping on his helmet and gestured over to the park. "I'm going to warm up and then I'm doing my speed drills. Whenever you three are done wasting time…"

"Oh, don't get your panties in a bunch," Blaine said, walking back over to his bike. "We're coming."

I want my money back. –Kurt

Blaine smirked, replying before picking up his bike.

I'm good for it. See you l8r –B

Later. -Kurt

He tossed his ball cap to his friends' things and reached for his helmet. Peter was the only one waiting for him as he rode up, and quickly he understood why.

"So did you switch teams last night?"

Blaine sighed. "Fuck off, please."


"So how was the first kiss? The first kiss tells you everything."

Kurt smiled as he looked at the girl beside him. She was a sweetheart but the course of conversation was doing nothing but making him sad. "It was a good first kiss."

"Good?" she shook her head. "What about amazing? Mind blowing?"

"No," the boy shook his head in response. "It was just good."

His coworker Jenna frowned. The girl had been waiting to hear some amazing, earthshaking story about Kurt's love life in Ohio. The idea that Kurt had left some hunk of a guy behind, and that his ex would travel all the way to California to spend his summer with him was the fantasy she was imagining. Needless to say, there wasn't much of a love life going on for herself. And that was not going to happen. Chandler was less than hunky, and he was so pissed that there was no way he'd even bother trying to visit Kurt over the summer.

"Just good." She repeated, "You're giving me nothing to work with."

Kurt shrugged, smiling at the girl beside him.

"Nothing to work with," Farrah repeated from the front of the store. She finished stocking a shelf and turned back to her coworkers. "Speaking of work, don't you two have anything to do?"

Jenna rolled her eyes as Kurt's phone vibrated again. She looked down at it with a hopeful grin. "That's probably him."

Kurt shook his head no as he reached for it. It definitely wasn't. After unlocking his phone, he rolled his eyes at who it really was.

"It's just Blaine. Again."

Is it three yet? –B

Farrah looked up at the name. Blaine? Her Blaine? Why was he texting Kurt?

"Just Blaine?" Jenna asked. The blonde turned to face Kurt, giving him an incredulous stare. "Do you mean Blaine Anderson? Sex on a stick Blaine Anderson?"

Farrah watched closely as Kurt gave his coworker an amused look. "Um," Kurt started typing as he replied, "Blaine Anderson, yeah."

"He's so hot!"

I get off in forty five minutes. Aren't you supposed to be practicing or something? –Kurt

"He's cool," Kurt replied, placing his phone back down. "So, when is your shift—"

"Are you two like… together?"

Kurt smiled, shaking his head no. "He's straight. We're just friends."

"Blaine is too nice for his own good," Farrah said walking over. She turned from Kurt who stared at her blankly and then to the slightly taller Jenna who looked as lost as always, "He always thinks he can play everyone's savior. But trust me, he's straight. Now, there's a new line of Obey shirts you can bring out. Can you handle that?"

The girl tucked her blonde hair behind her ear and nodded. "Sure." She looked at Kurt and smiled, "Do you want to help, Kurt?"

"Kurt's fine out here," Farrah said. It sucked that she was in charge, being that she had seniority. If that Steve guy that trained Kurt on register was here, she wouldn't get the opportunity to go into queen bitch mode. Kurt glared at the black haired girl before smiling at Jenna. She nodded and walked towards the back.

A vibration went off again and Kurt reached for his phone.

"Do you think you need to get that right now? It can wait, don't you think?"

I don't need practice I'm amazing. –B

What I really need is my gloves tho, so leave now. -B

"You took a 23 minute phone call earlier." Kurt voiced, not backing down. "I think I can take a few texts."

Farrah scowled at him before turning away, walking back to her station. Kurt smirked and replied.

Farrah's telling me I can't text you so I doubt she'll let me leave. Don't worry I have your gloves though. See you soon. –Kurt

"Are you Kurt?"

The blue eyed teen looked up and found a dirty blonde with spiky hair; tall with heavy green eyes and random tattoos running along his arms. Kurt nodded at the question as he put his phone down.

"I'm Kurt, yes. Can I help you?"

"I'm Shane. I'm picking up my bike—you called and said to ask for you…"

"Oh," Kurt looked at his list for pickups, "Mr. Smith. Give me just a second."

The taller boy nodded and turned away, looking throughout the shop. Kurt had run into the back to retrieve his bike, checking the tags for the name 'Smith' as Jenna struggled to look through boxes and ask Kurt questions about Blaine at the same time.

"I don't know if he's dating anyone," Kurt said with a smirk, "I just met him yesterday. But he's pretty hot for Farrah."

"Ugh," Jenna said, looking through the t-shirts. "I don't like her."

Kurt hummed acknowledgement as he wheeled the navy blue bike away. "See you on the outside."

Shane smiled when he saw the employee bringing his bike out. Kurt placed it next to the boy before retuning back behind the register, adjusting the dark tie around his neck.

"Add this too," Shane dropped a security lock on the counter before popping a strip of gum into his mouth. "These assholes stole my last bike."

Kurt nodded, scanning the product. "Everything is $55.13."

The teen nodded, pulling out his card and handing it over.

"Can I see your ID?"

Shane smiled, pulling his wallet out again. "You must be new."

Kurt smiled back. "I am actually." His phone vibrated this time with a phone call, and Kurt rolled his eyes at Blaine's number flashing across the screen. He pressed ignore, checked Shane's identification, and then swiped the card.

Quiet fell over the two as another couple customers entered, going straight to Farrah's open register. Jenna came out of the back with hangers and shirts, wheeling her cart over to the appropriate section. Kurt waited patiently as the receipt printed, handing it over to the dirty blonde.

"Thanks for shopping at Odyssey." He told him with a smile. Shane nodded, accepting his things and grabbing the bike.

"Thanks a lot."

"No problem."

Kurt's phone rang again and he huffed, reaching to grab it. Farrah looked over past her customers. He pressed ignore again and went to his texting app.

Blaine. –Kurt

Why are you ignoring my calls? –B

I'm at work, Blaine. Work. –Kurt

I'm coming to get you. –B

That won't be necessary. I get off in a few minutes. Calm your tits. –Kurt

hurry. –Blaine

Kurt shook his head at the messages. He really had a hard time understanding the poor boy. If Blaine's friends were anything like him, Kurt would walk back to Ohio and live in Rachel's basement.

After taking another couple customers, it was finally time to leave. Kurt grabbed his sketch book, the gloves he bought for Blaine, and his phone. He gave Jenna a few encouraging words, and said goodbye to all present in the shop before leaving. He didn't even bother to pay attention to whether or not Farrah said goodbye. He could honestly say he didn't care.

The walk to the skate park was a few minutes. Kurt put his ear buds in as he walked, listening to a little Pandora. The Adele station happened to be a favorite of his at the moment. It didn't have anything to do with his love life, or lack thereof, it was just that the boy loved Adele.

A couple kids on their scooters carefully made their way past him and Kurt could only smile. He'd never been crazy about kids but he had to admit they were adorable with their huge helmets and wide smiles. As he made his way to the entrance of the park, he saw Blaine first. The boy was dressed in a yellow Lakers jersey and purple cargo shorts, his black helmet thankfully on and he wasn't falling.

He was actually really good. Well, shit. He was amazing.

Kurt moved closer, removing his earphones as Blaine rode his bike up the… curvy ramp thingy… and whipped the bike around in a 360 before getting back on. He rode to the other side and went into the air before coming back down, a blonde on a skateboard following behind him. As Blaine did another trick… something completely quick and complicated, the boy with him gripped the ramp with one hand and held his board with the other, balancing himself up on his arm.

Kurt was sure these moves had names, but he couldn't bring himself to even try and figure out what they were. He realized he had to meet Blaine's friends and unless everyone in California were a bunch of laid back, nonchalant dudes that didn't care about other people's sexual orientation, he would be alright. If not, this meeting would be uncomfortable.

Peter had been chilling on top of the bike ramp, watching Blaine and Jeff do their thing. The clouds had come out pretty heavy and thunder could be heard in the distance, but of course Blaine didn't want to leave yet. Not until Kurt came. Peter shook his head and looked over to Justin who was tying his sneakers as Nick spoke to him. Peter raised his Gatorade to his lips, looking past them, past Blaine doing a bar spin, past Jeff kick turning, and over to him. It had to be him. He was dressed in an outfit that screamed homosexual; a tight short sleeved white button-up, blue skinny tie, suspenders, and white and blue checkered shorts. He wore shades and his hair was ridiculously perfect. Gay. He also had on stylish loafers that Peter could only classify as gay. He also needed a lot of sun. Moving here from Indiana or wherever the hell he came from would do the boy good.

"Blaine," Peter called out, still staring at the kid approaching.

Blaine slowed his bike down, looking over to his teammate. "What?"

Peter motioned across the park and Blaine turned to see. He smiled when he saw Kurt walking near, but then he got a really good look of him. Was it weird to say a guy looked hot? Because… shit. While Blaine would describe himself as a guy that was comfortable with his sexuality, calling another male hot still seemed a little out there.

Nevertheless, Blaine dropped his bike, leaving it on the ramp. Jeff pulled up beside him, kicking his board to his hand as he turned to look. "Is this the guy?"

He nodded an answer as he watched Kurt give a shy smile. "That's him. Be right back." Blaine responded. His eyes finally left Kurt's hips and found the boy's eyes. Luckily, his friend didn't seem to notice, trying to stay out of the way of a few skaters that zoomed past him. When they were face to face, Blaine smirked and grabbed the gloves from Kurt's left hand.

"Your outfits make me question my sexual orientation, Hummel."

Kurt smirked, looking over Blaine's shoulder. The people he assumed was Blaine's friends were giving him curious glances. "The gloves were almost fifty bucks."

Lightning flashed somewhere in the distance as Blaine nodded. "I told you I'm good for it. Relax." Kurt gave him a look and he smirked, pulling the gloves onto each hand. "So did they not have purple?"

"Thankfully they didn't," Kurt said with a smile. "Though, I see you're wearing purple and yellow and I am thoroughly disappointed in you—"

"It's Lakers purple and gold, thank you. And the ladies seem to like it, look over there." Blaine smiled cheekily as he gestured to a couple girls waving, winking back at them. Kurt smirked and rolled his eyes away. Groupies. "You're jealous you can't make it work like I do."

"If that's what you want to call it. Stop being rude, introduce me to your friends."

Nick and Jeff walked over as Kurt finished his sentence, giving the new kid a once over. Blaine turned to Nick and smiled, showing off his new gloves.

"Sexy, right?"

"Forgive my friend for his rudeness. I'm Nick Duval, and blondie here is our friend Jeff Sterling."

"Kurt Hummel," the boy answered, extending his hand. Nick smiled and took it as Blaine stared at some random chick's ass. She had to be at least 21 but no one could knock him for looking. Kurt then turned to Jeff, extending his hand again. "Nice to meet you both."

"Don't be so formal." He gave Kurt a high 5 and smirked when the pale boy gave him a look because of it. "We have a handshake that you'll need to learn."

Kurt stared for a good thirty seconds as Jeff and Blaine did some long, drawn-out, ridiculously complicated hand shake. They ended it with one of those fist bumps and Nick laughed when Kurt rolled his eyes at them.

"Don't worry," Jeff told him, dropping his board to the ground and mounting it, "we have all summer to teach you."

Kurt smiled at the proud look on Blaine's face. "There's no rush, guys. Trust me."

"I like him," Nick said, nodding in approval. Kurt looked at him before switching focus to Jeff who clapped him on the shoulder.

"Ohio has spunk."

Blaine smirked as he loosened the straps to his helmet. Justin walked up behind him, followed by Peter, and both examined the new guy. Thunder sounded overhead and all present in the group looked up.

"We should probably get out of here." Justin said, dropping their things down and pulling on his shirt. Blaine watched Kurt's eyes lock on his friend's body and tried not to laugh.

"Yeah, Kurt, this is Justin and Peter. They're both losers so we can cut this short and get out of here."

"Fuck you," Justin laughed as he nudged the shorter boy in the helmet. The teens spread out and went to get their things; Nick climbing on his bike and Jeff rolling off on his skateboard. Kurt looked away from Peter who had been casting him judgmental looks that made him rather uncomfortable.

"So where are we headed?" Jeff asked, mussing his blond locks. Blaine got onto his bike and rejoined the group.

"We're heading to my uncle's. No one will be home until like 5:30 or 6ish."

"C'mon, Ohio," Nick looked back at Kurt expectantly. "Stand on my bike pegs."

Justin finally finished getting dressed (unfortunately, Kurt thought) and both he and the Peter kid went to their bikes, back packs on their backs. Kurt looked back to Nick and Blaine who were looking back at him expectantly.

"Get on the what?"

"You see the cylinder shaped metal attached to his wheel's axles?" Blaine asked with a smirk. Kurt looked down and nodded.

"I see it."

Nick smiled. "Stand there so I can give you a lift to Don's."

Peter rolled his eyes when Kurt didn't seem to be on board. "It's about to thunderstorm can we move it along, boys?"

"Take my helmet," Blaine pulled it off and his curls sprang free as he held it out for his friend to take. "You'll be fine. We're pros."

"Says the guy I found on the ground last night," Kurt said with a smirk as he took the helmet from Blaine's hand. Nick and Justin laughed. "You sure you don't want to wear this?"

Blaine smiled, rolling his eyes away. "I can get Nick to make you fall, you know."

"C'mon," Jeff did an Ollie, pulling up short besides Kurt. "No one is going to fall, but I'm starving and I might die if I don't eat soon."

"Does Don have food?" Peter asked, playing at the straps of his back pack. Blaine put the Lakers hat he wore earlier back on his head and started to pedal.

"I don't know, we might have to get pizza."

Kurt held onto Nick's shoulder as he planted his feet on the pegs. When the brunette began to pedal, he laughed at Kurt holding on for dear life. "Relax, man."

"I don't want pizza, though." Peter said, cutting Justin off as the group headed towards Kurt's neighborhood.

"Then starve." Blaine told him. Kurt smiled as Peter sped up and tried to hit the boy.

Jeff had stopped humming to himself as he grinded down a railing. They finally exited the park and rode for a while until they reached the boardwalk. Kurt had relaxed a bit, looking over the now quiet beach as Nick pedaled them behind the group.

"So how was work, Ohio?"

This nickname was going to stick, wasn't it? "It was okay," he answered, "A little slow today, though."

"I told you to leave," Blaine mumbled.

Justin turned back to Kurt and smiled, and the boy tried not to blush. Shit he was hot. And what was the point of that shirt? It hugged every beautiful muscle on his body leaving nothing to the imagination. "I applied for a job at Odyssey when I turned 16. That was, what? A year and a half ago." the blonde told the new kid, "I'm still waiting for Don to call me."

Blaine was popping a wheelie ahead of all of them but he stopped at the words. "Jus, you know my uncle would never hire you. You'd flirt with everyone all shift long."

They all scoffed and Blaine turned back, giving them a look. "What?" he asked. Kurt smirked. Even he knew and he hadn't known Blaine but 24 hours.

"You're one to talk, Blaine Anderson." Justin responded honestly. "Do I have to bring up Farrah?"

"Please don't," Nick said. "I warned him about her but no."

"Let's change the conversation maybe?" Blaine suggested.

"Sure," Jeff skated alongside Nick and looked up at his new friend. "So how are you liking Cali?"

"So far, so good." Kurt said with a smile. He adjusted Blaine's helmet on his head as lightning struck not far off. Peter had been quiet and seemed distant, but Kurt didn't pay that any mind. Hopefully, he just needed time to get used to him and wasn't going to be so standoffish all the time. Everyone else seemed nice. Especially Justin.

"What do you miss most?" Nick questioned next.

Blaine smirked as he listened to the conversation, slowing down so he could ride with them. "His ex-boyfriend Chauncey."


"Whatever." Blaine followed after Peter and Justin, doing a trick over the boardwalk steps, while Jeff followed Nick down the ramp. Kurt held on tightly. Seriously, he could've walked, it wasn't a big deal.

After they were on the street a minute later, Kurt continued. "I miss glee. We made it to nationals in New York but I can't go. We moved here before the school year ended. They're still in school back east."

Justin turned around to see him and frowned. "Damn. That blows dude."

Kurt nodded. "Yeah."

Blaine glanced back because of the sad tone of his friend's voice. Kurt was obviously hiding his hurt, and maybe he was doing a good job of it to the others, but Blaine could definitely see how it had affected him. He faced forward again and frowned to himself. The boy realized quickly that he didn't like seeing Kurt upset. He didn't like seeing anyone he cared about upset, of course.

"We should all go to New York. How much is a ticket anyway?"

"You're on your own," Nick told him. "I'm pretty broke after buying my car man."

Kurt chimed in as well. "And I'm just broke. I went to a couple outlets before moving here. Didn't want to bring my old wardrobe."

Jeff smiled as he kicked harder to catch up. "I'd go if everyone else was down, Blaine. Just so you know."

"At least someone is cool." Blaine said. Kurt smiled, ignoring both him, and Nick who childishly mimicked his words.

Nick hit a bump and Kurt clutched onto him tighter, making Jeff laugh.

"He did that on purpose, Ohio."

"I did not."

Kurt smiled when they turned onto a new block. "Just don't let it happen again. So Blaine tells me you and Jeff go to Pace. How do you like it?"

"We love it," Nick replied as he casually rode up behind Peter, "I'm pursuing acting and Jeff dances. Terribly in my opinion, but his teachers seem to like it."

Blaine smirked over at Jeff holding a middle finger in the air, and Kurt replied. "That's pretty cool. I need to get in."

"Well you were in glee club, so I'm assuming you can really sing right?"

Kurt nodded as the group of boys all yielded for a few cars going by. "Right."

"Then your audition should be a piece of cake," Jeff said. The blond weaved his skateboard between Blaine who was riding with no hands, watching Kurt balance himself on the peg while Nick steered them through the neighborhood.

"How so?" Kurt asked curiously. It was then that Peter gave an obnoxious yawn and the group glared at him. Justin, who had been riding slightly ahead slowed down to question the boy on his behavior.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

Peter cut short and rode around him. "Tired."

"It's simple," Jeff continued, "you just have to buy your way in. The people in charge of admissions are theater legends. One had a stint on Broadway a couple years back and she's smoking hot," the blond said with a wink. Kurt rolled his eyes playfully and Jeff smiled, continuing. "The other two are dudes but they're pretty well respected in the theater industry."

"And our girlfriends have the hugest crush on Leonard Riley."

Kurt's eyes went wide. The group turned onto his block as he processed the information Nick just gave him. "Leonard Riley works at Pace?"

Blaine hopped off his bike and put it down in front of Don's house.

"Riley teaches a few classes. He plays favorites so get on his good side." Jeff added, Nick nodded.

"It's safe to get off now." He told him, "We have arrived."

Kurt hopped down and Blaine took a look at the boy. He looked like a total noob in that helmet but for some reason Blaine liked when he wore it. Lightning flashed overhead and Blaine turned his attention that way.

"That's crazy!" Kurt was so excited. "Wait until I tell Rachel this."

"Is Rachel hot?" Blaine asked.

Kurt rolled his eyes. "So if I can succeed in not choking and sing a theater-esque song, I'm probably good to get in."

Nick dropped his bike to and nodded to Kurt. "Yupp. Then we can run the school senior year. Jeff and I always needed a number three."

Blaine pouted. "All of you suck. I go to the shittiest school around here."

"We keep telling you to audition but no," Jeff said before playing with his tongue ring. Bad habit, Kurt guessed. Peter had rolled his eyes and walked over from his abandoned bike on the sidewalk. If his face was any indication, he was about tired of the conversation going forward.

"Honestly, Jeff?" the boy swooped sweaty hair from his face as he walked to stand in front of the skateboarder. Jeff glanced up at him while straightening out the sky blue tank top here wore.


Peter clapped him on the shoulder with a smile before looking at Nick. "No one gives a fuck about your faggy school. Can we just go inside now are or you going to break out into song and dance?"

The group all tensed at Peter's words. Justin looked to Kurt for a reaction, hoping that the boy wouldn't get offended. Peter had always been… outspoken, a jerk, and an asshole, for lack of better words. But how could someone not get offended when they were being targeted like that?

"Dude," Nick said as he stepped closer, "not cool."

Blaine had been taking his bike into the yard but turned back when he heard Peter's words. He couldn't have heard that correctly. "What did you say?"

"What?" Peter turned around feigning ignorance, all until his eyes landed on Kurt who returned a blank look. "Oh, Kurt…" he tried to hide his smile and did a decent job, "I'm sorry. Totally forgot you were here."

Blaine found himself clutching his fists as he walked towards the black haired boy. He had to be dreaming. "Apologize." He said. Peter scoffed at the command coming from his much shorter friend. He never apologized for what he said. People always dealt with it. Why should this guy be any different?

"I'm just going to go," Kurt took off Blaine's helmet and gave it to the boy. Blaine was in the process of staring Peter down but he accepted it, switching his focus to Kurt as he walked off.

Though the whole 'faggy' talk wasn't something Kurt was inexperienced to hearing, it was something he didn't have to stay around and listen to. He didn't intend to, either.

"I said sorry." Kurt shook his head when Peter smirked. He walked towards his house. This guy wasn't even worth getting upset over. As he passed the new friends he met, he gave a sweet smile.

"Nice meeting you guys." he told them. Nick and Jeff looked at him sympathetically, the latter saying sorry. Kurt shook his head no with a soft smile. "It's not your fault."

Justin moved out of the new kid's way, wearing the same face that Nick and Jeff were. "It was cool meeting you, bro."

Kurt smiled and entered his yard, pulling his keys out in the process. He could hear Blaine saying something but didn't focus on it. For now he just wanted to go inside. Maybe he could cuddle up with a novel, or find someone to Skype. Turning the knob and pocketing his keys, Kurt entered his home.

As soon as the door was closed, Blaine turned to his friends, face red with anger. He handed the keys to his uncle's house to Nick and motioned behind him. "Open up for me."

Justin and Jeff followed behind Nick as they nodded, grabbing bikes and the skateboard and passing between Blaine and Peter. Jeff gave the taller teen a look before rolling his eyes away.

"Are you out of your mind?" Blaine asked. He shoved Peter in the chest when the boy didn't respond, too busy smirking over at Jeff.

"Don't fucking touch me, Blaine."

"Don't you ever disrespect them again. Just because you're not doing shit with your life doesn't mean you get to insult my friends in front of my face—"

"It's not about Nick and Jeff," Peter said with a knowing look, "all of this is about him. Admit it." Blaine clenched his fist tighter, hand going white because of the action. "You would not be as touchy as you are right now if I said something Nick and Jeff did was 'faggy' and your boyfriend wasn't here."

Blaine felt himself getting even hotter at Peter's attitude right now. "I don't find it funny when you're being a vindictive jackass." The rain started to fall now and Blaine shook his head, looking around the neighborhood before looking back at the teen across from him. "And if that's what you're about, then you're even more of a douche than I initially thought. Get the fuck away from me."

Peter's face changed but he nodded. "You met the guy yesterday."

Blaine shrugged, pulling at his cap. "I've known you for three years and I'm still trying to like you. It happened a lot quicker with him."

Peter laughed. "C'mon, Blaine. Be real. Is he sucking your cock or—" a fist collided with his cheekbone and Peter stumbled back a bit, all before pushing Blaine back hard. Justin had been watching from the doorway and ran outside to break up the scuffle up, standing in between the two.

"I better not see your face around here, Petey." Blaine told him seriously. He gripped the helmet he had in hand, willing himself not to follow after him.

"Whatever," the teen picked up his bike and smirked as he got on. He shook his head after feeling the swelling on his face, and then turned back to see Blaine. "I'll see you pussies around."

Blaine took a breath to calm himself before slapping his friend's arm away. Justin watched Peter pedal off before turning back to Blaine. "I'm not the enemy here," the blond said with a smirk.

Blaine rolled his eyes. "I can't believe that just happened. I seriously lost the last crumb of respect I had for him."

Justin shrugged. He only put up with Peter because Blaine always let the skinny guy hang around. He was never the kindest person. "So I'm gonna go out on a limb and say we lost a teammate just now."

"We sure did," Blaine said confidently. It was for the best, anyway. No need to lug around deadweight. "I'm going to get Kurt. You guys can order a couple pizzas if you want."

Justin nodded. "As long as you're paying." He headed back inside and Blaine stood there for a moment, making sure he was calm. He just wanted to put all of this behind them and focus on continuing with his day as planned.

Thankfully, it was only drizzling as the biker walked over to Kurt's yard. He climbed the stairs and rang the doorbell. A couple impatient knocks later and Kurt asked who it was.

"It's Blaine. Open the door."

Kurt appeared a few seconds later with a comb and can of hairspray in hand. He gave his friend a look of disapproval after the boy leant against the frame of the home. "Your helmet messed up my hair."

Blaine rolled his eyes and stepped in the home, not waiting for an invitation. Kurt smiled, turning around to watch the boy enter the living room and plop down on his couch.

"Please, come in." he said, closing the door behind him.

Blaine laid his head back along the top of the couch, watching Kurt walk over to the mirror by the hallway. The blue eyed teen was trying hard to style his hair the way he previously had it, coiffing and spraying and combing and resetting. Blaine smirked until he was caught staring. Then he shook his head.

"It looks fine."

"You don't understand." Kurt told him. He turned back and continued his process.

It had been a few minutes of silence, and soon Kurt was finally finished. He turned around and saw his friend staring at the blank television like he'd been doing the day before and smiled. "You okay, champ?"

Blaine shook his head no. "I'm so fucking sorry about that, Kurt." He turned to face him tiredly and tried to give a smile, but it wasn't working. "I don't know what happened but I know it won't happen again."

Kurt shrugged. "I'm from Ohio, Anderson. I've heard worse."

"That doesn't make it right." Blaine told him.

Kurt smiled with a soft shrug. "I suppose that's right." He looked towards the staircase and motioned over. "I'm going to put my things away."

"Are you going to come hang out with us?"

"Oh, no," Kurt shook his head, "I'll pass. I'm going to start a new novel and lay in bed. The last thing I want is to be around a guy that clearly hates me."

Blaine stood off the couch and pulled up his shorts. "Peter's gone. Don't worry about him."

Kurt looked up from the hairspray in his hand to his friend. "You didn't have to get rid of your friend—"

"The word friend is too strong a word for that douche." Blaine stretched and walked over, and Kurt watched as he pulled off his cap and ran a hand through dark curls. "Now hurry up. They're ordering pizza."

"I don't know."

Blaine pouted at the words and Kurt rolled his eyes.

"Oh my god, you're annoying."

"Don't call me that." Blaine pouted harder and Kurt smiled, finally giving in. They caught eyes and Blaine smiled widely, cheering a 'yaaay' that Kurt giggled at. That giggle was adorable.

"I'm only going because I want to look at Justin's arms."

Blaine laughed, rolling his eyes away as Kurt jogged up the steps. "You do know he's straight, right?"

Kurt glanced back as he swayed up the stairs. "That's never stopped me before."

"What?" Blaine laughed as he asked it. Seriously, what?

"Nothing!" Kurt shouted back.

"Interesting," Blaine responded with a grin. He looked around the home and stretched. It was a nice place. Didn't seem very Kurt-like, but it was still cool. "Hurry up."

Kurt came down the steps a second or two later, toying at his suspenders. "Don't rush me."

"Shut up."

Kurt pinched him in the arm when he got close enough and Blaine laughed. "Are we ready?"

"Yeah—oh it started raining? I need a umbrel— I know you didn't just do that."

Blaine patted the helmet down hard on his friend's head. "It will protect you from the rain." He tried not to laugh at the scowl on Kurt's face but did eventually, running out of the house and away from his friend's grasp.


"I seriously can't believe he'd say something like that, dude."

Nick shrugged as he scrolled through channels. "It's not a shock to me. He loves to get a rise out of people." Jeff nodded at his words. "I'm just happy that Kurt didn't let it get to him."

"At least not in front of us," Justin added, looking through the pizza menu. "You never know what a person is going through behind closed doors."

Jeff shook his head and slouched further on the floor.

The door opened a second later and Blaine ran in, jumping over the couch and into Nick's arms. "Help!"

Nick didn't even bother entertaining the curly haired kid as he simply pushed him off his lap. "We're watching porn. It only costs $15.99 to order this one. K?"

Kurt came in and closed the door behind himself, pulling the wet helmet from his head. "I hate you, Blaine."

The boys turned around and smiled. "Ohio!" Jeff said, sitting up on the floor. "We thought Peter would send you into a funk."

"He's fine," Blaine told them, smiling innocently at his friend. Kurt rolled his eyes. "Anyway, about this porno—"

"Just tell your aunt Mikey did it," Justin said, motioning for Kurt to join them. Kurt smiled and gladly did so, making Blaine laugh knowingly. He shifted focus from Kurt to Justin to respond.

"Mikey is 4, Jus."

"Exactly," Jeff added now, "Your aunt and uncle wouldn't know. Mikey doesn't know any better."

Kurt rolled his eyes and took a seat next to Justin, throwing the helmet he wore rather hard at Blaine. The boy caught it and stuck his tongue out.

"So you're sure you're good, Ohio?" Nick asked sincerely. Kurt smiled at the boys, happy that not everyone was rude and homophobic.

"I'm fine, guys. I've been through a lot worse."

Justin raised an eyebrow. "Is that supposed to cheer us up?"

Kurt laughed and once again, Blaine felt better after hearing the sound. Weird. "I don't know. Maybe? I just don't want to put a damper on you guys' day. We just met and I don't want everyone being depressed."

Blaine agreed. "Let's just order some pizza please. No more sad talk."

The group nodded and Nick pressed 'purchase' on the porno they selected.

"Are they going to show the vagina?" Kurt asked. Justin face palmed, laughing hard.


So it turns out California's pizza was a lot better than that of Ohio. Kurt indulged in a couple cheese slices, knowing he'd regret it later, but not worrying too much about it now. Blaine and the guys had eaten like animals, which wasn't that surprising to be honest. Also, it turned out they wasted that purchase on soft porn, which got Nick a slap on the head from his hormonal friends, but Kurt was wonderfully thankful for it. There were some things he did not need to see.

Now, he sat on the floor, staring at Nick and Jeff cuddled on the couch, fast asleep. Justin was on the love seats where he and Kurt previously sat, sprawled out, shirtless, but asleep as well. Kurt looked at the boys before turning to see Blaine entering the living room with a bottle of water in hand.

"Doesn't Nick have a girlfriend?"

Blaine smirked and sat on the floor next to him. "Jeff does too." He grabbed the remote from the coffee table and started searching for something to watch. "They usually wait until they're drunk to get this affectionate but I don't know. Maybe they can't fight it anymore."

Kurt smirked, sliding over to where Blaine was perched against the couch. He bumped their shoulders and Blaine turned to look at him, an ever so charming smile on his face. "What do you want to do?"

Thunder sounded outside and Kurt turned to look, shrugging his shoulders. "I don't know. You're the host so it's up to you."

Blaine nodded, glancing over at his PS3. "Do you play Call of Duty?"

The boy smirked. "Not a lot but I can probably kick your ass."

Blaine laughed, facing forward again. "Oh really?"

"Really, really."

After the PlayStation was turned on and Kurt had a controller, the two boys choose their weapons and Blaine selected split screen. The countdown finished and Kurt started mashing at buttons, so focused on his gaming. He ignored Blaine's laughter as the teen looked at him like he was crazy.

"What are you doing?"

"Kicking your ass, obviously."

Blaine smiled. "Kurt I killed you twice already."

"You did?"

Blaine laughed and looked back at the screen. "Jesus."

Kurt smirked as he stared at the split screen. He didn't even know which person he was, but when he found the button that let him shoot he smiled widely. "Yay!"

"You're wasting your ammunition, Kurt."

"I don't care," he kept pressing the button, shooting at a tree, and Blaine smirked as he leant over a little closer. Kurt tensed a little at their closeness, but relaxed soon after. Blaine was cool and he knew he shouldn't be uncomfortable around him. "Let me kill you."

"That's not how it works," Blaine replied, throwing a grenade and laughing when Kurt walked closer to it instead of moved away. "Wow you're terrible at this."

Kurt laughed as well, "I never played."

"What happened to 'I can probably kick your ass'?"

They caught eyes for a moment, both laughing. Blaine's eyes trailed to Kurt's smile before he awkwardly looked away, and Kurt did the same. They both stayed quiet for a while until the blue eyed boy decided to resume the conversation. "I might have lied."

"Might have," Blaine repeated, shaking his head. He laughed when Kurt nudged him and settled back a little closer. "Don't hit me."

"Please can I kill you?"

"I don't know. Can you?"

Kurt knocked the blue controller out his friend's hand and pressed that button again until Blaine's character fell to the ground. He smirked when Blaine gave him that stupidly attractive smile thing and shrugged. "I guess I can."

Blaine laughed and put his controller on the coffee table. "You're such a cheater." His friend smiled back and handed his controller over as well. Both fell into a comfortable silence as they leant against one another. It was odd for Blaine, being so close to a guy, but nice at the same time. Kurt made him feel comfortable in a way that he couldn't explain. He looked around to see his friends still fast asleep being the lazy fucks they were, before looking up at the screen again.

Kurt stared down at his hands as an excuse to look at their legs resting against one another. This was too much. The last thing he wanted was for the first friend he had in Long Beach to be freaked out and think he was trying to seduce him or something. He inched away a bit before clearing his throat, and Blaine turned to look at him.

"You okay?"

Kurt nodded with a tired smile. "I'm fine."

Blaine nodded in return. His eyes left the blue ones across from him and went up to the tall brown head of hair. "Geez, Kurt. Your hair looks like shit. What happened?"

Kurt's eyes got thin as he stuck up his middle finger. Blaine bit his lip into a smirk and ruffled his own hair. "I'm only messing with you, Ohio."

"Not you too," Kurt said with a smile, throwing his head back. It rested against either Nick or Jeff's leg and Blaine took a moment to look at the pale skin of Kurt's neck before deciding he was being too creepy.

"So are you thinking about him?"

Kurt shook his head no, knowing exactly who the teen next to him was talking about. "I wasn't until now." he joked.

Blaine smiled, looking down at his basketball jersey and shrugging. "My bad."

"It's okay."

They fell quiet again and Blaine smirked as Jeff snuggled closer into Nick's side. He'd love to show their girlfriends a picture of this. "We should really go to New York, though." He said. "I mean I'd love to see your glee club perform and I know you would."

Kurt nodded. He would love to, and they'd love to see him. They all missed each other and it hadn't even been a week yet. "We can't. Nationals is next weekend and I have work, you have competitions to get ready for…. I don't even think I get paid until the Monday after, anyway." He glanced over at Blaine and smiled. "Mr. Schue will take pics and send them to me."

"Okay, well my training isn't a factor in this. I'll be fine." Blaine stretched before yawning and Kurt smiled at him. It looked like he'd be the last man standing. "And you don't have to worry about how much it cost. I could spot us both ways."

"That's not happening, Blaine."

The boy smiled. "Because you're so difficult."

Kurt rolled his eyes before changing the topic. "So do you think that I can get Justin to show me a few tricks?" he glanced over the boy's shirtless body and looked at Blaine with a twinkle in his eyes. "What do you think?"

Blaine smiled. "You got it bad, don't you?"

Kurt laughed and shook his head. "I'm only kidding."

Blaine found it odd that he was for some reason relieved by the statement. "You never know, though. Maybe you can take Peter's spot."

"You're very funny."

Blaine smiled. "It's just a thought."

Kurt looked away. He didn't know how or when they got so close that their sides were touching again, but it was happening. Obviously Blaine wouldn't spaz on him so he let his muscles relax. "He said something else after I went inside, didn't he?"

Blaine looked up at him and saw Kurt watching him expectantly. He shrugged, not really wanting to get into anything that the ignorant teen had said. "He's just mad that I want to hang out with you even though we don't really know each other. I'm not sure how that's his business but—"

"Because he doesn't want to be replaced," Kurt said obviously. "And that's kind of what's happening."

"Too bad." Blaine replied. "If he wasn't such an ass towards my friends then he'd be in here right now."

Kurt only looked at Blaine in response and the tanned teen put his arm along the couch and around Kurt's shoulders. "What time is it anyway?"

Kurt reached for his cell phone and responded. "5:15."

Blaine nodded, smiling at Kurt's wallpaper on his phone. It was of him and some obese cat wearing a unicorn horn. Strange. "My aunt will be home with my cousin Mikey soon. We should get out of here before she makes us clean."

Kurt laughed, rolling his eyes. "You're a horrible person."

Blaine smirked with a shrug. Kurt had realized that their faces were really close to one another when he moved to get up, patting his shorts and stretching his limbs. It was strange to have a straight friend that didn't mind being close to him, but there was a lot of danger in that. Kurt knew how easy it was for him to fall for guys and after a day, Blaine meant more to him than he wanted to risk by seeing too far into something simple.

"Your shorts are so fucking tight." Blaine said, blatantly staring. Kurt raised an eyebrow at him as Jeff chimed in.

"His ass is amazing."

"And suddenly I feel like the straightest guy in the room." Kurt spoke.

Blaine stood up as well, whacking Justin over the head with a pillow. "Get up. We're leaving."

He tossed on the couch and looked up at Blaine. "Is it still raining?"

The boy nodded. "We're only going next door, though."

Kurt turned back from where he stood standing at the mantle, looking at family portraits of Don and who he assumed to be Blaine's aunt and cousin. "Next door where?"

Blaine smirked, tossing Kurt his helmet. "To your place of course. Unless we go to mine which is all the way by the beach."

Jeff slapped Nick on the face a few times until the boy's eyes were opening.

"Let's go, people."

"I don't know about this," Kurt said. How would his father react if he got home and Kurt, who supposedly had no friends in Long Beach yet, had a house full of dudes—one who didn't like to wear shirts, all chillaxing like everything was fine? Blaine seemingly read the boy's mind because the promise he made next was along the lines of what Kurt was thinking.

"We'll be long gone before daddy gets home from work. Okay?"

Kurt made a face of concern but eventually agreed. "Sure."

With that, Blaine turned back with the pillow and whacked the blue eyed blond once more. "C'mon Jus, get your doofy ass up."


The run next door was eventful. Blaine stumbled over a rock and Jeff dramatically ran back, mumbling something about never leaving a man behind. Kurt on the other hand had run to his front door without faltering, holding onto the helmet on his head tightly. The rain was nice when he didn't have to be in it.

They walked inside and Nick smiled, looking around.

"Awesome place."

"I guess," Kurt answered. He heard someone say "sweet" and watched Justin toss his shirt on the couch and lay down without another word. Crew freeloader located.

"The cable guy doesn't come until tomorrow, so there's no porn. Sorry guys." Jeff and Blaine frowned at the news and Kurt smiled at them before resuming. "I do have a shit load of movies, though."

"That'll do," Nick called from the kitchen. Why was Nick in the kitchen, exactly? "I'll probably just go back to sleep anyway." He opened the fridge and pulled out a canned soda.

Maybe all of them were freeloaders.

"Blaine? Where are you going?"

"Upstairs." The boy responded nonchalantly. Jeff walked by next in the direction of the kitchen as well and Kurt looked at the group incredulously. "Is there food?" he asked.

"We just ate." Kurt replied obvioudly.

Nick opened the freezer. "Mozzarella sticks. Score."

Kurt rolled his eyes with a smile and went to make sure the door was locked. "It's like having 4 Finns," he said to himself.

"Where's the marinara sauce, Ohio?"

Kurt was about to go check on Blaine when he heard the question. "To your left, Jeff."


Kurt nodded, going up the steps. He saw the room to his door open and walked over, peeking inside and finding Blaine wearing about three of his scarves. "Seriously?"

Blaine smiled at him. "Hey. Come here."

Kurt rolled his eyes but entered the room. He knew he wanted to anyway. "You look very silly, Blaine Anderson."

"If by silly you mean drop dead gorgeous, thank you." Blaine held up his cell phone and showed his friend what was on the screen. "Look at how cheap these are."

Kurt read the information and the prices before walking away. "I thought we discussed this already."

Blaine pouted and Kurt shook his head. "Not working this time, buddy."

"C'mon. It'd be so cool. I haven't been in New York since I was like … 6… I think. Don't you wanna go?"

Kurt nodded. "Of course I want to go but I'm not letting you pay for me to go. We just met and that's not my style. I usually let a guy pay for dinner first before he flies me all around the world."

Blaine laughed, pulling at the scarves around his neck. "You're thinking too far into this as usual. I want to go and you want to go. I don't see the problem."

The coiffed teen finally took the helmet off and looked at his hair in the mirror. That would take work. "Of course you don't. You have an incredibly thick skull."

Blaine sighed and walked over to the bed, laying down crossways.

"Get up. You've been sweating."

Blaine smirked. "How about we do something that gets you sweating too? This way I can stay here."

Kurt blushed and looked away. "You're so gay."

Blaine laughed and sat up, inching closer to Kurt. "You know what you should do?"

"What?" Kurt asked, turning back to face him. The amber color in those eyes were so beautiful it hurt.

Blaine smiled widely. "Let me take you to New York."


"Fine." Blaine said shrugging. "I'm going to find you on Facebook. Then I'm going to find all of your friends, and tell them that we're coming. And they're going to be so excited that they'll spam your wall with posts and then you're going to say 'oh sorry I'm not coming because I'm a fucking buzzkill'."

Kurt smiled and shook his head. "I really do hate you."

"So I'm going to tell Jeff that we're going. Oh," he turned back, playing at the fabric of the scarves, "we're also going to L.A. on Wednesday. Our preliminaries are that day so if you're off, would you come?"

Kurt stared at Blaine and saw a look that said 'please say yes'. He nodded. "Of course." The words made Blaine smile, a genuinely happy smile.



The boy was about to exit the room but he turned back. "Yeah?"

Kurt wanted to bring up how flirty they'd been with one another that day, even if they'd only been joking around. He really wanted to take it easy because if Kurt Hummel knew himself, he'd start liking Blaine. A lot. Like romantically. Better safe than sorry, after he got his heart broken… But what if bringing that up resulted in scaring Blaine off? Kurt shook his head. "Um… you know what, forget it."

Blaine raised his eyebrows dramatically. "What's wrong? Is everything okay?"

Kurt nodded, looking away. "Yeah, I'm fine. I… it's stupid. Never mind."

Blaine smiled and walked back over, taking a seat next to his friend. "If something is bothering you, I want you to know that you can talk to me about anything. I'll be here. Okay?"

Kurt looked down at the hand on his knee and nodded. This was ridiculous. "Has anyone ever told you how flirty you are?"

Blaine smiled, looking down at his hand and slowly removing it. "I've heard that a few times. Never from another dude, but…" he trailed off and looked around the room, "yeah." He finished lamely.

Kurt smiled too, rather coyly. "I um, I've had a few incidents in life where I fell for a slew of straight guys that showed no interest in me. Like not even remotely so." Kurt explained. Blaine smiled at him as he listened. "And it kind of sucks that you're being flirty towards me, even if you don't mean to do so, because I don't need another repeat of those times. Only this time it would be worst because you actually know I exist."

"Am I making you uncomfortable?" Blaine asked, leaning in closer. He smirked when Kurt froze and their lips were a centimeter apart.

"You said I could talk to you about anything and you're turning this into a joke," Kurt pushed him away and smirked, standing to his feet. "Screw you, Blaine Anderson."

Blaine fell back against the bed, his cap falling off in the process. "I'm sorry. I don't see the big deal," he sat up and looked at his bitchy best friend, arms crossed and hip poked out. Blaine licked his lips and shrugged. "If you're uncomfortable, I'll stay as far away from you as you need. But personally, I don't have a problem."

Kurt looked at him to see if he was serious. "You don't have a problem with the gay guy being too close?"

"Why do I have to see you as 'the gay guy'?" Blaine asked, "Why can't you be the cool kid from Ohio that helped me up when I bust my ass? The new kid in town that I think is pretty awesome and has a nice ass. That's how I see you."

Kurt stared at him and Blaine didn't even look like he wanted to recant.

"It's true. Jeff took a pic of it." Blaine said. "You're my friend, Kurt. Simple as that." the taller teen nodded and leant against his dresser. "If you want me to keep my distance I will."

Kurt said okay. "I think it'd be best for now."

"Because you think I'm cute?"

Kurt rolled his eyes but Blaine caught the blush, standing up to stop him from leaving. "Do you?"

"You're a decent looking boy." Kurt admitted. Blaine smiled.

"Not sexy?"

"Can we end this conversation?" Kurt asked with a laugh, allowing Blaine to back him into the wall. His back hit it with a thud and he rolled his eyes away from Blaine's flirty gaze. "Go away."

"You're a little sexy, you know."


"So," Blaine countered with a grin, "I totally get why Chauncey was upset." He stopped and thought for a moment while Kurt gave him a pointed look. "And I'm just very comfortable with my sexuality."

"Gay." Kurt reiterated.

Blaine smiled. "So be it. If I'm gay, you can't get upset if the pic of your ass is my new screen lock."

Kurt's eyes went wide. "You've got to be kidding."

Blaine laughed and ran over to get his hat off the bed, returning it to his head back ways. "I am. There's no picture of your ass uploaded on our Instagrams, so don't worry."

"I'm honestly going to kill the both of you."


Downstairs, Justin was on the couch snoring and had the slightest bit of drool dribbling from his lips. Kurt shook his head at him as passed by, a Matt Damon movie in hand and Blaine not far behind him. The boy stopped in front of Justin and looked at the tall blond that drove the girls crazy.

"Do you still find him attractive?" he asked Kurt, glancing behind him to where the boy stood at the television. Kurt smirked and turned to look.

"That's definitely debatable now."

Blaine smiled, rolling Justin off the couch so that he fell on the floor. There was a thudding noise, but the boy didn't budge otherwise. Blaine shrugged, deciding to leave him there. He decided to call Nick to see where he and Jeff went, and the boy answered that it stopped raining.

"Mom got home and is making me babysit for a couple hours since she had to go back out," Nick said, "Jeff is here with me, and when mom gets home we're going to the beach. Probably won't be until late though. You down?" Kurt stepped over Justin's body and threw himself on the couch, and Blaine smiled at him.

"Yupp. See you tonight, then."

Blaine sat down on the sofa and put his feet up on the coffee table. Kurt rested his on Justin's back. The movie started to play and the coiffed teen let out a big yawn.

"Uh oh." Blaine said with a smile. "Somebody sheepy?"

"Shut up," Kurt laughed. "It's been a long day trying to keep up with you and your friends."

"You'll get used to us," Blaine said. "What time papa get home?"

Kurt yawned again and looked down at his cell phone. "We have a few hours. He'll be here 10ish."

Blaine nodded. "Take it easy until then."

Kurt nodded. "I will."

Blaine smiled and turned to the television. He watched for a while, smiling when he realized it was the Jason Bourne series. "Awesome." His phone vibrated and he pulled it out his purple short's pocket, looking at the screen.

Beach tonight? I miss u :-* -Lacey xoxo

Blaine smiled down at the screen and Kurt smirked beside him. "Farah is not going to be happy."

"Farah doesn't like me."

Kurt hummed. "If you say so."

Blaine shook his head and typed out a reply. "I do say so. Unless you know something I don't."

I'll be there. -B

His friend then shrugged. "I don't, I guess. It's just that she seems a little possessive whenever your name is mentioned."

"When is my name mentioned?" Blaine questioned curiously.

Kurt sat up straighter as Blaine put his phone down. "I have a coworker named Jenna that I just met today. Do you know her?"

Blaine looked up as he thought. "Blond with a bob?"

Kurt nodded.

"Yeah," Blaine continued curiously, "what about her?"

"Well she was asking me all of these questions about Chandler and I, and I explained that unfortunately we weren't going to work out. She was sad for me and all of that good stuff, you know. But when I mentioned that you had texted me, she automatically assumed we were dating because you're like 'totally hot'." He mimicked. Blaine shrugged.

"Well we've established her eyes work. Where does Farrah come in?"

Kurt rolled his eyes and continued. "When Jenna asked if we were dating, Farrah told her that her question was pretty much stupid, and that you were merely being nice and taking in the new gay out of the kindness of your heart. I'm paraphrasing."

Blaine nodded.

"She also said you're very straight and that we should get back to work." Kurt told him with a smile. "So like I told you, she hates me. And I'm sure she likes you."

"Or the attention I've been giving her." Blaine said, shaking his head. He turned to face Kurt seriously. "You do know that none of that is true, right?"

"The you being straight or—"

Blaine laughed and shoved Kurt further down the sofa. "The 'me taking in the new gay'. I don't want anyone to convince you that we aren't friends."

Kurt sat up again and smiled. "I know. Don't worry about me. I'm a big boy."

Blaine nodded and looked away.

"So do you think Lacey will like me?"

Blaine shrugged. "Who cares? Bros before hos, Kurt."

Kurt smiled. "I'm going to take a nap."

"You do that."


Blaine woke up to the feeling of incessant tapping on his thigh. He brushed whatever or whoever it was away and snuggled closer into the warmth he felt. It was nice.


Blaine sighed, forcing his eyes to flutter open. He found Justin looking at him, the 17 year old a little closer than he needed to be. Blaine moved back a bit and stared at him. "What the hell, Jus?" he grumbled tiredly.

Justin then stood up and stared down at both Blaine and Kurt, pretty much wrapped up in one another. Kurt was fast asleep but had his head on Blaine's chest, and Blaine had his arm draped over the pale boy's body. He assumed they fell asleep watching the movie. Nope, not suspicious at all.

Blaine finally came to and noticed the predicament he was in. Kurt's hair was tickling his face and the boy's hand was draped along his thigh. Blaine looked back up to Justin for answers, but Justin only looked back at Blaine the same way. How in the hell could Justin explain it to Blaine when Blaine was the one cuddling with a guy he just met?

"Um?" Justin said.

Blaine rolled his eyes. "I know, I know. I don't… I don't want to wake him." His voice remained soft as he tried to sit up a bit. Kurt held on tighter and Justin smiled.

"Let him sleep. I'm not judging."

Blaine nodded, thankful that his friend wasn't a douchebag like some people. He went to reach for his phone to check the time but didn't want to disturb Kurt too much. "Do you know what time it is?"

Justin nodded, pulling on his shirt. "Like a little after 9. Nick texted and said they're at the beach so I'm gonna head out."

Blaine nodded. "Ok. Go ahead and we'll meet up with you soon."

Justin stood up and held up a fist that Blaine bumped with his free hand. "Later dude."

"Later," Blaine said quietly.

Justin left and closed the door softly behind him. Blaine turned his attention from the DVD menu on the screen to the boy in his arms. He pulled Kurt a little closer and sighed. This was what Kurt was talking about. He could understand how the 'closeness' of their relationship could lead to conflicted feelings and the last thing he wanted was anyone getting hurt, especially Kurt. Kurt was going through a lot with the move and he deserved to be happy. On the other hand, Blaine liked this. Nick and Jeff had pretty much made out on the couch earlier, why couldn't he and Kurt be close like this? Couldn't it still be classified as strictly platonic?

Maybe that was pushing it. This seemed a little intimate, even for Blaine. And Blaine was pretty much a cuddle whore. Not with males, though, he thought. But Kurt wasn't just any male. Kurt was special to him. After 24 plus hours of knowing him, and after the first time he saw him smile and heard that funny little laugh, Blaine had an urge to keep that happening. If he admitted that out loud, yeah, Kurt would call him gay. But Blaine knew he wasn't gay. He loved girls and by George they loved him back. He just wanted his friend with the amazing ass to be happy. Kill him, why don't you.

Kurt started to move a little and Blaine rubbed his arm along the boy's side. He waited a few seconds before urging him up.

"C'mon, sunshine. Daddy might be in soon."

Kurt stretched; his hand almost hitting Blaine in the face. The curly haired teen laughed after he dodged him. "Shit, Kurt."

Kurt processed the voice and his eyes snapped open, jumping up at the recognition. Blaine watched him, trying not to laugh at the red print on one side of his face as the boy looked at him incredulously.


Blaine smiled. "Hi."

Kurt put two and two together and shook his head. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, Blaine."

Blaine smiled and shrugged it off. "It's cool. I fell asleep, too. Just woke up actually."

Kurt ran a hand through his hair. "Why didn't you wake me up sooner?"

"Well, you looked tired." he answered obviously.

"A.K.A I look like shit." Kurt corrected, wiping both hands over his face and exhaling hard. "I'm sorry, though." he said when he came out from peekaboo pose.

Blaine stretched his body out too, arching his back off the couch and yawning loudly. "Let's go to the beach. Everyone is waiting for us, and the big bad sun isn't out there to bother you so you can't say no."

Kurt smirked. "Mean." Blaine smiled and Kurt looked over at the neglected TV. "My dad'll be home soon, though. It's late."

Blaine rolled his eyes. "Call him and tell him you're with me."

Kurt laughed. "Blaine, he doesn't know you."

"Just call him," Blaine whined before standing up. He walked towards the back of the home. "I need to piss, Kurt."

"Two doors down," he answered, scrolling through his cell phone. He sighed at a message from Chandler, ignoring it momentarily to call his dad.

Surprisingly, Burt was fine with Kurt going out; probably because he said he'd be with Don's nephew. Of course he got a curfew, but the fact that he had permission to go out was awesome. After getting off the phone, he saw another message come in from his ex.

I hope you're not ignoring me, Kurt. I just wanted to say hello. –Chandler

"Damn." Blaine said, leaning into Kurt's shoulder. He smirked when his friend jumped at his voice. "You have ol' boy whipped. The sex must've been amazing."

"Go away," Kurt said, typing out a response.

I'm sorry, I was asleep. How are you? –Kurt

Blaine walked to the table to get his helmet and held it in hand. "Wanna walk to the beach? I didn't put pegs on my bike yet and I don't wanna ride while you walk."

Kurt stood up. "I don't mind. Let me go do my hair. There'll be boys."

Blaine smiled. "Eh, we can both walk. Just hurry it up, please. Your hair isn't even bad."

Kurt jogged up the stairs. "You don't understand."

Blaine shook his head and sat back on the couch as he waited. This would probably take a while.


"I've never been one for sand."

Kurt walked across the beach with Blaine who smiled at his words, turning his hat to the front. "You don't like anything."

"That's not true," Kurt stayed close to his friend, watching the boy give people he knew head nods, "I like some things. I see Nick."

Blaine weaved through the crowd, reaching back to grab Kurt's hand. He didn't know why everyone felt the need to come out tonight. Usually at this time there was much less people. "Where?"

Kurt pointed over to where he saw all of them not far off; Nick, Jeff, Justin, and some other guy he didn't know. Blaine nodded and walked in that direction. "Shit. I hate that guy." They got free of the cluster of people sprawled on their beach towels and he let Kurt free, swaggering as the boy fell in line with his pace. "He used to bully me in grade school."

Kurt got a look at the guy and frowned. "Please tell me he's not a gay basher. I don't know if I feel like dealing with that again."

Blaine turned to look at Kurt. "If anybody says anything to you, you let me know. OK?"

Kurt smiled. "Yes, Superman."

"I'm serious," Blaine told him. "Especially this guy. I used to hate going to school because of him."

Kurt frowned. "I know that feeling."

Blaine turned to look at him and Kurt shrugged. "It's fine, now. New scenery, hopefully new outcome. Right?"

Blaine nodded as they made it to their friends. "Right. Wait here, I'm going to steal Justin's towel."

Kurt smiled and nodded. "Okay."

Nick looked up at the couple and smiled. "Finally. What's up, guys?"

"We're gonna be over there," Blaine told them, motioning to Kurt who was no more than a few feet away. Nick nodded knowingly. He didn't like the guy near them either but he had already gotten comfortable. He shouldn't have to relocate. Blaine took Justin's beach towel when he wasn't looking and walked away, back to Kurt who was looking out over the water. He spread the striped towel over the damp sand and sat down, followed by the blue eyed boy.

"Oh look," Blaine spotted Shane in the distance, the spiky haired boy walking with his girlfriend, "another guy I hate."

Kurt looked over and realized he knew him. "Shane Smith?"

Blaine looked left wearing a curious expression, "You know him?"

"Well he came to the shop today," the boy explained, "picking up the bike Don fixed for him. Why do you hate him? He seems cool."

"I have to," Blaine told him with a shrug, "he's an ass wipe, and he's my only competition. Came kind of close to beating me at the last tournament."

"Oh," Kurt smiled knowingly, "he's the only one who can beat you."

Blaine rolled his eyes and scoffed. "He wishes."

A cool breeze drifted by and Kurt shivered a bit, folding his arms over bended knees. Blaine noticed and moved a bit closer.

"You cold?"

"Just a little chilly," Kurt said with a smile, "but I'll be fine."

Blaine nodded, moving a little closer anyway. He then looked back over the beach and saw a few people tossing a Frisbee, others relaxing. It was always nice to be here.

"What's that around your neck?" Kurt questioned, leaning a little closer. He hadn't noticed anything before because it'd been hiding beneath Blaine's basketball jersey.

Blaine looked down at his neck and pulled the pendant out. "It's a locket with my dad and little sister's pictures. My mom gave me it when… when we lost them a few years back."

Kurt looked up from the picture to Blaine's face. "Oh, Blaine I'm so sorry—"

"It's okay," he answered, looking down at the pendant as well. "I mean… it isn't. It still hurts, of course, but they're in a much happier place."

Kurt nodded, moving his attention from Blaine's soft smile to the picture. "It would be cool to have something like this with my mother's photo," he said, touching Blaine's hand as he took the locket into his own, "I lost her when I was very little. It helps you feel like they're close, doesn't it?"

Blaine's eyes were locked on Kurt's as he nodded. "It does." The blue eyed boy smiled and closed the silver locket, tucking it underneath Blaine's shirt again. Blaine watched his movements, sighing with contentment when Kurt curled into his side a little. It was getting a bit cool, he noticed. "I know it happened a long time ago, but I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I bet she was a beautiful woman."

Kurt smiled as he looked over the ocean, nodding his head in agreement. "She was. Thank you."

The sound of Blaine's phone vibrating made Kurt look down. The boy brought his hands from behind him to reach for it. "This is probably Lacey."

Are you here? –Lacey xoxo

"If it's her, go on," Kurt said, stretching his long legs out. "Don't let me keep you."

Blaine pulled at the bill of his cap and looked around. "I'll be right back, then. Don't leave without me."

Kurt nodded. "Don't have too much fun."

Blaine smirked and got up, walking off. Kurt watched him go with a smile before wrapping his arms around himself again. He hated to admit it but, yeah, the kid could pull off yellow and purple. Or gold and purple. Whatever.

About ten minutes or so later, Blaine was missing and Kurt was seriously cold. The boy glanced around and sighed, contemplating leaving. He could always send a text and let his friend know what happened. He didn't get to contemplate long, because a smiling Jeff and Justin showed up, plopping down on the beach towel Kurt occupied.

"The lifeguard guy has been staring at you forever." Justin gushed. Kurt smirked, giving him an incredulous stare. Jeff wiggled his eyebrows and Kurt rolled his eyes away, not even bothering to see who 'the lifeguard guy' was.

"I'm good," he told them seriously. "I just got out of a relationship a week ago."

Jeff stared up at the sky, shaking his head. "C'mon, Ohio! Stop being a punk."

The words offended Kurt and he slapped the first blond on the arm. "I am not being a punk."

"I'm just gonna tell him to come over here," Justin told Jeff. Kurt looked up to tell him not to but then he saw him… not too shabby. Nice, actually.

"Don't do it, Justin. I swear—Justin!"

Jeff laughed and got up to follow. Kurt seriously wished he would've left when he got the chance. Nick stared back at him from where he sat with a couple people, holding both thumbs in the air. The coiffed teen could only respond with the middle finger because seriously, this was not funny.

Shit, Kurt thought, looking around to see if Blaine was coming. He saw a gold jersey in the distance standing by the shore, a body he couldn't quite make out next to him. It only made sense to assume it was Lacey. When he turned back, a guy with only green swim trunks and flip flops walked over, a charming smile on his face. Kurt smiled back bashfully, already blushing. This would probably go horribly.

"Kurt?" he asked.

The blue eyed teen nodded and looked up. "That's me," he replied, a soft smile on his lips.

The boy with low cut dark hair and a tanned complexion smiled back. "Can I join you?"

Kurt nodded, though he seriously wanted to shoot both Justin and Jeff out of that cannon Coach Sylvester purchased earlier that year. "Sure."

"I'm Jose," the boy held out his hand and smiled flirtatiously when Kurt's smooth hand met his, "It's nice to meet you."

"You too," he answered, hardly above a whisper. This guy was pretty gorgeous. He had an amazing smile and he was lean, but his body definitely had definition.

"I've never seen you around here before."

Nick, Jeff, and Justin were on the towel they shared, smiling over at Kurt and waving. He ignored them and tried to maintain a decent conversation.

"Yeah. I just moved here a few days ago from Ohio."

"Ohio," the boy repeated. Kurt smiled at the hint of an accent he heard. "I'm from the Dominican Republic. I've been here about four years now."

"I always wanted to go there," Kurt lied. He never did. But if the boys looked anything like Jose he wouldn't mind taking a little vacation.

Jose laughed a little and turned to face the boy beside him. "Oh yeah?"

Blaine looked back over to where he left Kurt and noticed he wasn't alone. He squinted, not knowing who the guy that was with him was and excused himself. "I just remembered I gotta go," he said to the girl, smiling sadly. "Will I see you around?"

"Of course." She smiled and went in for a hug the boy reciprocated, wrapping and arm around her waist.

"See you around."

"Yeah," Kurt told Jose, shyly looking away. Jeff was making kissy faces and he almost laughed before turning back to the boy beside him. "So they say you're the lifeguard."

"I am," he nodded, "just a summer job. Do you, um," he smiled, trailing off. Kurt smiled too. That was the first time the other teen had stumbled over his words, contradicting the smooth persona he'd been displaying the whole conversation, "would you like to go for a walk? We can talk some more."

Before Kurt could answer, Blaine was back in front of him. He glanced up at his friend whose eyes were locked on Jose. "We're leaving. You ready?"

Jose looked between Blaine, who he was familiar with, of course. Everyone knew Blaine, and then back to Kurt who was staring up at the rider with a confused look. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah." He answered, finally looking at Kurt. "It's great. We need to go, though."

He held out his hand and Kurt took it, almost yelping when Blaine dragged him up and away. He didn't even get a chance to properly say goodbye. Justin was confused as he watched them go, glancing at Nick and Jeff who were equally dumbstruck.

"What are you doing?" Kurt asked as Blaine led them away from the beach. He'd never felt as disordered as he had at that very moment.

"What are you doing?" Blaine quipped back, staring over at his friend. Kurt wasn't even sure how to answer that.

"I was talking to somebody…"

"You don't know that guy."

"Do you?" Kurt asked incredulously.

Blaine let Kurt's hand go and continued walking. "I've seen him around. He's friends with Shane."

"Oh god."

"Oh god nothing," Blaine said seriously. "I don't like those guys."

"But you have no reason to dislike him besides the fact that you've seen him with Shane?"

Blaine only continued walking, not responding. Kurt scoffed and looked away, following behind him.

"I'm sorry if I'm confused, Blaine. You asked me to come and I did. And I thought we were having a nice time—"

"I'm just watching out for you, Kurt." Blaine said tiredly, stopping once they reached the boardwalk to grab an annoyed Kurt by the hand before he could walk past. "I don't want anyone taking advantage of you."

Kurt nodded. "Because I'm the crew's gay and I need someone to watch after me."

Blaine rolled his eyes. "Can we not argue about this? Please, Kurt." Kurt didn't even bother looking at Blaine. He knew he'd be way too quick to forgive him. Blaine took a deep breath and resumed. "You're my friend, Kurt. I refuse to let anything happen to you."

Kurt nodded, grabbing his hand back and walking away. Blaine lolled his head to the side before walking after him, shaking his head at the way the night turned out. The day definitely had its ups and downs.

The walk back to Kurt's place was quiet. Blaine walked a little behind him, giving the boy his space. He had time to think and wasn't too proud of his behavior. There'd be a lot of questions to answer, many of which he wouldn't know where to begin with. One, for instance, was why in the hell he got so upset when Kurt was with another guy. He hadn't even known who it was at first.

Once they finally arrived at the Hummel residence, Burt was getting out of his truck. He looked up at his son and an unfamiliar kid who stopped just in front of the fence. Burt nodded at the two and approached, carrying a couple bags in hand.

"Home so soon?" he asked Kurt. Kurt smiled and nodded to his father.


Blaine put his hands in his pockets as he looked up at the older Hummel.

"Who's your friend?" Burt asked, eyeing the kid in front of him. Blaine reached a hand out and introduced himself.

"Blaine Anderson. I'm Donald's nephew."

"Oh, yes," Burt took it and shook firmly, "Nice to meet you."

Kurt gave his father a look after the man hung around a bit, and he finally got the hint, opening his fence. "See you inside."

"Ok, dad."

Blaine smiled at Kurt who hadn't looked at him in a good ten minutes. "So what's up tomorrow?"

The boy shrugged.

Blaine nodded. "Do you work?"

Kurt shook his head, looking somewhere down the block. "I'm off this weekend."


Kurt was still quiet, and Blaine knew there couldn't be anything that interesting down the street. He moved a little closer to where his friend leant against the fence and looked up at the porcelain toned skin of Kurt's face. "You mad at me?"

"A little, yeah," Kurt said obviously. Blaine smiled and looked down for a moment.

"Well I'm sorry, Kurt."

For the first time in what felt like years, Kurt turned to look at Blaine. The curly haired kid smiled graciously. "How would you like it if I ran over and dragged you away from Lacey?"

Blaine smirked. "I would've thanked you. She was a little boring."

"Maybe I wasn't bored."

Blaine sighed, exasperated. "Do you want to go back, Kurt?"

"What's the point now?" Kurt asked with a smile. Finally, Blaine thought. A smile.

"I don't know," he answered, "I feel bad."

Kurt nodded. "As you should."



Blaine smiled. "We'll go back tomorrow. It'll be a beautiful day. We'll go right after the skate park." he promised.

Kurt nodded, though he was still trying to be mad.

"And I stay with my uncle over the weekend since mom dukes travels. We can get our BFF sleepover on."

Kurt laughed, shaking his head as he looked down. Blaine smiled and stepped closer.

"Gimme a hug."

His friend shook his head no. "I don't wanna hug you right now."



Blaine pouted but Kurt smirked, quickly looking away. He smiled when Blaine sighed dramatically. After a few second, curly hair was tickling his face as Blaine rested his head on Kurt's shoulder. "Please?"

Kurt smirked, holding his arms out and laughing when Blaine slid into them, picking him up off the ground. He was spun around a couple times as Blaine held him around his midsection.

"I'll put you down when you say you forgive me."

Kurt rolled his eyes, holding on to Blaine's shoulders. "I forgive you, dammit. Put me down."

Blaine let him slide down his body and they smiled at each other. Kurt licked his lips, pulling away when he felt his friend's hands around his waist. "I'll see you in the morning."

Blaine cleared his throat and nodded. "Yupp. I'm gonna get my bike and go home. Text me if you want to talk."


Blaine smiled, watching him go. "I miss you already."

"Go away."

The boy laughed and went into his uncle's yard for his bike. Kurt didn't go inside until the biker took off in the direction of the beach. He smiled to himself, shaking his head, and went inside.

The best way to top a tumultuous day off is with your father looking at you with 'the Burt Hummel stare'. There was nothing better. Apparently he'd been watching through the window curtains the whole time.

"So I took it you made a friend?" he said. Kurt could hear the accusation in his voice.

Tonight would be a good night.

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